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The Boredom is Gone

 - Brian

Lately, I've been complaining about how bored I've been online. Well, I've found a solution - its called and then of course, after getting bored with, I decided I would just have a taste of boredom on a stick. It actually seemed sort of good.

Well, that's inuff non-sense for right now, so good bye and good night. "The Boredom is Gone "...


My view on Lord of the Rings: ROTK

 - Brian

I am a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings. Even though I haven't read the books, I enjoy the movies and video games.  Here's my take on LOTR: ROTK -


As you know, I really enjoy the movies. One of the things that makes Lord of the Rings what it is, is the music. Just think about how the music contributes to the films - like the Rohan (spelled correctly?) music. The music gives the movies a sense of antiquity  - which really makes the LOTR trilogy so good.

The characters I REALLY like Gandolf in the film. Especially his pessimism. About 10% of the words he said were, "Stand fast; do not waver," and the other 90% were, "RETREAT!!!!!!!!" He's sure quick to command the soldiers of The White City, but even quicker to lead the retreats.


 Then there's Aragorn's girl friend...the elf chick. I loved her part in the movie - even though most of it was sitting on a horse with her mouth wide open crying.

obviously, I liked the part at the end of the film where Aragorn says to his elfy girl friend, "Great! Now that we're married, you are now the queen of the Elves!" then she replies with, "Not as long as Legolas is around."


The Plot Like the other two movies, this one follows the same plot: As Frodo and Sam continue on their weary journey to destroy the Ring, the Ring starts having an evil effect on Frodo. For instants, the part when Frodo, Gollum, and Sam were climbing the miles of stairs, Gollum secretly sprinkled some of the Elven bread on Sam's jacket to make it appear as though Sam ate all the bread. Of course Frodo was really upset about this (for they were running short on food supplies), and decided to dump Sam. I mean, who would you really trust: Your life time friend and gardener, or some creepy murderer who sounds like an 86-year-old women on drugs.  If you picked the latter, then you need help.

Like in the other two movies, ROTK follows another basic story plot: 600 men against 10,000 deadly orcs, a single city against 100,000 deadly orcs, and then 1000 men agaist 10,000 even more deadly orcs. Yes, the odds seem to always be against the good guys.



All-in-all, I really enjoyed the movie - even though I've seen it three times straight!


 "My view on Lord of the Rings: ROTK"...


Church Sign Generator source code

 - Joe

Here is the source code for the Church Sign Generator that Brian used
in his post.

/* check the referer header */
$ref = strtolower(getenv("HTTP_REFERER"));
$pos = (substr($ref, 0, 33) == "" ? 1 : 0);
$pos += (substr($ref, 0, 29) == "" ? 1 : 0);
$pos += (substr($ref, 0, 20) == "" ? 1 : 0);

/* if the referer is from an external host, throw an error and quit */
if ($ref && !$pos) {
echo "Sorry, no remote linking.";

/* get the text for each line from the query string, convert it to upper case,
and truncate it to 20 characters */

$line[1] = substr(strtoupper(stripslashes($_GET['line1'])),0,20);
$line[2] = substr(strtoupper(stripslashes($_GET['line2'])),0,20);
$line[3] = substr(strtoupper(stripslashes($_GET['line3'])),0,20);
$line[4] = substr(strtoupper(stripslashes($_GET['line4'])),0,20);

/* This is the list of allowed characters. The reason more characters aren't allowed is
because I didn't put more characters in the characters image. More characters means
more figuring out coordinates, ie. more work. Each character array comprises the character
itself, its X coordinate (the Y coordinate is always 0), and its width (the height is always
12, the height of the image). */

$allowed_chars = array(
array("A", 0, 11),
array("B", 11, 10),
array("C", 21, 10),
array("D", 31, 10),
array("E", 41, 10),
array("F", 51, 9),
array("G", 60, 11),
array("H", 71, 10),
array("I", 81, 5),
array("J", 86, 9),
array("K", 95, 11),
array("L", 106, 9),
array("M", 115, 11),
array("N", 126, 10),
array("O", 136, 11),
array("P", 147, 10),
array("Q", 157, 11),
array("R", 168, 10),
array("S", 178, 9),
array("T", 187, 10),
array("U", 197, 9),
array("V", 206, 10),
array("W", 216, 13),
array("X", 229, 9),
array("Y", 238, 10),
array("Z", 248, 9),
array("0", 257, 9),
array("1", 266, 8),
array("2", 274, 9),
array("3", 283, 8),
array("4", 291, 9),
array("5", 300, 8),
array("6", 308, 9),
array("7", 317, 9),
array("8", 326, 8),
array("9", 334, 9),
array(",", 343, 6),
array(".", 349, 5),
array("?", 354, 10),
array("!", 364, 5),
array("-", 369, 7),
array("+", 376, 8),
array("=", 384, 9),
array("/", 393, 6),
array("'", 399, 5),
array("$", 404, 8),
array(":", 413, 4),
array("&", 417, 9)

