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Another Hogger of the Blog

 - James

'Yello, all. This is James Powers, a.k.a. "Wally", whom Brian was kind enough to allow to join BlogHogger. There isn't much point in this post, except to announce my arrival on Bloghogger (yeehaaw). Well, I guess there is some point. As long as I'm posting, I'll take a minute to thank all those guys, like The Masked Avenger and Sponsz, who were on BlogHogger's side during its little (yeah, right) tiff with the Quality Control Alliance.

And, strange as it may seem, I'd like to thank all the members of the QCA, for finally (I think) deciding to stuff it.

G'night, all.

Blog Hogger has been receiving hateful, profane comments from an anti-Christian blog lately. View comments at your own risk. "Another Hogger of the Blog"...


Whatever you do, don't vote for the tough guy...

 - Brian

Thank you, Pete. That reminds me of something I was going to say...

See people, bin Laden's smart. He knows that if Bush is reelected, he'll finish the job once and for all. Listen, bin Laden's an intelligent guy. He knows that Kerry doesn't have enough sand or determination to make a dent in Al Qaeda. He knows that President Bush isn't playing around anymore.
Forget how incredibly unintelligent Bush is and think: Who do you honestly believe will do the most damage to the infamous Al Qaeda? If you said John Kerry, then you've been smoking something illegal. If you said Prez Bush, then you've got your stuff together.
I've seen fascinating statistics that show who John Kerry's real supporters are. Most of the abnormal voters include a number of terrorist organizations.
How many of those guys do you think voted for Bush? Hmmm, let's see now, NONE! Face it people, if you want Al Qaeda and bin Laden out of the way for good, support Bush.

Check this out:

I was reading an interview with Governor Rendell. This is part of his response after being asked how the new bin Laden tape would effect voters.

"it's obvious to me that Bin Laden is trying to help George Bush because George Bush is the best recruiter that Al Qaeda has. George Bush is so disliked in the Arab world that we're creating terrorists every single day. More terrorists than we can even come close to killing."

Oh sure. If any canidate is going to be hated by Arabs, it's going to be Kerry.
Why do you think terrorists attacked the twin towers on 9/11? One reason is because the Arab world is disgusted by the immorality included in American culture (and I do mean immorality).
Kerry supports gay marriage, partial birth abortion, and euthanasia. Tell me, how many Arabs do you think agree with gay marriage? Do we really need any more terrorists on our case? So you're saying that by voting for John Kerry, we are reducing the number of terrorists out there? I want names. I WANT NAMES!!!!!

Tha's all the ranting for today, so hang in there!

Remember: Real men vote for Bush, sensitive new-aged guys vote for Kerry (mainly because he won't hurt their feelings). "Whatever you do, don't vote for the tough guy..."...


Bin Laden warns U.S. voters......

 - Pete

As I sit here typing my post, I am also reading the front page of The Seattle Times, at the same time. It says here, yesterday Osama bin Laden appeared on a broadcast by Al Jazeera Saying that he is responsible for 9/11, and America is responsible for who they put in office. Duh!!!Anyway, he also said that,"If America chooses a president who will hunt down and destroy Al-Qaida, America will face the consequences."

Ok, first of all, Bin laden you've been saying that for the last 15 years. Secondly, the only thing you could do was crash airplanes into buildings which killed over 3000 people, but if you think about it, now you can't even come out of your secret cubby whole without U.S. Marines jumping on you like jack-rabbits. Third, how in the world could you think that America, the most powerful country in the universe, would back down to a buntch of rag heads running around with Ak-47s, in ancient clothing, shouting, "Ala, ala,ala, what can we do, America is winning the war on terror, oh no". I laugh in your face!!! HaHaHaHa. You should of had second thoughts before you picked a fight with the most powerful country on Earth, not to mention the whole universe.

This broadcast by Osama bin Laden yesterday, was only ment to scare you, and stop you from voting for President Bush. This tells me that Mister rag head is getting scared. And that we are winning the war on terror. "Bin Laden warns U.S. voters......"...


Is eminem's new album worth your money?

 - Pete

Yo, sup everybody. Is this argument over yet? Didn't think so. At least were winning.

