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Oh boy, another stupid Blogger error...

 - Brian


I went to edit my "I loathe Maddox copycats" post and error occurred in the publishing stage. I lost the whole thing. Arrrgggghhh! Oh well, it was a stupid rant anyway.

*dies from a prozac overdose* "Oh boy, another stupid Blogger error..."...


What day is today?

 - James

Memorial Day...

So, amid the barbecues, movies, pool parties, whatever, just take a minute to remember what, exactly, today is about. "What day is today?"...


"I'm Against Abortion Except..."

 - Brian

Except nothing, fool.

I love debating people whose stance on abortion is semi-pro-life. Meaning that they are against abortion except in cases of rape and incest. So in other words, it's okay to murder a child if he's the result of something other than "normal sex."

By saying "I'm against abortion except in cases of rape and incest," they are admitting that there is, in fact, a child in the womb before birth. In that case, wouldn't aborting a fetus who is a result of rape/incest be murder? After all, it doesn't matter what the baby is a result of; it's still a human life. The baby can't help if he/she is a result of rape or incest. So why take it out on the baby?

My logic is irrefutable. *grabs another prozac*

update: I've just corrected the typos. The perfection of my spelling and grammar is irrefutable. ""I'm Against Abortion Except...""...


Screw Mexico

 - Brian

Recently, I've been keeping a list of countries that I would like to see disappear. So far on the list, I've got France, de Netherlands, and mexico.

So far, mexico has me P.O.ed more than any other country.

Why? Because mexico's no good government has the nerve to tell us what we should be doing (or should not be doing) about illegals in our country.

And yes, illegals are causing trouble for America -- economically and socially.

And the liberals aren't helping either -

Let's see, what was I going to say next? Oh yeah, screw LIBERALS! Any liberal who isn't opposed to open borders is either blatantly anti-American or seriously uninformed. Can't liberals see what the illegals are doing to America? I would like to ask every liberal who reads this blog to pull his/her head out of there and wake up to reality. Thank you. *grabs a prozac* "Screw Mexico"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

I was just thinking about the ultimate job. I have decided that one of THE easiest and most profitable careers in the world would be...

A psychiatrist. Who else gets paid to tell people they're messed up? "Contemplating Reality"...


Cool blogger hack...

 - Brian

Hey, I was searching around for some interesting blog features when I stumbled across a blogger hack that allows you to display only a partial amount of your post, and then the other part of your post can be displayed by clickin' a link...
See what I mean? Isn't this cool?! Yeah baby...
This works really well if you have long posts.
TO ALL BLOGHOGGER MEMBERS: For a better example of how this works, just click on the "edit" link to view my post in edit form when you're at "Cool blogger hack..."...


Little green midgets with speech disorders

 - Brian

Whew! I finally saw Episode 3. Whoop whoop!

I don't want to ruin it for my other friends who haven't seen it yet. I'll just say this:

It rocks. It's much darker, violent, and one of the coolest movies I've seen yet.

It features epic battles, betrayal, Natalie Portman, and Darth Vader. YEAH!!!

My only objection was Natalie Portman. What I mean is, she just can't freaking act. I actually laughed when she came up to the soon-to-be Vader and said "Obie even said you killed the younglings!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! I still can't get over that one! Whew...

Anyway, Hoody's right. The evil Sith characters were slightly relativist. One of my favorite lines is when Anavader was debating the emperor. Anavader was refusing to dabble into the dark side, when the emperor said something like "the Jedi are only limited to their narrow, dogmatic views."

Well, anyways, go see this now, or I'll hunt you down and say bad things about you.

update: I forgot to mention that Yoda's still an idiot. Does he intentionally speak like a retard? Is it because he thinks it makes him seem smarter than everyone else? Shut up, midget man, or I'll stomp on you. "Little green midgets with speech disorders"...


MUST...See...Episode...3 *dies*

 - Brian

Darnit. No matter how hard I try, everyone always beats me to a dem' fine movie.
Well, anyway, I hope to see it today, if not tomorrow.

