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PETA Strikes again

 - Brian

PETA manages to infiltrate schools

As its [PETA] Web site prominently touts the animal cruelty-psychopathy connection with quotes from FBI criminalists and others, a closer inspection reveals that the bulk of TeachKind's educational efforts are actually crafted so as to make children believe that everyday behaviors, such as eating a diet that contains meat or animal products, are unmistakably, unequivocally acts of animal cruelty.

Listen, I'm all for animal rights and crap, but seriously, PETA takes it way too far.
It seems PETA has managed to sneak into elementary schools. This time, they're teaching kids about animal abuse -- or should I say, their warped perception of animal abuse.

PETA even tries to scare kids away from drinking milk, a food so controversial that it occupies its very own wedge on the latest FDA food pyramid for optimal nutrition. A series of trading cards called "Don't Be a Milk Sucker" available from its Web site, features cartoon characters suffering a host of illnesses PETA attributes to milk consumption such as ear infections, obesity, acne, and even diabetes!

Just one of the many examples of how messed up PETA is. Go check out their "PETA KIDS" website by clicking here.


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