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Pete's Own Blog.......

 - Pete

Hey, what's up everybody? This post is not going to be very long. I've been pretty busy lately working on lots of really cool things and bad things. One of those bad things is homework. Yes homework is bad for the mind, especially when you have a huge stack on your desk every day!!!! I try to stay as far, far away from it, as much as possible. I mean isn't six hours of school good enough for one day?!!! What's the point of coming home with another whole six hours of school work?!!!!!! I wonder if teachers are in the tourchering business? That's against our country's principles you' know.

And one of those really cool things I've been busy doing lately is creating my own blog. Yep. My very own called "Blogging like a conservative". It's basically all on politics and why the liberal view is so screwed up. You can check it out at Tell me what you think of it. And maybe you can give me some suggestions or something.

Well, that's all I really wanted to say so, see ya next time.


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