/* load the characters image and the background sign image into memory */

$chars_img = imagecreatefromgif("../images/csg/chars.gif");
$basesign_img = imagecreatefromjpeg("../images/csg/basesign.jpg");

/* get the width and height of the background image */

$src_w = imagesx($basesign_img);
$src_h = imagesy($basesign_img);

/* create a new image, that will be output to the browser */

$output_img = imagecreatetruecolor($src_w, $src_h);

/* copy the background image onto the output image */

imagecopy($output_img, $basesign_img, 0,0,0,0, $src_w, $src_h);

/* Since the letters are centered on the sign, the x centerpoint gives a starting point from
which the x offset for each letter can be calculated. The y offset is simply the distance
from the top of the image to the top of the first row of letters. */

$x_center = 175;
$y_offset = 145;

/* This first pass is to calculate the x offset for each row, since the width of the
line of characters is different for each row for each sign. It loops through the letters
of each row and adds the width of each letter to the x centerpoint to get the beginning
point for each line. */

foreach($line as $thisline) {
$x_offset = 0;

// calculate offset
for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($thisline); $i++) {
/* Get the current character from the current line */
$curchar = substr($thisline, $i, 1);

/* A space character is given an arbitrary width of 3 pixels; there isn't a space character
in the characters image. */
if ($curchar == " ") {
$x_offset += 3;
} else {
/* loop through the characters array until we reach the one matching the current
character, and add half its width to the x offset. */
foreach($allowed_chars as $char) {
if ($curchar == $char[0]) {
$x_offset += ceil($char[2] / 2);

/* The second pass actually copies each letter from the characters image onto the output image. */

for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($thisline); $i++) {
$curchar = substr($thisline, $i, 1);
if ($curchar == " ") {
$x_offset -= 6;
} else {
foreach($allowed_chars as $char) {
if ($curchar == $char[0]) {
/* The imagecopymerge() function copies a rectangular area from one image onto another image.
This is documented more than adequately on */
imagecopymerge($output_img, $chars_img, $x_center - $x_offset, $y_offset, $char[1],
0, $char[2], 12, 100);
$x_offset -= $char[2];

/* When each row is complete, add 16 pixels to the Y offset to get the top of the new row. */
$y_offset += 16;

/* Now that the image is built, it gets sent to the browser. First, send out HTTP headers to
tell the browser a JPEG image is coming. */
header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");
header("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=churchsign.jpg");

/* The imagejpeg() function sends the output img to the browser. */

/* Housekeeping functions - destroy the scratch images to free up the memory they take up. */

?> "Church Sign Generator source code"...

Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


 - Joe

Just checking out and NOBODY'S ON THE FREAKIN' BLOG ANYMORE!!! leave a comment if you actually still read this "Whoa."...


Driver: You Either Hate it, or You Don't

 - Brian

I'm a big fan of the Driver video game series. Driver 3 (aka Driv3r) is in stores now!! IT's for PS2, Xbox, and PC. Here's some of the screen shots:



CRASHHHHHHHH - nice graphics 


I also like the "outa car action" stuff

"OUT OF THE WAY!!!!" - gotta get this game


That's all the pics i'll be showing today - I have some other ones that I will share with you later.
 Go Here - its where i got the pics "Driver: You Either Hate it, or You Don't"...



 - Brian

The STINKIN side bar has just disappeared!!! I really need to get the code for Joe's new template. It'll make things sooooo easier. "*sobs*"...



 - Brian

In some of the movies I've been watching recently, I have discovered a sentence that really gets on my nerves. While I was watching a TV show (forget what it was), one of the characters had to make a moral decision. His friend replied with, "do whatever feels best." That's just not right!

The correct answer would be: Do whatever feels the best -  as long as it's  MORALLY correct and something Jesus Christ would approve of.


I'm running outa time online, so i gotta get off. think about it. "Also...."...


I love the Library!

 - Brian

Hey. The Sno-Isle Library has finally discovered the potential means to make me happy! Well, first of all, they have upgraded their internet filtering system, so that I can go to harmless sites without some evil pop-up saying something like, "The site you are currently trying to access contains harmless, educational content and is not suitable for anyone who has ANY brains what so ever!!!"