As I logged on to itunes on my computer yesterday, I watched and listened to some of eminem's new songs from his new album "Encore" I believe is the name. And he has really been "losing himself" lately.

One of the songs was "Mosh". A complete and total Bush bashing song. Saying that,"Give Bush his own AK-47 and go fight his own ******* war!!!" It was really stupid. There was a time when eminem had his stuff together during 8 mile, and his earlier albums. But now he has gotten into hip-hop mixed with dj's and electronic dance music. But there is one song I will give him credit for "just lose it". But don't waste your money on Encore and go check out u2's new album "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" which will be in stores Nov. 23. And their new song "Vertigo" has already broken most records in rock'n roll history. I've mentioned before you can catch the song at . Or you can download itunes to your computer for free at . And watch a free ipod ad music video of the song.

Blog Hogger has been receiving hateful, profane comments from an anti-Christian blog lately. View comments at your own risk. "Is eminem's new album worth your money? "...


I'm finally back...

 - Brian

I'm terribly sorry for my absence lately. I've been really busy with other things. I'm so glad my friends came to the rescue while I was away and defended the Christian Faith more than adequately.

To The QCA

I'm sorry I have upset you by reviewing your blog in the manner in which I did. I wasn't very charitable in my language. I apologize.
I would like to thank the QCA members who were able to restrain themselves from using offensive language.

Last, I do not want a battle on our blog, but instead, a healthy conversation. Insulting each other will not accomplish anything, but articulate discussion will.

In Defense of the Christian Faith

I am currently writing up an article defending Catholism and the Christian Faith in general. I will be answering some common accusations aimed toward Christianity. The Bible and the Christian Faith can be defended no matter what. Strong Catholics who truly know their Faith can defend it regardless of who their accuser is.

Also, we are not simply Christian zombies who are afraid of discussing religion and facing the truth. We can face the facts and handle the truth, and the fact is that any misconceptions anyone has with the Catholic Faith can be answered.
Since Blog Hogger is updated by true Catholics, it can handle any false accusation that comes its way.

Once again, I am sorry for offending the QCA. Please forgive me.
Keep the intelligent conversation up, and you'll all receive free candy. :)

God bless,

~b. "I'm finally back..."...


Man, all of this arguing about Christianity is just getting irritating now. There are better things to do in life and talk about!

Here's my take on all of this; the people from Q.C.A. obviously don't believe in God, and when it all comes down to it, I really don't care what they believe in. If they don't want to be a part of the Christian faith, that's fine with me!!! Its their own God given right to choose what they believe in!!!!!!!! So this whole argument, and cursing at each other, is just pointless!!!!!!!!!!! No one, is really going to win!!

But, your not going to stop me from believing in the Christian faith, or to be more specific, the Catholic faith.

So, just go screw yourselves, ok, and let me get on with my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and the Red Sox won the World Series, for the first time in 86 years!!!!!! Isn't that something!!!!

Blog Hogger has been receiving hateful, profane comments from an anti-Christian blog lately. View comments at your own risk. ""...


BH rules of conduct: be nice or begone

 - Joe

So all you people from the "Quality Control Alliance" have been thinking that you can destroy our faith in Jesus Christ by profanely stating that we insult you all after calling us (--improper stuff annihilated--). As Catholic Christians we can certainly forgive you, but if you wish to continue commenting on the various things that we post about, let me lay out the ground rules for commenting on this blog.
Most importantly, there can be no, NO PROFANITY ON THIS BLOG AT ALL. There are better ways to describe words in the English language. We "stuck-up, hypocritical Christian zombies" call them "adjectives" but then that's just us...
No explicit pornographic material, such phrases are reprehensible (that means bad).
Now I know what you all are thinking and I bet this is what you'll comment on "oooh... Big, bad, Bloghogger Joe thinks he can frighten us off by limiting our vocabulary! Well, get ******* this, ********..." And I do admit, there is nothing that I can currently do to stop you from doing this type of thing except urge you not to and pray without ceasing for your collective souls and that you may turn from the enemy of us all to He Who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life".
May God bless you all and have mercy on me as much as on you.

