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Mozilla Firefox

 - Joe

Taking a break from my usual "serious" routine, I must evangelize my fellow hogs about the wondrous pile of code that is the Mozilla Firefox browser. Why Firefox and not Internet Explorer?
Well, I'll tell you.

  • expanded popup and spyware control
  • ease of use
  • faster page loads
I'm speaking out of personal experience, too. Unbeknownst to you, I've secretly been using this browser to post, comment, check email, and yes, even to write this post (conspiratory giggle).

Now go here and make me proud "Mozilla Firefox"...


All religions are true?

 - Brian

I've recently stumbled across a variety of blogs claiming that all religions are true - that all religions are as relevant and truthful as any other.
Well, if you think about it, you will immediately exclude that possibility.

Here are my reasons for not believing that all religions are true:

1). Truth is objective. Example: If I toss a ball in the air, than the truth is I tossed the ball in the air. That's the truth. One thing in it's opposite cannot be true at the same time.

2). Christianity states that there is only ONE God. Other religions claim the existence of MANY gods. Both claims cannot be true at the same time.

I've pretty much said all I can say about this matter. Of course there are SOME truths in EVERY religion, but that's a far cry from stating, "All religions are true." "All religions are true?"...


C# Project

 - Brian

Hey! My friend and I created this little application with C# (See Sharp).
To run this, click the link and select "Save Target As." Save it, and then run it.
Click here to view it!
NOTE: It may not work if you do not have .Net FrameWork 2.0. "C# Project"...


Easy grammar test.

 - Brian

I recently discovered this grammar test.

I got 10/10. If you get anything worse than 10/10, you're a failure. "Easy grammar test."...



 - Joe

Jane Roe (of the infamous Roe v. Wade) wants the abortion-rights desicion she gained in the '70s overturned! She says she has reconsidered after careful planning and now realizes that this procedure is harmful to women. "quicky!"...


Marching,marching,marching FOR LIFE!

 - Joe

Yesterday was an interesting day, complete with large capitol buildings, angry goths/hippies, and a talking Cow. Yes, I attended the March for Life yesterday! After attending Mass at Saint Mark's, we entered the spacious bus provided for us by the nice people there. Our traveling companions included Sponsz, Brian, Stiny, and various others. So, after a long trip ripe with discussions about communism, THE MARCH, and ... Yanni? we prayed the rosary and finished up just in time to see The Capitol. So, while hanging around, we entered the legislative building and wreaked havoc. Afterwards, we saw more of our freinds and so we stayed there while more people we knew cascaded by us. Suddenly, THE MARCH started, and we followed the multitudes on their way to The very steps of the Capitol. During the multitudinous speaches, about 25-30 protesters entered the fray. Their professional-looking signs had such concilliatory, wholesome messages as "You are perverts!", "Abort Bush!", and the real crusher "Compassionite Conservatives kill Iraqi babies!" As Brian posted, during the closing prayer, and the following rather patriotic rendition of "God Bless America" they continued chanting that intelligent argument(sigh) "BULLS***!" With that final "God Bless America" or for PC's "G** Ble** America", However, THE MARCH was concluded, and the Pro-murderers tried to make themselves scarce as the Youth for Life group walked straight over and struck up a conversation (I'll give you three guesses about what). Then, voices gone, we all crawled back to the bus and drove home.
This is yearly in WA state, so come if you can next year. It's loads o' fun and you get to protest a horrible law at the same time! In Closing, thanks to all who made life interesting yesterday, and G** Ble**,

~JOE~ "Marching,marching,marching FOR LIFE!"...


Another March For Life Under my Belt...

 - Sponsz

Along with several other members of the Bloghogger Staff, I was lucky enough to attend the annual March For Life down at the Capital Building in Olympia. I've been there for the last two years, and I have to say this was positively the best one yet. There was a great turnout (from what I heard, there were 4,000 people there), and some excellent speeches by various senators, including three Democrats.

I also got a tour of the Capital Building itself, which was pretty cool. I'd never been in there before, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The place is enormous, and built almost entirely of marble. Awesome.

