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World War Three at It's Best!!!

 - Brian

About a week ago, Ivan came over to my house to just visit. It was an ok visit until he started talking about Lord of the Rings and demonstrating the moves that the characters used. He was doing all sorts of neat tricks with a stick. Nothing abnormal about that. Then I decided I would practice also and Ivan and I ended up practicing on each other(I know, that sounded a little wrong)! Every thing was ok until my little brother, Justin along. He started swinging his stick at us with all his might. Now, this led to madness and then to violents. In a matter of 3-minutes, Justin had built a really cool fort to protect himself from the pine cones I was throwing at him. Now this meant a serious threat to us. While Ivan and I were building our fort, Justin was gathering more pine cones.
Ivan immediately noticed this and while Justin was gone, we took over his fort. Justin was enraged we did this and took back his fort with force while we ran laughing! Ivan, who at this time was all suited up in padding, destroyed Justin's fort. The madness of an angry 10 year old can be horrible. The little creep completely messed up our fort. So we built a BETTER one with a front wall and a back wall. It was great. After 3 hours of non-stop fighting, Justin finely took the front line of our fort and knocked down the rear wall.

It just goes to show you that 10 year olds are smater than you think.......


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