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Hog News

 - Brian

Yes, it's that time again. Time for some "Hog News"! YAY!

Ok, first I'd like to say that in the near future(that means soon), I'll be posting an article in which Paul Dicman, a very well known news reporter with a mental problem, will be reporting...well, you know, news. It will be titled, "News Even Pro Hockey Players Can understand".

Also, I'm gonna get Joe and I (yes, even me) to post pages of our unwanted thoughts and feeling and put links to them.

That's all the news for now. Thank God........ "Hog News"...


My Brothers Little Weblog

 - Brian

Just wanted to say that my very little brother, justin, got a blog...that's all. "My Brothers Little Weblog"...


What we look like...

 - Brian

Hmmm...that wasn't so long now, was it? Well, anyway, here's what we look like. Just click on our names-it's that simple.




Told you people I look decent...I think. "What we look like..."...


Ever Wondered

 - Brian

what we(Brian,Ivan,Joe) look like? Well, if you have not seen our faces yet, your soul is pretty much saved. We are the most nasty looking people in cyberspace. Seriously. We sort of resemble 80 year old cheese put in the oven and then taken out to be torched by a flamethrower.
That bad. Well, anyway, in the near future, I'll be posting links to what we look like. I'm probably the most decent looking of us all.

But man, those other guys...WOW they're ugly. "Ever Wondered"...


nothing offensive

 - Joe

My dad told me to tone down my rhetoric a little, so here goes ':(O)!

recently,while doing nothing offensive in a non-offensive way, a chanced upon a non-offending kind of guy who spoke to me in a non-offensive way.
he said to me"why, hello young sir, you seem like a non-offensive person. not like a man who left a comment on my website the other day. " I said" And who was such an offensive person to leave uncharitable comments on a good website like yours ;)?" he replied, " an offensive person by the name of 'off the top'(anybody recognize the name?) "

and the moral of this story is: DON'T BE OFFENSIVE!

~JOE~ "nothing offensive "...


The REAL Meaning Of "ticked off"

 - Brian

Well, here's a little something that really got me upset yesterday: It was about 6:00 pm when I sat down at my computer and wondered what I should do first. Suddenly, a really funny thought came to mind. It would be real funny if I made this fake interview with some rapper named Slick Shabby and post it on my blog. First, I pulled up Note Pad+ and started typing. 1 hour of non-stop typing finally got me to the point of mental brake down. The fake interview was about 2 pages long and was REALLY funny...No seriously, it was. It made my brother crack up. Now it was time to save it. I pulled up the file tab and saved under "intervieiq" or something like that. Just to be safe, I took a look in the folder I saved the humorous post in. Not there. So I went back to Note Pad+ and found it in the "last saved" place. Cool.
Then, I tried to save it in the folder and checked just to be sure. NOT THERE!!! I went back to Note Pad+, again. Then I went to the "last saved" place...again. I tried opening it, but as I did, this pop-up showed up that says, "This file does not exist on this computer". AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The humanity of it all. So now you know the REAL meaning of "ticked off"! "The REAL Meaning Of "ticked off""...


Top Ten Things I Want To Get Done this Year...

 - Brian

1. Lose weight

2. Finish watching 8 Mile.

3. Make a cooler template for Blog Hogger

4. Email Biz Stone

5. Force Ivan to post

6. Clean Room

7. Train my dog not to chase cars

8. Buy "Driver 2"

9. Move my bedroom down to the basement

10. BURN MY MATH BOOK!!!!!!!! "Top Ten Things I Want To Get Done this Year..."...


Typo Hell

 - Brian

Lately, I've been makking-er-making careless mistakes while blogging. Thus, my well thought out posts come out looking like a 4 year old kid with a mental disorder wrote them. I'm so sorry, good people of cyberspace! I will mak...make an effort to try harder to type less typos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Typo Hell"...


World War Three at It's Best!!!