I totally encourage all of you readers to attend the March For Life next year; it's really quite inspiring and edifiying to see the masses of Pro-Lifers all gathered together to protest that terrible decision of the Supreme Court known as Roe vs. Wade. "Another March For Life Under my Belt..."...


March for LIFE!!

 - Brian

Today, I, along with millions of friends, took a bus to the capital. Once we arrived, we then took a look around the place. It was amazing!

Well, hundreds of people showed up from all around the state. All were pro-life, all as cool as me (whatever).
After Joe, Sponsz, and I had located some of our friends, we went around goofing off (my favorite activity).
Hundreds of people flocked to the the capital stairs and waited to hear the speeches.
Then, out of somewhere, came around 30-40 pro-abortion people. The majority of them consisted of young goths and aging hippies. Not a pretty thing.
During some of the speeches, the pro-abortion people decided to swear at us and make a whole lotta noise. That too was disturbing.

The thing that upset me the most was this: During the Pledge of Allegiance, the abortion supporters screamed, yelled, and cussed. Wow. What a respectful thing to do, winners.
Not to mention they shouted "BullS***" during the prayers. That too, was noble.

Why all the hate? They accuse us of being hateful, but they were the ones demonstrating hatred.

More later, I don't have much time. maybe Sponsz will enlighten you on some of the details.


I corrected some of my typos and spelling errors. Sorry for making myself look like a complete moron. "March for LIFE!!"...


How 'bout this?

 - Joe

Abortion violates the traditional Hippocratic Oath:

"...I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor will I suggest such counsel. And in like matter I will not give a woman pessary to produce abortion..."

Unfortunately, the Hippocratic Oath was changed when it was decided that Abortion was a "Constitutional Right" (it never was) and they didn't want to deal with the morality forced upon them by a Greek (Hippocrates). "How 'bout this?"...


Attack of the Chicken Littles

 - James

Image Hosted by

For some time now I've had this ...urge, if you will... to write a post about environmentalism and its different stupidities (I wonder--can stupidity be a noun? And pluralized, too? No? Oh well, too late). And here it is.

Ah, environmentalism, you are a wonder. So silly at times, so scary at others. And so terribly common as to become very irritating. I guess the main idea of environmentalism is a good one--simply that we humans need to do our part in keeping this planet, and its inhabitants, in good shape--but the idea has been around for so long now that it's mutated into a terrifying blob of paranoia and sometimes stupidity. I'm all for things like solar-panels and those hybrid cars. In moderation, environmentalism is good. Don't get me wrong, the Earth is a bit of a mess. But I highly doubt it's that much of a mess. Michael Crichton wrote an interesting article in the magazine Parade a month or so ago, about how the human race seems to have developed a tendency to scare itself. He says: "From world overpopulation to Y2K to killer bees, many of the dangers we're warned about never materialize. Isn't it time for some healthy skepticism?" Some of environmentalisms biggest beefs with mankind are debunked in his article. For example:

W'e're all going to freeze! Or is it sizzle?
It may be mostly forgotten now, but back then [1972] many climate scientists shared his [a scientist who was concerned that temperatures on Earth were dropping, and that we were on our way to another Ice Age] concern: Temperatures around the world had fallen steadily for 30 years, dropping half a degree in the Northern Hemisphere between 1945 and 1968. Pack ice was increasing. Glaciers were advancing. Growing seasons had shortened by two weeks in only a few years.

In 1975, Newsweek noted “ominous signs that weather patterns have begun to change…with serious political implications for just about every nation.” Scientists were predicting that “the resulting famines could be catastrophic.”

But it is now clear that even as Newsweek was printing its fears, temperatures already had begun to rise. Within a decade, scientists would be decrying a global warming trend that threatened to raise temperatures as much as 30 degrees in the 21st century. Such predictions implied palm trees in Montana, and they have since been revised downward. By 1995, the UN midrange estimates were about 4 degrees over the next 100 years. Although concern about warming remains, the prospect of catastrophic change seems increasingly unlikely.
Next, Crichton takes on one of my least-favorite bits of environmentalist paranoia: overpopulation:

Oh no, it's a population explosion!