God bless and go Red Sox,


Blog Hogger has been receiving hateful, profane comments from an anti-Christian blog lately. View comments at your own risk. "BH rules of conduct: be nice or begone"...


Loose mentally i'll Commentators...Watch out!!!! And cool music video by u2!!

 - Pete

I've noticed lately we've been receiving inappropriate comments from a buntch of mentally ill paganists, who have some how, escaped their mentall hospitals.

I know this may seem shocking to you but this happens quite frequently, almost everyday. The problem is, they don't have enough police guards down there. We need to enforce security down in those mental hospitals a little more!!! Couldn't you agree? Or our country will end up rolling down a hill, not that it hasn't all ready started yet.

So, until those police officers quit eating donuts and get off their lazy butts, and start protecting our country, I suggest that we all just take it cool and ignore those who are mental and that need some kind of real help. There disease is called paganism. Scientists have not found a cure
for it yet, unfortunately. The reason why is because scientists these days, are to busy arguing the pointless fact that human beings evolved from mosquitoes, and became fish, and then became flys, and then became fish again, and who knows what they think. Just except the fact that there is a God, and things that just can't be explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I've tried giving them my enduring wisdom, but unfortunately it's pointless. You just can't communicate with evil doers. The only thing you can do is ignore them.

Oh, and you can check out a 30 second clip of the actuall music video for "Vertigo" that is only at Its pretty cool!!! Don't get dizzy!!!! "Loose mentally i'll Commentators...Watch out!!!! And cool music video by u2!!"...


In response to Angie

 - Brian


Kinda funny tho, you (not Joe, but Brian) states, "Don't you people have anything better to do with your life then to make fun of other people's religions?", and yet, here you are, doing the same thing??

Wouldn't one call that being a hypocrite? OH wait!! Silly me! Isn't that part of the definition of being a religious person in the first place??

(smiles sweetly)

Btw QCA, how long do you think he'll keep our posts up?? Or will he delete them like that other guy??

Hmmm...I don't know what you mean when you stated that I was making fun of other's religion. I didn't, but please tell me where you think I did. I viewed some of my other posts and found nothing that had to do with "making fun" of others' religion. Thus, I was not being hypocritical...
Also, I looked up the definition of "religion..." This is what I found:

"A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances and often having a moral code of conduct of human affairs."

I, being Catholic, have an obligation to act morally and holy. But since I am only human, I do make mistakes often. For instance, I told my little brother not to use profanity, but then a few hours later, I used a little profanity. I guess that would make me somewhat of a hypocrite. Now think, why did I tell my brother not to use profanity? Because I fear for his soul, and I want to teach him to articulate his thoughts without using rude slang terms. Though I did make a mistake, I will try to act better in the future. "In response to Angie"...


To all commentators

 - Brian

I have no problem with you expressing your opinions, but I do ask you NOT to use profanity. Healthy debate is welcome, but please keep the language clean. Thank you.

Something else
When I called the Quality Control Alliance "ignorant" I was referring to religious ignorance. That's all. "To all commentators"...


I Finally Figured Out What the "Quality Control alliance" Is.

 - Brian

After looking around The Quality Control Blog, I finally discovered the purpose of this weblog. It's an evil blog updated by an army of atheists and Satanists who have nothing better to do then to post their misconceptions of the Christian Faith. They make extremely crude and immature jokes aimed towards religion and morals.
I was laughing my guts out reading the stupidity of their opinions! Don't you people have anything better to do with your life then to make fun of other people's religions? lol!
On their blog, they have a little church sign (the same kind I posted) that reads, "God fears the Quality Control alliance!" HAHAHA!! You sorry losers, God doesn't fear you, he's probably laughing to death at your ignorance! If I was God, I would erase the Quality Control blog all together.
What you people really need is some quality self-control.


The comments on this post by the Quality Control Alliance contains extremely profane language. Reader discretion advised. "I Finally Figured Out What the "Quality Control alliance" Is."...


Be gone, Satanists

 - Brian

I was reading a disturbing article on the Catholic Register. It was talking about a young man (and Satanist) who murdered a Catholic priest after Mass in Chile.