In the mean time, here's a list of things I'm looking forward to in the movie:

Natalie Portman: Need I say more...?

More epic battle scenes: Even the most jaded Star Wars fan will agree that the best thing about any Star Wars movie is the epic battles.

None of the previous episodes: I'm sorry, but Episode 1 and 2 just didn't cut it. The acting was crappy, the action was crappy, and there wasn't enough Natalie Portman.

The Jedi WILL DIE!!! It just so happens that in this particular episode, practically every Jedi fool will die. That's awesome. I've always hated the Jedi. Who do they think they are anyway? Swinging their little swords around going "Blah blah blah. Let's defeat the dark side. Blah blah blah..." Why? the dark side rules. They've got the weapons, the robots, and the star fighters. Who wants to destroy such a blatantly beautiful arsenal of destruction? Face it, those Jedi fools are wimps.

The creepy guy in the dark mask: Yes, I mean Darth Vader. Darth rules. He's like, I dunno, the king of fear! And hes got guts. He's not afraid to choke his own generals when they get out of line. In a matter of fact, I bet he'd choke his whole evil army and still conquer the universe. He's not afraid to completely wipe out entire planets populated by innocent people either. Vader is my kind of man.

Will update later when I see the movie. "MUST...See...Episode...3 *dies*"...


Check this Out!

 - Joe : a Cistercian abbey in Wisconsin, five monks out to make the world of buying printer cartriges a cheaper place. Plus, supplemented with a place for prayer requests, a note from the Father Prior and other jolly spiritual tidbits. Nice layout too :->>.

3 hours 56 minutes to Star Wars 3...

~JOE~ "Check this Out!"...



 - James

Wha not put some sizzle in yo' search engizzle?


(I apologize for the corny Snoop Dog--or Dogg, Dawg, McDoogle, or whatever--impersonation, but this post didn't seem complete without it)

EDIT: There's a bit (or more than a bit) of swearing here, depending on where you go, soo...don't say I didn't warn you. "Shizzle!"...


PETA Strikes again

 - Brian

PETA manages to infiltrate schools

As its [PETA] Web site prominently touts the animal cruelty-psychopathy connection with quotes from FBI criminalists and others, a closer inspection reveals that the bulk of TeachKind's educational efforts are actually crafted so as to make children believe that everyday behaviors, such as eating a diet that contains meat or animal products, are unmistakably, unequivocally acts of animal cruelty.

Listen, I'm all for animal rights and crap, but seriously, PETA takes it way too far.
It seems PETA has managed to sneak into elementary schools. This time, they're teaching kids about animal abuse -- or should I say, their warped perception of animal abuse.

PETA even tries to scare kids away from drinking milk, a food so controversial that it occupies its very own wedge on the latest FDA food pyramid for optimal nutrition. A series of trading cards called "Don't Be a Milk Sucker" available from its Web site, features cartoon characters suffering a host of illnesses PETA attributes to milk consumption such as ear infections, obesity, acne, and even diabetes!

Just one of the many examples of how messed up PETA is. Go check out their "PETA KIDS" website by clicking here. "PETA Strikes again"...


Google loves us.

 - Brian

Hey. Because I've got nothing better to do (It's Sunday, remember?), I decided to go to google and search for "hogger."

We came up 2nd on the list. hehehe. That's kinda weird. It certainly isn't a big deal, mainly because nobody searches for "hogger."

Just thought it was a tad bit interesting... "Google loves us."...


Xbox 360 kicks butt...

 - Brian

Hey y'all! If you've been awake for the last week or so, you'd of heard about the unveiling of the almighty Xbox 360.

It kinda looks like an Ipod, you think?

From what I've heard, the XB 360 is controlled with wireless controllers. YAY! That means no more tangled up cords n' crud! It also comes complete with 3 USB ports. I'm sure you could save your games on a USB key. That'd be cool.
The controllers have the same button set up as the previous Xbox. The new controllers do have a slicker, smaller look, however.
Not to mention the DVD and music features.