Now I can actually post something without being interrupted....yea!

That's all I have to say. BTW, if you're looking for a good blog to go 2, just click the link on the left hand side that says, "Saint in Training" "I love the Library!"...



 - Brian

We're LOVED!!!! CHeck it oUt: "COOL!!!!"...


Things I REALLY like....

 - Brian

1. Pretty girls (yep)


2. Pizza


3. Dogs


4. Video games (did i really have to mention it?)


5. Lord of the Rings


6. Gundam series


7. Sketching


8. Blogs


9. Html


10. Pretty girls (yep - again)


x *burp* good food! "Things I REALLY like...."...



 - Brian

I've been so bored online at the moment, that I think i'll take up the teditous and well-paying hobby of hacking websites and ruining peoples lives by stealing their identity. Sounds fun, eh? Well, I'm kidding - though it would be fun to hack a website that forced you to pay before you downloaded one of their items or something...hehe.

Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person... yet. I've run out of website to visited so I think I'll run away to join the circus, join the army, jack a car, kidnap a beautiful princess, or join a gang war.  Also, You know that saying, "idle hands are the Devils workshop?" Well, don't listen to that - it's hogwash.

*looks out window* Oops, It seems Ivan is bored once more, for I see him attempting to light my cat on fire again. Guess I'll just have to log off and talk to him 'bout it - again. 

"non-sense" "blah"...


I Finally Got a Chat Board Up!

 - Brian

For at least 4 weeks, I've been searching around the internet for some sort of chat board. I tried's Chatter Box, but It just wasen't that great.


SO I found a Tag-Board at and it seems to be working.


Go to to see it. "I Finally Got a Chat Board Up!"...


Things I REALLY hate...

 - Brian

1. Cats. (i just dont like cats)


2. School (who doesn't)


3.Bratty 6-year-olds


4.Veggie Burgers (yuck!)


5.This blog's template


6. Politically correct pansies


7. Devil


8. Dog poop

9.  House work

10. Cats (had to say it again) "Things I REALLY hate..."...



 - Brian

Go here "cool"...


Bored online - can you imagine that?

 - Brian

Man, I'm out of places to visit. I wish there was a place that served as the "center" of the internet...some website where it would categorize all the different types of websites so that I could find what I'm looking for more easily (whew!). By the way, what am I looking for?

oh well.....

Guess I'll just have to go off and - I dunno - sit down and have a good cry.

blah "Bored online - can you imagine that?"...


Why Political Correctness is Getting Us Nowhere Real Fast!

 - Brian

I'm going to make this brief - so listen up you politically correct pansies:

The reason Political Correctness (P C) is getting us nowhere, is because without being frank with some people, this world will come to an end. If we were all just happy, go-lucky-never-offend-wussies, then every perverted politically incorrect "weirdo" in the world would be getting there way all the time. You couldn't correct anyone who was in serious error, thus the person would go throughout life spreading false-word.

Do you think Jesus was politically correct? No, if he was, there would not be any Catholic Faith. Everyone would just be going on a rampage of sin. If God allowed the Pope to be politically correct while mandating the the rules of the Catholic Church, he would tell us to interpret the Bible for ourselves and do what we think is easiest. NO! He stricly tells us the rules of the Catholic Church and commands us to follow them without question!!!!

Some of the greatest heroes of the world accomplished what they did by being Politically INCORRECT!!!

just think 'bout that for a while... "Why Political Correctness is Getting Us Nowhere Real Fast!"...


Personal Icons and/or Photos

 - Brian

While I was looking through some of the latest posts, I noticed it was kind of hard to tell who posted what...meaning that you had to take some time looking for the name uf the author of that post.

I'm not trying to copy or anything, it's just that we (the authors of blog hogger) need something recognizable - like an icon or something. Just imagine: At the end of each post (b4 the "comment box" link), there would be our own personal icons so that it's easier to figure out "who posted what."

P.S is not the first one with that idea! "Personal Icons and/or Photos"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

Have you ever noticed how a lot of us speed through some of the sentences we say? For instance: instead of saying "I watch that show a lot," you might say, "awwatch tha shawlot."

How's This: Try going through one day without rushing your sentences. By the end of the day, you'll be a better person - trusme! "Contemplating Reality"...


I'm like, Totally cool now

 - Brian

Yesterday, I downloaded an instant messenger from This is the first time i've ever USED and instant messenger b4. It's really -er- cool(i used "cool" for lack of better description).