The Assailant, Rodrigo Orias Gallardo, was dressed in black and armed with a knife. Witnesses said Gallardo knelt next the priest after killing him and began to invoke Satan's name.

...I bet you won't be hearing this on any major news station or news paper around here. That's because they don't want to portray Catholics as being violated or persecuted. I mean, really, just imagine what would happen if the priest murdered the Satanist...that would be all over the stinkin' news.

Similar events took place in northern Italy this past June. Police arrested three men who are accused of ordering the murder of at least five youths in the area around Milan since 1998.

That's twisted, and I bet it wasn't in the news around here either. I mean, c'mon people, the media is sick and twisted. They probably don't want to offend other Satanists, but of course it's alright to publish any little thing the Church does wrong. They do this mainly because the Catholic Church poses a major threat to big industries everywhere (Mainly porn).

Police say the three Satanists ordered the ritual killing of a 19-year-old women, Chiara Marino, and 18-year-old Fabio Tollis in 1998. Marino was found dead in the woodland areas northwest of Milan, and Tollis, guitarist with a Milan heavy-metal group, was murdered because of last-minute doubts regarding the "sacrifice" of Marino.

The article also says that a majority of Satanist groups are comprised of youth. Satanists have tricky little ways of finding members to join.
So, as you can tell, many Satanists are in extremely dangerous cults, and many of them are dangerous. Their thinking method is warped and many of them are racists (I saw a show that explained that).

In my opinion, I think governments around the world should create a special tactical military team to go out and bust these cults (i'm half kidding). They're dangerous and hazardous to the human soul. "Be gone, Satanists "...


America needs some real men...

 - Brian

Is it just me, or is this nation going soft? I'm sick and tired of anti-Bush pansies. All they like to do is cry and complain about every little thing Prez. Bush has done. They blame September 11 on Bush - They think he's behind the 9/11 attacks. Oh sure, genius, if you look closely at the pictures of the planes going into the twin towers, you might just see Bush jumping out while trying to put on his parachute. I'm sure that's what Michael Moore wants you to think.

At least Bush had enough butt to actually get rid of a terrible tyrant...But I guess now that's a bad thing. Blah.

I can't believe people are falling for John "chin-boy" Kerry's little patriotic act. (BTW, did you see Kerry at the debates? He never directly answered a question. He just started blaming Bush for everything!)

C'mon, Bush, I think it's time to get mean and put your foot down on this matter - that is, slap some sense into some people!


Public schools are banning Halloween parties, due to the fact that witch costumes offend real witches. Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you by dressing like a pretend witch? That's funny, the public schools never listened to any complaints by Christians (Some Christians wanted to ban witches and devils from parties)! It seems everyone's catering to the demands of freaks these days (and yes, real witches are freaks).
Girls, listen up: This coming Halloween, dress like repulsive witches with paper signs on the back saying, "This is what a real witch looks like!" That'd be great!

People, stop giving in to all the pansies trying to rule our lives, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN! "America needs some real men..."...


 - Brian

Check this out, it's Go Articles dot com. This is a handy little site that allows you to post an article you have typed up. There are multiple categories to choose from.

Go do the world a favor and submit an article. ""...


Why is Osama Bin Kerry still a presidential candidate?

 - Pete

Haven't people realized that he's just another one of those liberal communists trying to screw up our country and feed it to terrorists like himself?Guess not.

When I first heard that miserable scum speak, I knew for a fact that our country was already attacked by terrorists.

And why isn't Bush winning by 99.9%? Maybe Bush is a little to nice to his opponent. He needs to start really roughing Osama bin kerry up, or sooner or later our country will become a terrorist nation it self. And then I'll have to move to already liberal, communist, France. And then when France becomes a terrorist nation, which it already is starting to become by the way, I'll have to move to Great Brtitain and put up with British snobs, which is NOT something I want to do!!!!!!!!

If people don't know who John Kerry really is, and there just voting for him because they hate Bush, then read these important facts on the real John Kerry and then you'll know that he's much worse than Bush.