In the 1960s, experts like Paul Ehrlich spoke with conviction: “In the 1970s the world will undergo famines—hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death.” Ehrlich argued for compulsory population control if voluntary methods failed. In the 1970s, The Club of Rome (a global think tank) predicted a world population of 14 billion in the year 2030, with no end in sight.

Instead, fertility rates fell steadily. By the end of the century, they were about half what they were in 1950, with the result that many now expect world population to peak at 9 billion or so and then to decline. (It’s estimated to be about 6 billion today.)

And mass starvation never occurred either. Instead, per capita food production increased through the end of the century because of the “green revolution” resulting from increased agricultural efficiency and better seeds. Grain production increased as much as 600% per acre, bringing unprecedented crop yields around the world.

These changes were exemplified by the rise of India, which in the 1960s was widely acknowledged to be a symbol of the overpopulation disaster. Western children were chided to finish their food because of the starving children in India. By 2000, however, India had become a net exporter of grain, and Americans were worried about outsourced jobs to that nation’s highly educated workforce. Almost no one concerned about population spoke of an explosion anymore. Instead, they discussed the new problems: an aging population and a declining population.

Another one of environmentalism's favorite claims is that we are draining Earth of its natural resources. Crichton puts in his two cents about this, too:

We're running out...of everything!

The 1970s saw the use of computers to predict future world trends. In 1972, The Club of Rome used its computers to warn us that raw materials were fast running out. By 1993 we would have exhausted our supplies of gold, mercury, tin, zinc, oil, copper, lead and natural gas. Yet 1993 came and went. We still have all these things, at prices that fluctuate but over the long term have generally declined.

What seems to be more accurate is that there is a perennial market for dire predictions of resource depletion. Human beings never tire of discussing the latest report that tells us the end is near. But, at some point, we might start regarding each breathless new claim with skepticism. I have learned to do so.

That's all of Crichton's article that was especially relevant to this post, but there's more to it, so you can read the rest of it (and then some) here. I suggest you do. "Attack of the Chicken Littles"...


Are You A HOG?

 - Brian

Hey! I created some cool animated gifs with Animation Shop. My idea is that anyone who visits BlogHogger and likes it can put images on their site that say: "Are You A HOG?" or something along those lines.

Here are two I've recently created:

Here is the code. Paste it on your sidebar: <img src="" width=265 height=265/>

Image Hosted by

Here's the code for #2: <img src="" width="265"
height="245" alt="Image Hosted by" />

You may alter the size as you see fit. "Are You A HOG?"...


Pete's Own Blog.......

 - Pete

Hey, what's up everybody? This post is not going to be very long. I've been pretty busy lately working on lots of really cool things and bad things. One of those bad things is homework. Yes homework is bad for the mind, especially when you have a huge stack on your desk every day!!!! I try to stay as far, far away from it, as much as possible. I mean isn't six hours of school good enough for one day?!!! What's the point of coming home with another whole six hours of school work?!!!!!! I wonder if teachers are in the tourchering business? That's against our country's principles you' know.

And one of those really cool things I've been busy doing lately is creating my own blog. Yep. My very own called "Blogging like a conservative". It's basically all on politics and why the liberal view is so screwed up. You can check it out at Tell me what you think of it. And maybe you can give me some suggestions or something.

Well, that's all I really wanted to say so, see ya next time. "Pete's Own Blog......."...


My (Derek) Official Salutations!!

 - Psychomancer

Well I have to say Im not quite a daily visitor as the invitation stated, but I do check often.

Actually I dont think any of you know me "personaly", but I found Blog Hogger when james started commenting on my blog. I was like, "I LOVE THESE GUYS!!"

But ok, a little bout me self eh?

