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 - Brian

I've just seen a very well done play...YEAH!!! It was A Christmas Carol. It was REALLY good. Some the actors where: Alex, Kelby,Michael, and Kodi.

By the way, The Hog has just received a new member! Yes, yes, it's Ivan. My dear friend Ivan. Just a little "Hog" news.

Post something in the Guest Book page if you want. "COOL PLAY!"...


sup dudes!!!

 - Ivan

YO YO YO YO YO YO YO, Oh never mind but I'm a member so see YAAA! "sup dudes!!!"...

I have a NEW blog member!

Yes! I've just invited my friend Ivan to post on Blog!!! Right now I'm waiting for a reply.

2 blog members = MORE FUN!

I can't WAIT FOR THAT REPLY! This is gunna be sooo least for me. I sort of had to talk him into joining If you have any ideas, just post one in the "Comment" page. You can post anything you want just as long as it's not nasty or mean. ""...

*Sooo* Sleepy...

Uhg...I'm so tired right now.

Last night I got to bed around 10:30 p.m. Well, since I'm a Catholic, I don't eat meat on Friday. Well, today we're going to my aunt's house to have Thanksgiving dinner~:D


SOOOO then, since we can't have meat, we had to go to 8:00 a.m. Mass to make up for it!

8:00 Mass = VERY tired

Here at Blog, We (me, myself & I), will try to make the best out of our BASIC html knowledge. Since I am still very young, it makes blogging and other web site stuff very hard.

Oh well...I'll just have to study html more~:O ""...

Thank you ThanksGiving

Today is ThanksGiving! We (my family), went to serve food to poor folks at my church. IT was VERY long and boring, but it felt good to see all the happy faces. Some times we forget what ThanksGiving day is all about. Well, if you don't know i'll tell you: ThanksGiving is about giving thanks to God. Don't like it?? Too bad.

Before you go to bed tonight, pray for all the people who could not have dinner for ThanksGivin'! ""...




HI! This is my NEW blog and this is my NEW post! cool,huh? This is pretty much a test post so don't think this post is nonsense. ""...


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