  • First, he flip flops all of the time, that's probably why you don't have a clue on what he stands for.
  • Second, he claims that bush did not give our troops full supply when he himself voted against the $2,000,000 weapons supply to our troops.
  • Third, he says that Bush was wrong for going to war, but kerry said that he would have done the same thing.
  • FOURTH, HE'S FOR ABORTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fifth, he believes that the government needs to have your money, instead of yourself.
  • And Last, when he came back from Vietnam, he totally undermined the troops saying quote , "All of the men, including myself, have committed atrocities and are war criminals".

He should be thrown in prison just for that statement!!!! Only a minority of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam conflict committed atrocities, including John Kerry himself according to eye witnesses!! And did you also know, this is fact by the way, that in the communist museum in North Vietnam, John Kerry has a portrait hanging there. Isn't that curious? Could this mean that while our men were dieing in the filthy jungles of Vietnam, Kerry was helping the enemy, because he was to much of a coward to serve his country? Could this mean that John Kerry, is not only a war criminal, but a traitor, and he is close to becoming our president!... When he should be in prison for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now he claims that he is a catholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW CAN ANYONE VOTE FOR THIS GUY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Why is Osama Bin Kerry still a presidential candidate?"...


HTDAAB - And music news you can use....

 - Pete

Does anyone know what spectacular, remarkable, incredible, bombardment is going to happen in the next 38 days?!!!!! NO!!!!!! Am I the only one who listens to 10.77 the end around here? This is a disgrace!!! Someone should inform the president about this!!

Anyway, incase you ignorant people out there didn't know... U2's next album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"(HTDAAB) will be RELEASED in exactly 38 days on Nov. 23rd, hurray!huray,huray!!! And incase you do not have a clue who u2 is, there the best rock band in the world. There now you know. And their new single" Vertigo" is incredible!!! Some great new
guitar sounds, and base rithyms. To check vertigo you can visit to hear a
30 second clip of the song. Or you can download itunes on your computer, for free, and watch an exclusive ipod video ad of the song.

Lets see, other musak news.....duhdedum.....Oh yeah, eminem has managed to crank up some new stuff with a new Michael Jackson bashing song called "Just Lose It". Its pretty cool.
Aspecially the music video, oh and did I mention that Micheal Jackson is trying to sue eminem
because of the "Just lose it" music video. He,he,he, nice going eminem!

And "Good Charlotte" has a new CD out called "the chronicals of life and death" which has some
good sounds.

Oh yeah, one of my favorite bands next to u2, "Green Day", has a great new song out
" American Idiot" and the name of the album is also called American Idiot.

Thats pretty much all the music news for now, and just remember if politics and John Kerry these days has really got you mad and confused, you can always take a break, relax, and listen to some u2, eminem, or green day...there always there for you.

See ya next time..... IF THERE IS. "HTDAAB - And music news you can use...."...


China or bust!

 - Brian

I'm sick and tired of seeing and hearing anti-war activists. Most anti-war people have an extremely anti-American attitude. (Remember, I did say MOST anti-war folks)
I was looking through a picture book that showed anti-war activists makin' a riot. One of the protesters was chewing up an American flag...Traitor. Others were wearing Halloween masks and flipping off pictures of President Bush. Congrats people, you just won the National Anti-American Communist Award. Go move to China.
The book also showed pictures of pro-war demonstrators. The people in these pics were waving around American flags, Families were holding signs saying, "God bless America - my sons in the army," and everything looked extremely patriotic. That's cool.

If you hate America, why don't you leave?
I have also met many anti-war extremists who rant and complain about how stupid Bush is and how they hate America. Hey, man, if you hate America so much, why don't you move to China? I'm sure you'd have a lot of fun stamping "Made in China" print on the feet of GI Joe action figures. Ha! At least then we wouldn't have to put up with your crying. Blah.

Do America a favor and go away. I'm sorry if this post seems hateful, but I'm just tired of communist traitors...tha's all. "China or bust!"...


Father Corapi

 - Brian

If you don't know who Father John Corapi is, let me tell you:

Father Corapi is one of the best preachers ever. I love listening to his talks on EWTN, and I love reading his straightforward articles. His preaching style is extremely likeable.

To check out some of his articles, click here
I think Catholics and Protestants will benefit from his speeches and articles. "Father Corapi"...


Free Publicity

 - Brian

Yo. Check this out. Free publicity...