Go to dis for more info, yo. "Xbox 360 kicks butt..."...


How to maintain order amongst bratty children

 - Brian

It's as easy as that. And if you are unable to interpret the image correctly, this is all you have to do: repeatedly and firmly apply hand against lower backside of child.

I'm sick and tired of hearing these outrageous stories in which a teacher gets sued and/or fired for applying the simple practice described above. Just look around some news sites archives and you'll know what I mean.
"Blah Blah Blah. That terrible sadistic math teacher slapped poor Slappy across the face because he wouldn't shut up during class. Blah blah blah..."
These troublesome kids usually go unpunished at home. That's the first problem. If kids aren't told they're not supposed to act like clowns in learning environments, they'll act like the goofy retards at school. This goes especially for boys.

I'm sorry, but the only way you are going to get the concept of obedience across to young boys (and sometimes girls) is through your hand (or in some cases, a baseball bat). Parents just aren't punishing their kids enough. Trust me, I'm an eye-witness. Up in liberal western Washington, everything is so blasted PC. You aren't supposed to raise your voice to a kid, you're not supposed to spank you kid, and you're supposed to accept your kid as is (which is fine, accept when the kid's a brat). This of course, results in outright brattiness.
It's these PC touchy-feely liberal feminist women who are always on the backs of parents these days. They want you to raise your child without any (or very little) discipline. And who else is better at administering discipline than dads. Yes, dads. I believe that the father plays a big role in a child's development. Most dads aren't afraid of yelling at their children. Moms are somewhat good too, but it comes naturally with dads. The mom and dad both play a big part in raising a child. That's why I'm opposed to gays adopting children.
Well, anyway, just wanted to rant. And since I seem to be the only one who posts on the blog anymore, I felt I needed to say something. Blah. "How to maintain order amongst bratty children"...


God hates gays and the Pope.

 - Brian

Well, according to these guys anyway.

This deeply disturbs me. First of all, this website is devoted to making intentionally hurtful remarks about homosexuals. At first, I thought it was just some phony site set up by a couple of shock-jock morons. It turns out that the site is updated by a legitimate Baptist church.
They're message is simple: All "fags" are going to hell, the Pope is going to hell, and anyone who doesn't completely agree with them is going to hell (If I agreed with them, we'd both be wrong!).
This, of course, simply isn't right. Instead of trying to convert sinners using love and reason, they spew hate.

The main reason I'm so disturbed is the fact that they believe that what they're doing is actually right. They seriously need to be corrected.

In their FAQ section, they make it clear where they stand. They misinterpret the Bible completely, and give Christians an even worse name.

These people need to be corrected. Please go to their site and email them a charitable couple of sentences (or pages). Thanks. "God hates gays and the Pope."...


Eminem Sucks

 - Brian

I used to think Eminem had his crud together. I loved the fact that he didn't just waste his precious time rapping about sleazy women, fancy cars, and bling, but instead rapped about how he always got beat up at school for being a wimpy white kid.
He kind of thought outside the box in terms of rap subject matter. He decided to include plenty of shock value in his songs. Plus, he was the only rapper who was man enough to talk smack on his mother. It takes a real man to intentionally give his own mom the distinct title of "good-for-nothing drug abuser." (and for all you people out there who can't tell when I'm joking, I am.)

But of course, he flaked out and became a dipstick.

Is it any surprise that the one rapper who I actually could tolerate flaked out? Heck no. All rappers eventually become maintstream media sellouts.
But what really bothers me is the fact that he competely discarded his his trademark (gross-out humor) and decided to repackage all of his bad songs onto a new CD (Encore)using different backgound beats that mindless tools bought because they couldn't figure out Eminem's evil scheme.

So in his new album, Eminem tries to do all of the following:

-make lame political statements
-whine more about his brat daughter
-whine more about his evil wife
-suck as bad as he possibly can

You probably have heard his new song "Mosh" in which Eminem bashes Bush and tax cuts. This especially makes me angry because tax cuts rule. Stupid mixed up liberal. Besides, if you notice, every other pop music artist out there is making songs against the president. Wow. How original, Slim.