I am a college student near the end of my second year. I am a conservative christain although not officially affilliated with any church at the moment. I do attend Bible studys at the college and a youth group with one of my friends. After I finish next quarter I will be waiting for my shipment date for BootCamp in the AirForce.

And I think thats about my lifes story....... at present at least.

Anyother questions just ask me. "My (Derek) Official Salutations!!"...


New Member!

 - Brian

Yes, we almost have the seventh member of BlogHogger up and posting! His name is Derek and is a conservative Christian (hmm, Kinda like everyone here!).

I do not personally know him, but I think James does.

Check out Derek's blog here. "New Member!"...


More on the RWOR

 - Brian

Hey all! I checked out their homepage and this is the first little bit of text I came across:

"Straight up—Bush and his people aren’t just ordinary Republicans. And they’re not ordinary Christians either. They are Christian Fascists—dangerous fanatics who aim to make the U.S. a religious dictatorship and to force this upon the world. If they get their way—and they are very far along the road to getting it—society will be plunged into a high-tech Dark Ages...."

Yes, it seems the RWOR has gone after the Jack Chick approach.
...Great science fiction material though... "More on the RWOR"...



 - Joe

I have discovered a piece of paper from communist party people in a bookstore in Seattle not that long ago. there is a printable version of it on their website at As I am now reading Ann Coulter's Treason, I have become a bit wiser on such matters. Before I work the subject of communism to death (one of Sponsz's favorite pastimes) I wish to mention that Ann Coulter is, for all intents and perposes, a Godsend.

Now then, on to Communism.

It is supposed to be a (nuclear) winter wonderland , awash with people with newscaster-style smiles on their faces, working together in peace and harmony while Bush and Reagan are cast henceforth into Gahenna for intolerance. Anyone besides Liberals who have been in the People's Republic of China can tell you otherwise. In fact, many people will still call Josef Stalin a "misunderstood reformer" . anyone who was stuck in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would tell you otherwise as well! this will have several follow-up posts, so again (sorry Sponsz) I'll just leave off at that. "communisto!"...


Woah...Part 2.

 - Brian

I was just thinking, wouldn't it be interesting if I, along with some of my friends, created a webpage refuting as many of the anti-Catholic statments as we could?
Just a thought... "Woah...Part 2."...



 - Brian

After I checked this, I was laughing so hard, I almost cried out my guts.
To tell you the truth, I have never seen anything that demonizes the Catholic priesthood to this extent. It's very sad.
While reading the articles, I managed to refute a number of their claims (i.e, the claim that the Church teaches that priests are infallible).

One of the paragraphs states, "How Satanic that the Romish priest is called "another Christ" by brainwashed papists such as Mother Teresa."

Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad,...etc

After reading it, read this. "Woah..."...


Heck, I'll do it now.

 - Brian

Because I didn't want to wait until the end of the month, I've decided to get over with it and post the new template.

I would really like your honest opinion. Some feedback would be great, you know.
Do you approve of the colors? If you don't, give me some ideas and I'll take them into consideration.
I personally like it. Don't be afraid of offending me, just give me your opinion.
Thanks. "Heck, I'll do it now."...



 - Brian

When asked to comment on the recent Tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Michael Moore stated*, "It's all Bush's fault. If he increased National Security before hand, none of this would have happened!"

But in fact, the tsunami is Moore's fault. In the last 5 years, Michael Moore has let off a tremendous amount of hot air, thus resulting in a massive Tsunami.

*It's a joke, guys, Moore never really said that ;) "..."...


Change...We need it.

 - Brian

Whew! I just can't leave the stupid template alone! In other words, I'm planning on having a new design up by the end of the month...or before hand.

I'm thinking of a more simplistic look. Simple colors, simple structure. It'll make BlogHogger look a tad bit professional. "Change...We need it."...


Sponsz is on!

 - Joe

Happy XIth day of Christ Mass!
I have officially allowed Sponsz to post on BH as of approximately noon today. "Sponsz is on!"...