 - Brian

About a week ago, Ivan came over to my house to just visit. It was an ok visit until he started talking about Lord of the Rings and demonstrating the moves that the characters used. He was doing all sorts of neat tricks with a stick. Nothing abnormal about that. Then I decided I would practice also and Ivan and I ended up practicing on each other(I know, that sounded a little wrong)! Every thing was ok until my little brother, Justin along. He started swinging his stick at us with all his might. Now, this led to madness and then to violents. In a matter of 3-minutes, Justin had built a really cool fort to protect himself from the pine cones I was throwing at him. Now this meant a serious threat to us. While Ivan and I were building our fort, Justin was gathering more pine cones.
Ivan immediately noticed this and while Justin was gone, we took over his fort. Justin was enraged we did this and took back his fort with force while we ran laughing! Ivan, who at this time was all suited up in padding, destroyed Justin's fort. The madness of an angry 10 year old can be horrible. The little creep completely messed up our fort. So we built a BETTER one with a front wall and a back wall. It was great. After 3 hours of non-stop fighting, Justin finely took the front line of our fort and knocked down the rear wall.

It just goes to show you that 10 year olds are smater than you think....... "World War Three at It's Best!!!"...


Driver 2

 - Brian

I just saw a game that looks so interesting, I might just get it. It's called "Driver 2" for Play Station. One of the real reasons I want to get this game, is because it features foot missions (missions where you're on foot)! I love games where you can travel on foot as well as in a car. Since Grand Theft Auto is too violent, this is the perfect game for me!!! "Driver 2"...


CRAZY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Brian

lately, I've been noticing my blog receives more strange people than any other. Some exceptions to "strange people" are Cow, Joe(not really), Pete(sometimes)!

Lately, Pete has been busy changing his name to movie actors and posting little trivial faxxx's about them...hehehehehe. Because a have a cheap little hit counter, I don't know who comes to my little domain anymore. So the only way I can tell who comes, is when you leave a comment. Oh well, guess I'll just site down and cry...

By the way, today I'm going over to Paul's house to get some help on SOR and other internet related things. "CRAZY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...


time to rant!

 - Joe

document.write(" ding dong Ivan's gone! I'm celebrating only because now my little cyberspace kingdom has grown! Now all will look upon me and laugh themselves silly. Changing the subject, whoever doesn't already have Return of the King should get it IMMEDIATELY! It is such an amazing game, you'll feel pretty stupid you didn't get it sooner.

In conclusion,Ivan's gone and I'm happy+buy ROTK before I HACK your machine

~JOE "time to rant!"...


Animal Trouble...

 - Brian

It has come to my attention that there are some subjects in life that would not be suitable discussing in public. Well, the following topic is one of these subjects. But that is all right. For the weblog you are currently reading is all about discussing things not suitable for discussing in public.

It has also come to my attention that there are some things in life that need to be stopped. A week or two ago, I was chatting with my good friend, Professor Dipshnit. Now, before I go on any farther, I would like to say that Prof. Dipshnit is a daily visitor to my blog and has written many articles on pet psychology and has also written a few books. One of his latest books is “In the Mind of an Animal.” I do not believe he is referring to his own mind, but one can never tell.
Ok, back to the subject. Well, Dipshnit is now considering beggining a new book called, “Negative Effects on Your Animals.” Sounds interesting, huh? He was telling me his theory on why some animals commit acts of felony. Now, when Prof. Dipshnit talks about animal felony, he is referring to cases such as dogs attacking other dogs or people, birds vandalizing cars and sidewalks and other such matters. He thinks that most cases of violent acts committed by dogs, are the fact that the owner is exposing him to inappropriate things on Television or on the radio. He believes that if the owner were to kennel his dog and drape a blanket over the kennel before he watches inappropriate TV, less of these mauling would happen. I agree with his theory.

The following is an email I received from the Professor two weeks ago:

Hello Brian,

I have researched in to this animal matter even farther then I had hoped to. In the last month or two, I’ve been conducting a survey on how many people watch violent or adult films in front of their dogs. ¾ of the people said they did. The people that did said that their dogs had at least two violent or sexual assaults on people. This is evidence that movies and TV shows have effects on our animals. Sadly enough, the stupid little critters only pick up on the immoral stuff than the good, educational stuff. Sounds sort of like kids, huh? Hey, I just thought up a new theory! People evolved from dogs!! I’m a genus.