All i can say is, "Cool, i can like, instant message people!"

Oh, and if there is anyone from who would like my screen name, just ask in the forum... "I'm like, Totally cool now"...


filler content

 - Joe

Regarding what Brian was talking about, if you want to get ahead on the excitement of BlogHogger v. 2.0, click here (logo). "filler content"...


Changing skins quicker that Michael Jackson

 - Brian

Joe recently introduced me a new template he has been secretly working on. It's a lot better that the one we have at the moment. The one we're stuck with right now is too gloomy - as in too serious.

The 1 Joe has deigned is more joyful and happy. It also has a better LOGO and better layout.

So stay tuned, yo.

seeyu "Changing skins quicker that Michael Jackson "...


boom - July 4th

 - Brian

Last night, my family and I went over to Joe's family's house to hang and light off fire works or whatever. It was pretty fun - especially the part when Mr. Joe's Dad came out with a 5-foot rocket powered by H2O. We launched it a couple times...duh, it goes far!
Also, fun of joes other friends combined all these fire works together and dey make big boom...hahahahehehe...*burp*great food there too. "boom - July 4th"...


member's only page

 - Brian

one cwiky: you can join the members only page by clicking Here "member's only page"...


How's This:

 - Brian

Everytime John Kerry lies, his chin grows longer. How's that for some comedy - hehehe.


"I solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution" *chin grows 3-inches*

"um, I solemnly swear to protect America from any enemy threat that may occur" *chin grows 6 more inches*

"I have strong feeling for the brave Vietnam Veterans who fought for our country like I did" *chin grows 1-foot longer*

", did I mention I'm a Catholic?" *chin hits the floor*

"AHHHGGGG!! My CHIN!! - somebody...anybody?" *crowd chuckles*

"Stop it! Stop making fun of me...STOP!! It's not what you think...I'm not lying!" *chin breaks*

"OUCH!! I didn't do it! I DIDN'T FREAKIN DO IT!!!" *Goes running away and has is chin replaced with an artificial one*

Now that would be funny - at least for me. What do you think? Do you have any funny scenarios (about Chin Kerry) you would like to share? Just drop'em in the comment box or email them to us.

seeyu "How's This:"...


Lyrical Hitman

 - Brian

I think that "Lyrical Hitman" is a great idea (if i do say so myself) for this little blog. The only problem is that I've received NO lyrics in the Blog Hogger inbox so far.

If you don't know what Lyrical Hitman is, I'll explain it for yu: LH is a segment on Blog Hogger in which you submmit the lyrics to a song YOU HAVE created. After YOU HAVE submitted YOUR Lyrics, we will judge them kindly.

Click below to submit your Lyrics:

SUBMIT LYRICS "Lyrical Hitman"...


Oops, I Forgot to mention...

 - Brian

...I left with my family to go camping on Whidby Island for 'bout 5 days. i just got back and things are looking good...I'm glad Joe kept the blog updated while I was gone. I'm also glad to see the intelligent arguments going on. I'm just glad the people who visit and comment on our blog aint some trailer trash out to destroy all that is good (like this blog!). Well, anyway, I think it's time to get things started again - when I mean "started" I mean more frequent postings.

I just need to get this outa my system:

Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog HoggerBlog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger Blog Hogger!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, that was nice!

I don't have much to say, so I'll try to find something interesting on the World Wide Web and post about that~ "Oops, I Forgot to mention..."...


A story of forgiveness

 - Joe

A man and his wife (former jews who converted to Christianity) were living in Nazi Germany in the time of the Second World War.
One night, the man's wife woke up to hear her husband talking to another person. Meanwhile, her husband was busy talking to a Nazi S.S. Officer he knew. He asked the man; "How many jews did you kill in the last six weeks?"
The Nazi replied "Around twenty-five thousand."
The officer named the various cities.
"How many did you kill in this area?"
"All of them. I killed every Jew."
"And you don't feel any remorse?"
"None. There is no such thing as God, and no such thing as forgiveness."
"Well we'll see about that. My wife is upstairs and she hasn't heard any of this. "
So he called his wife, and she got up, and dressed herself and came downstairs. Her husband said:
"Here is the man that killed your Mother, your Father, your three brothers, and your three sisters."
She instantly threw her arms about the man's neck, and kissed him, and said
"As God forgives you;
so do I forgive you."
The Nazi fell on his knees and begged the couple to pray to God for forgiveness. And in such a way, his soul was saved for God "A story of forgiveness"...


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