But wait a minute...
The author said, "Not a particularly good blog, but like I said, sometimes it's hard to find one." Wait a second, this is the best spankin' blog in the whole wide world. You can't find a blog better then this one ;)
I mean, really, how many blogs do you visit that are devoted to bashing Kerry?

BTW, I wish I could figure out what Quality Control actually is. It appears to be a bunch of random links and junk...

Popular blogs usually stink
Have you noticed that some of the most popular blogs around are boring as heck? Most of them link to boring news articles and give a 10-word opinion. Then, there are the blogs that are updated by a bunch of brain-dead celebrity pansies who have nothing better to do then rant about Prez. Bush.
Ah well.

Thank you and good night "Free Publicity"...


Teen blogs and why they're not popular

 - Brian

This is sad. I went to Blog Search and looked around (mainly, because I had nothing better to do). First, I went to the politics section thinking I could find something interesting. All the blogs that were displayed were boring blogs updated by stupid Republicans. Then I decided to travel to the humor section (our blog's listed there). Wow. Nothing I haven't read already. sigh.
"Oh wait, maybe I'll check out the 'teen blog' section!" I thought to myself. The minute the page displayed I turned pale-white and gasped: In front of me were at least 30 blogs with no individuality what so ever. The most disturbing thing is that they all contained titles that basically read, "My life," "the boring life of a teen," "the boring life of a hot LA chick," "the life of a teen dork," "random thoughts of a teen dork," "random events in the life of a teen," and finally (the worst), "the life of an average girl."
You all are boring zombies
Did you notice anything strange about those description? THEY ALL WERE ambitiously BORING!!! Listen, teens, if you are going to list your blog in the "teens" section, give it an interesting description - a title that will get someone’s interest. No one gives a crud about random events in your boring life. No one cares that you’re a dork. No one wants to read anything by an average girl. People want to read stuff by interesting people who have interesting things to say. "The life of an average girl" is not interesting.

Here's whatcha do:
Think of something interesting about yourself...write that down. Think of yourself as a one-of-a-kind, unique person who has something interesting to say. NEVER depict yourself as a dork or an average person!

Something Else
Hey teens, in your blog posts, don't use too much "Internet jargon." It gets really annoying really fast. Oh, and cut back on the smillies. They're also really annoying. Also, if you’re a girl, NEVER depict yourself as an average girl!! Me, being a male, has no interest in an average girl with average opinions. Blah.

Time to get some sleep. "Teen blogs and why they're not popular"...


The Story of My Dog and Why You Should Care

 - Brian

(click below to go to article) "The Story of My Dog and Why You Should Care "...

Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lack of updates

 - Brian

Whew. I've been extremely preoccupied with school and other such matters. I have not been able to do much online activity lately...which brings me to this:

I probably won't be able to post anything for a while, so I'll bombard you with some articles I have written (Some of which I have posted, but due to complications, didn't show up).

Sigh...Like I said before, I plan to post them soon. Some of the comiks include fake "Jack Chik" comiks, the adventures of Mr. Funk and friends, and the adventures Hog_the_Blog.

Tha's all for now. Sorry about the lack of updates...please forgive me...please? "Lack of updates"...


VR trip!

 - Brian

Whew! I'm back! Whatda ya' know? I'm back!
That trip was stinkin' amazing...It took 7 hours for us (the 4 kids in the van) to reach the hotel. The hotel was extremely pleasant. It had a pool and everything!

Well, the virtual reality equipment was amazing. It was kind of strange seeing your virtual hand, but even cooler looking around a virtual room! You had 100% liberty in the 3D places.
The program we tested had a simple objective: Assemble 3 pieces of metal parts in a virtual room.
Surprisingly, the program was almost awkward! It was hard to put together the metal parts in 3D (for some reason). It was almost funny watching a couple of girls try to assemble the things. They were all over the place. While me, on the other hand, constructed the 3 parts in 25 seconds flat!

All in all, it was a pretty good time!

Other stuff
I have a new batch of Comiks just rotting in my desktop folder waiting to be published - so stay around for that.
By the way, if you have any ideas for a good Comik, (1 or 2 panels) just email me here

Other Other Stuff
Nice. I just noticed I'm looking slimmer - I also lost 10 pounds! "VR trip!"...