Ok, back to the subject. I also asked the people what movies were they watching before these incidents accrued. ½ of them said that they were watching “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “All Dogs Go to Hell.” I personally think that these movies can have stressing psychological effects on your pets, more specifically, dogs.
Not only does TV and Movies have effects on your dogs, but music is also a big problem. I went around LA asking teenagers who own vicious dogs, what sort of music they listen to. ½ of them said they listen to rap. More specifically, Eminem. Others said they listened to Maryellen Manson, but personally, I prefer Eminem.
I think video games also a negative effect on dogs. Last week, I was over at my brother’s house watching my nephew play “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” Alas, I was not the only person watching the game. By the way, Vice City is a very violent immoral game in which you go around murdering innocent people, running over old ladies with cars, and making deals with drug lords. I hate the horrible game. Besides, I already beat it two times I a row.
Well anyway, while I was watching this, I noticed my nephew’s dog watching with an evil look in his eye. The next morning, I received a phone call from my brother telling me that their dog had stolen their car and drove off somewhere.

Well Brian, that proves that something must be done about this evil matter.

Your friend,


Well, that was an interesting email. So if you have any input on this matter, please give your thoughts. If something is not done, more people will get mauled and dogs will take over the world! "Animal Trouble..."...

The grand opening...well, not really. I've just started working on SOR. I guess you can view it if you want. It's far from being done. Right now, It's just a bunch of tables and our little logo *chuckle*. SOR is just in it's beginning stage. ""...


Hog News

 - Brian

In the next couple of days or weeks, or years, I'll be posting an important article about how TV can have negative effects on your animals.... more specifically, dogs.
This is a little something Joe and I have been thinking of and I'm sure all of you will think it's relatively funny. soo stay tuned and I may just let you live.

Time for a little more news. Joe and I (as you have heard) are working on a weblog known as "SOR, Source of Reality". This is where Joe and I can just give our full, uncensored feelings on the world today. In all my posts, I really strive to be as friendly and nice as I can, but with SOR, I'm just gonna let go. So if you're easily offended, stay as far away from SOR as you can. No, in truth, we want as many people as possible to read our web site. Seriously, even you need a reality check. "Hog News"...


My ultimate Goal

 - Brian

I just discovered my ultimate goal in life. To create a blogging community so big, that I'll have at least 70,080,990,780,999,798 members. Yes, I know, it's a little far fetched. But I really want to be noticed on the web. Plus, I've discovered blogging, html, and CSS code are some things I really enjoy and I want learn more about. Blogging is not just a little fad I've discovered, it's something I want to do for a living. Laugh at me if you want, but once I've mastered these things, you're gonna want to pat me on the back and say, "Great job Brian, you're now the coolest dude on the web!". "My ultimate Goal "...


Audio Blogging

 - Brian

I was just looking at something soooo cool. I believe it is called Audio Blog. Now, audio blogging is when you sign up for either the free trial, or the "pay 3 bucks for 12 audio posts". When you sign up, they give you a phone number to dial whenever you want to make a audio post. So you just talk through the phone. Cool, huh?

I forget the URL of the site, but I'm sure if you go to a search engine and type in Audio Blog, you will find the site. "Audio Blogging"...

I don't like talking about the blog to much, but if you have not noticed, I CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!! Tell me if it is toooo crazy or "girrrrly"! ""...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

I was just thinking about how much there is to do in life. Most things you probably won't get around to doing. Some things you just DON'T want to do. Just think of it, you only get one life to live. Think of all the things you probably won't get to see or do. For example, You will probably never get to travel to space, you probably will never get to fight in a war(who wants to?). If you're blind, you will never be able to see. If you're in a wheel chair for life, you will never get to run. If you're white, you will never be black. If you're black, you will never be white. So no matter how many things you can do or get done, you can never really do everything! God didn't intend for man to do everything. But still, the only point in this life is to get heaven and it doesn't matter if are challenged in some way.