A Debut, Of Sorts

 - Sponsz

Well, I'm finally on the Bloghogger staff. After at least a couple of months of vain attempts by various people to get me on the staff of the good ol' Bloghogger, I'm making my first post. And, to crown it all, it's completely devoid of any objective. But I'll think of something really worth exposing to the bloodshot eyes of the world within the next few years. I know you'll all think I'm crazy, but I confess that I almost miss the QCA's posts (except for their profanity). It sure gave a fellow something to do, responding to all of that rubbish.
Anyway, I'll try to post at least sporadically, to make up for all the time and effort it cost Joe to actually get me on here...
God bless! "A Debut, Of Sorts"...


March for Future Women's Lives

 - Joe

Sorry to keep posting on the Statewide level, but I wanted to get the word out to any interested parties that don't already know that the Washington State March for Life is on Jan 19 . You could also call it the March for Future Women's Lives.

We constantly hear the complaint that Women are not being allowed to do "what they want" with their bodies. No offense, but this. is. ludicrous! We are not allowing the baby to do what it wants to do (live). This will probably start a comment war, so I won't exhaust this topic. "March for Future Women's Lives"...


WA state governor race

 - Joe

This is a bit belated, but in Friday's news it was brought to light that in King County (the only real Gregoire stronghold), the number of ballots was actually 3500 more than the number of voters. let that penetrate for a while. "WA state governor race"...


Help! I got vertigo!

 - James

It seems that Pete has infected me with the U2 bug. For the past 12 hours or so I've been repeatedly getting their song "Vertigo," stuck in my head, and I like it stuck there. In fact, I'm listening to it right now on our computer's Media Guide. Just goes to show how much I like it. :)

Anyway, one thing I particularly like about U2 is that they can write lyrics that are very...mystical; kinda poetic, so that you have to dig to figure out their meaning (my other favorite group, Dave Matthews Band, also shares this skill). There's this really great site called, on which users can comment on their favorite songs, and they will very often say what they think the song's lyrics mean. I was researching "Vertigo" on this site, and the users had a slew of things to say about it. One of my favorite interpretations of the lyrics was the following one, written by a user whose name was "Fen," I think. Anyhoo, here's his (or her) interpretation:

I find it hard to believe that people can, in such a short time say this song has no depth. I will admit it has taken me years to fully appreciate Bono's lyrics but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I think this song is about the alure and draw of temptation on ones life. Temptation is a meaningless concept to someone that does believe in God but I clearly think that Bono has been driven in his life to find his place in the world that God created for us.

The meaning of this song clicked for me in the bridge, "All this can be yours..." which is a close paraphrase of Matthew 4:9 when Christ is being tempted by satan in the wilderness. All he was asked to do is to bow down and worship satan and everything that they saw would be given to him. But of course... Satan was speaking to the creator so, not much of a deal huh??

Verse 1, "and though your soul it can't be bought your mind can wander" What an image of fighting with what you know to be RIGHT and moral and what you feel will be more fun.

Verse 2, beautiful image of the night sky and the heat of a wild club with many things that a 40 something married man may want to partake in but he decides to step back and ask for the check and head out... the girl with the red nail polish and the guilt inducing imagry of a crucifix hanging around her neck.

and of course the bridge... as mentioned above.

BUT the last verse. when the lights go down the grace and love of God give him something "I can feel"


"your love is teaching me how to KNEEL"... in prayer

I think it is an honest struggle to understand the world that we live in as a believer that longs to honor the All Mighty and yet enjoy the world.

The VERTIGO is the not the just the fear of heights but the fear of the FALL, the fall from grace and maybe even the fall into sin.

Of course that's just my opinion.

That interpretation makes perfect sense to me, especially because the members of U2 are definitely Christian. And the idea that the lyrics "all of this can be yours...just give me what I want, and no one gets hurt" is referring to the temptation of Jesus in the desert had occured to me earlier.

There are many other interpretations of the lyrics, and they're all pretty interesting. You can see both those and the song's lyrics here. "Help! I got vertigo!"...



 - Brian


YEAHHH!!!! (I'm not excited, to tell you the truth)

;) "2005!! "...


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