As you can see in the above picture, Eminem has put the finishing bullet in his head and is now officially dead (along with 50 Cent and the rest of the hip-hop culture). Way to go. "Eminem Sucks"...


My turn! My turn!

 - James

Of course, as soon as I saw that in the last post (erm--make that post-before-last), I just kneeeew I had to try it myself, and here be the result:

Image Hosted by

Of course, I took some "artistic license" with this, but I have a feeling most people would. In fact, the only thing about this that is accurate at all is the hair, skin color, and the color of the (almost invisible) pants.
Although you never know--I might have a lightsaber. So it would be best not to get on my bad side, eh? ;)

P.S.: My apologies to Joe, for shoving the post he must've made like, not two hours ago into the land of, erm, not-new-post-dom (when the post is, in fact, brand new, so you oughta scroll down and read it). "My turn! My turn!"...


Relativism and Truth in General

 - Joe

O Tempora! O Mores!
O the times! O the customs!

Reading over some of our past comments, I am surprised at those who subscribe to a relativist ideology, in other words, what you/they believe to be the truth that truth does not exist. While I disagree heartily with you/them, You'll/they'll probably want an explanation, which is en route if you simply remember that "Quodquod recipitur in modo recipientis recipitur". That is, "Whatever is received is received according to the mind of the receiver".

Truth, according to Plato, is "That which is". Calling a cell phone a rock is not truthful. Most people understand this. Relativists (who are absolutely certain that there is no certainty) usually confine to morality what they believe is the truth that truth is nonexistent. But even this is absurd. Murder is not just wrong for "some" people. It is always wrong, all the time. Rape is not wrong to "some" people, either. It is wrong for everyone, all the time. Most "professional" relativists amend their ideology even further, saying that we need to accept some basic moral TRUTHS (oops!). To paraphrase their beliefs (there are absolutely no absolutes) : Truth does not exist, unless it's science or morality we approve, which IS true! Anybody besides me starting to see through this?

Blaise Pascal, in his famous work Pensées wrote that "Truth is so obscure in these times, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it". All of us Christians here in the blessed BH love the truth, which is Jesus. I feel sorry for you who don't and actually I'm kind of curious how you manage to get through your day.

Also a big HOWWWWWWDYYYYYY! to our new commenters, S4nta in particular.


~JOE~ "Relativism and Truth in General"...


Look People it's ME!!!!!!

 - Ivan

This is Mwah me, me, me you know me! don't you recognize me at all! Sob sob sob your dearly devoted Ivan! Yeah well I tried to get it to look as close as possible to the real me Seriously. I am virtually covered in blood stains got tons of curly hair, like to drink beer, and play the guitar. Ok! ok....ok...OOOKKK....yeahhh...OHHKKK.

Brian speaking:

Ahem. This is me. It's actually a very good representation of myself. You'll notice I'm sportin' a chainsaw. Well, that's because I just murdered a horde of blood-thirsty zombies.

Go make yourself. "Look People it's ME!!!!!!"...


Me new bwog.

 - Brian

I felt I needed to step away from the politics for a while, so I decided to whip up my own personal blog that has nothing to with anything except me.

I seriously need another blog to post on. I post on this way to often, thus becoming a "blog hogger." Whatever.
I need to soften my image a bit, ya know? Underneath all the bitterness and sarcasm is a gentle, sweet, and emotionally hurt individual. I was abused years ago by my father.

-- No, I'm just kidding. But I do need post about something else.

So check it out. Link to it as you deem fit. I'm not looking for a large audience, but a few readers would be nice.

BTW, I whipped up that logo and template in about 2 hours. Not bad. Not bad at all.


P.S, if you find spelling errors in this post or at my new blog, don't blame me. I'm pretty brain-dead. "Me new bwog."...


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