Just a little something to mess up your mind. "Contemplating Reality"...


hello again

 - Joe

i'm back again! thanks again for letting me post,brian. If you haven't read the comments on my last post,Brian thinks Ivan and I are trying to make ourselves kings. keep that up, brian and i'll find some way to change the name to "Brian the Hog" .com . In other news, brian and I both attended the National spelling bee yesterday and had a great time , until I had to go up and spell "oxydize" . allow me a moment to bring you up to speed on the way this spelling killer bee works. at this christian church where we went for the first round: they put a mike right where a light from the ceiling shines in your eyes. then they plug you with a word to spell(pronouncing it under their breath so "cat" sonds like "flat" ) and then fix you in their laser sights so you break out in a cold sweat and babble like a cretin until they kick you off the stage. for more details, see "the big hog" brian. "hello again"...


HI, I'm bored

 - Brian

Just wanted to say I'm bored. That's all. By the way, right now I'm at my computer 4h club and am useing the lab's computer and decided to make say something stupid...huh.

4H Background.bmp "HI, I'm bored"...

Just last night, Joe and I were talkin' 'bout why I'M sooo obsessed with this team blogging crud. Well, one of the reasons is that almost every time you take a brief look at this thing, you're always reading my stupidity. I truly think that if I have 2 other guys also posting, It would make this site SO cooler...just think of it, THREE times the stupidity!!
I mean, would it not be a lot more fun if you could read MINDLESS posts written by 3 different dudes instead of one? It's ok if you're one person posting something meaningful, like Daiko does. But if you're postin' nuttin' important it's nice to have a buddy that shares his unimportant thoughts. But hey! At least there funny unimportant thoughts(i hope)! ""...


 - Brian

Out of all the web hosting websites I've seen, is the coolest. I like it because it's easy to make posts and has many features such as Spell Check, uploading files, and a fully customizable template. The reason I'm not using Live Journal or Dairy Land, is cuzz THIS BLOG IS NOT A JOURNAL OR A DAIRY!!!!

So if you want an easy interface, sign up for! ""...


So long, so sick...

 - Brian

It has been so long since I've posted on my little pointless blog, but that's ok. Right now I have a dreadful illness and probably won't make through the week. Ok, I know, I'm not that sick!

One of the reasons I'm not sharing my thoughts as much as I used to, is that I was sort of hoping Ivan and Joe will share some of their thoughts. At the moment, Ivan does not understand fully what a blog is and Joe can't get on the web as much as I can...Oh well. Guess I'll just sit down and cry. "So long, so sick..."...



 - Joe

I'm Joe, Brian's OTHER friend. And he, out of the kindness of his heart (yes, he has one!) has allowed me to post on Blog Hogger. In a week or so, I'll post a little link that I think everybody here will like. It's called "Bush Aerobics" but that's all I'll say about that for now.

Brian and I are working on yet another weblog known as SOR! (source of reality) which is going to be very controversial and all that.

~joe "Hi!"...

BizStone created a link to this "Are you a serious Blogger" thing.

Pretty fun, I'd have to say... ""...


10 Search Engines?

 - Brian

I submitted my site to (I think) 10 different search engines in hopes I might get a little more hits. About six out of the ten search engines liked my site/blog thingy.

Blog Search and Jayde featured my blog in the "New Site" section of there site. I also submitted my blog to GOOGLE, the coolest search engine ever!!!

I've noticed that I'm like, getting 10 to 15 hits a day!!! "10 Search Engines?"...


2004: More sex, drugs, and killing...

 - Brian

Yea, it's 2004. BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL! I really pray that this year will bring Christ into the world even more than last year(2003). This world is going under big time...that is, TV is really going under. So if you still watch TV regularly, go do us all a favor and DON'T!

So what's the moral of this post? DON'T WATCH TV!!!!! I can actually remember when there was something family oriented, but now there's just loud, disturbing cartoon shows and homosexually based television. Though there are cartoons and movies that are not as bad as others, it's still a good idea just to rent a movie or cartoon show on video or DVD then watch TV.

I'm sorry if this has offended you. "2004: More sex, drugs, and killing..."...


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