 - Ivan

That's right it's pokeman I mean um PokemOn. Sorry to offend you pokeman lovers out there. Man, those things are so old! You're all probably wondering why I brought this up Huh? Well it's because some stupid Chinease kids at my school are still "digging it". The're always asking in a raspy voice, "you want to twade Pokeman cawds?" Of course I reply, "DUDE THE FADS OVER MAN, GO DIG YUGI OHHHHHHHHH OR SOMETHING." Oh wait "YUGI OHHH" (What the hek is that suposed to mean?) is just as worse. Man the creators of these stupid fads should be shot or something!! JK I, mean come on whats up with the ultra coollll Blue hair. If you "dislike" Japenease Animation go to this link: "POKEMAN"...


Yes, its Joe!... Joe. You know... THE Joe?

 - Joe

Hi, quickie post

  • I love God and I want to tell everyone... Again.

  • go here for a kewl DHTML page

  • Live well, pray hard, and fight evil (not ME you fools!)

AND PLEASE REMEMBER:: Bush is our man 4 prez! "Yes, its Joe!... Joe. You know... THE Joe?"...


Eastern Washington or bust!

 - Brian

Yo! WSU has invited four 4H kids (in Washington state!) to participate in a test. They want the four kids to try out some advanced Virtual Reality equipment and answer some questions. Well, my friend "Bill" was invited - the only problem is that "Bill" is now ill. Thus, "Bill's" dad, Mr. "Smith", has referred me to Mr. H. Now I'm going to take "Bill's" place!!! Also, I get to stay overnight at a hotel with the other 3 kids. It's gonna be heaven!
When my dear mother informed me about this, I gave myself 3 options:

1) Stay home and do school.

2) Stay home and do nothing.

3) Travel to Eastern Washington and operate highly advanced, state-of-the-art, Virtual Reality gear.

Hmmmm.... Hard decision I might add.
They say I'll be back around Friday. Well, I hope I have fun operating some highly advanced, state-of-the-art, Virtual Reality gear, staying at a hotel overnight, and eating some great food. Wish me luck ~ ;} "Eastern Washington or bust!"...


Sky Captain: A Retro Look Into The Future

 - Brian

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to see Sky captain and The World Of Tomorrow. I found the movie virtually flawless.

The Plot
Take Indiana Jones and stick him into the pit of a fighter plane. Take retro looking robots and have them stomp around N.Y. There, you've got Sky Captain.

The overall presentation of the film was great. I have to give the special effects a +.
I thought the robots were pretty cool. They looked like the classic 40s style robots. I also liked the fact that the whole movie looked as if it was filmed in the 40s. That was interesting.

Since it was designed to look like an old film, they had to darken the screen. Well, it was too dark - that took a lot away from the movie.
Also, I think they could of made Ms. Polly way more hotter. She sort of looked like a clown. Hehehe.

If you're looking for an action-packed (family oriented) movie, this is a "must see." "Sky Captain: A Retro Look Into The Future"...


I Need to post on another blog

 - Brian

For the last two weeks, I have been attempting to locate a blog community that I can post on. A group blog is not out of the question either. To put it simply, I need another blog to post on - a group blog where I'm not the only person posting.

It seems Joe has been unable to get online lately due to school and road trips.

Well, anyway If you know of any blogs that will accept new authors, just drop a comment or someting.

Oops. I guess I forgot to create links to our old stuff. Ugh. "I Need to post on another blog"...


HTML Class.

 - Brian

One of my computer 4H club leaders coaxed me into teaching a HTML class. Don't get me wrong, I want to! It makes me feel proud that someone recognized my ability to teach an HTML class. Rock on Brian *goes and writes a book on how cool he is*. Ahhh, yes.

Before I even think about teaching a class, I need to teach my mother - the ultimate pupil. Good so far. She has grasped the concept of tags.

I also taught my dad
Wow. He caught on quickly! It took him around 30 minutes to learn the basic tags and some text tricks.

Unrelated News
Mt. St. Helens Blew AGAIN!! Who'd of thunk? "HTML Class."...


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