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 - Ivan

That's right it's pokeman I mean um PokemOn. Sorry to offend you pokeman lovers out there. Man, those things are so old! You're all probably wondering why I brought this up Huh? Well it's because some stupid Chinease kids at my school are still "digging it". The're always asking in a raspy voice, "you want to twade Pokeman cawds?" Of course I reply, "DUDE THE FADS OVER MAN, GO DIG YUGI OHHHHHHHHH OR SOMETHING." Oh wait "YUGI OHHH" (What the hek is that suposed to mean?) is just as worse. Man the creators of these stupid fads should be shot or something!! JK I, mean come on whats up with the ultra coollll Blue hair. If you "dislike" Japenease Animation go to this link:


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