What is "Bloghogger"?

BlogHogger is a team-based blog updated by a couple of Christian teenagers (ages 13-18). BlogHogger was created by Brian T. in early 2003. Sooner or later, Brian began to recruit some of his friends to post on his blog. As of now, (January '05) there are 7 members. HOME

What is the premise of BlogHogger?

The Premise of BlogHogger is basic: You read our thoughts and get smarter. The kids at BH usually discuss politics and religion. Because BlogHogger is updated by TEENS, you may see various other topics discussed...such as video games and girls.

How Popular is BlogHogger?

Inquisitive, aren't we? Well, as of Febuary 2004, BlogHogger is receiving 18 to 40 hits a day. Credit goes to Joe for verbally advertising our blog. Yo.

How can I help?

You can help by linking to us, or mentioning us to you family/friends. You can also help by keeping your comments relatively clean. That means no excess swearing.