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Alright Bush, I think we've overstayed our welcome...

 - Brian

Saddam Is behind bars and there aint no "Weapons of mass destruction." What else do we need to do anyway? Don't get me wrong, I was for this war, but I seriously think the U.S forces have overstayed their welcome.

The only way to achieve complete peace down in that toilet bowl is to nuke the place. Yes, you heard me correctly.
It seems we're doing everything we can to make Iraq a better place for its ungrateful residents. Sorry, Bush, but I'm beginning to wonder if they don't want to evolve from man-eating apes. I personally believe that nuking Iraq will do a great deal for the people.

1. They don't have to worry about some moron walking into a pizza parlor and blowing himself into topping.

2. They don't have to worry about poverty.

3. It seems a number of them want to die...Boom.

So there. I don't seriously think we should kill the inhabitants of that "country", I just think we should retrieve our battle weary soldiers. That way, Iraq will be on its own. B'wahahahahahahaha! "Alright Bush, I think we've overstayed our welcome..."...


Kerry - Edwards for Amerika?

 - Brian

100% Blog Hogger material "Kerry - Edwards for Amerika?"...


Scrap that idea...

 - Brian

Well, I figured that the forum was just way to complicate. So decided to go with's forum. By the way, used to use it. I'm not trying to be a copy-cat, but I just liked their forum options.
Don't believe me? Well, here are my reasons:

1. I'm familiar with Chat Area

2. The member options are easier to mess with

3. You don't have to email me...Wow!

So there. Before you can post on the Blog forum, you have to become a member of Chat Area - it's not hard to set up an account. Then, I can approve you.

It's at Go there. "Scrap that idea..."...


Goths are driving me crazy .

 - Brian

Before I start, I would just like to say that I don't hate goths - I hate their style. The Gothic style and attitude is just plain annoying. Stop acting you guys, we all know you're not depressed.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just listen:

Goths like to pretend that they're depressed, rejected, hated. Well, if you're so freakin' depressed, dressing in black and piercing yourself isn't going to solve any of your problems. Why not try and change your attitude to that of cheerfulness. Besides, dressing like a goth is going to make people reject you in today's world. Society doesn't tolerate the gothic lifestyle. I personally think that goths are miserable people who need some major therapy.

Things goths are good for

1. Scaring little children

2. Halloween decorations

3. Relieving vampire bats from their duty

HA! Quit pretending you guys. I don't buy your crap for one second. Also, nobody reads your dull poetry anyways.

Speaking of goth poetry, it goes something like this:

Lies, fire, hate,
All the pain inside
All the rage
I hate
I hate
I want to kill everyone in sight "Goths are driving me crazy ."...



 - Brian

I have to insert this stupid little add from


alt="Search Engine Submission and Optimization" width="88" height="31" border="0"> "*sigh*"...


Member's Only Forum

 - Brian

The NEW member's only forum is up. It's password protected so you will need to get permission to enter. Email me at
Just leave your name and age and I'll email you the junk.

Alright on that little button thingy to go to the forum.

Free Message Forum from
 Free Message Forums from "Member's Only Forum"...


The New Template...

 - Brian

Welcome to

Here, you will find things have changed for the better. Though you can reach Blog Hogger by the old URL, the new URL is flows....
How do you like the Logo? I love it!

Some of the pages are not yet finished though, and some I have not put links to yet. The Member's page doesn't work and the email page doesn't work - I'll fix it in a sec.

Tell me what you think! :)

THank you and good night "The New Template..."...


Women shouldn't be able to join the Army Rangers.

 - Brian

Listen, I'm not saying women shouldn't be able to join the army, I'm saying women shouldn't be able to join the U.S Army Rangers, Navy Seals, or Green Berets. If women want to go out and get them selves killed, that's their option, but when it comes to covert operations, things get sort of serious.
To be a Navy Seal, you have to have specific body requirements. You have to go through specific training that only 3 out of 100 men pass (that's right, read it again!). Becoming a special forces soldier just isn't any thing anyone can join. The missions that Special Forces operatives have to endure have NO room for failures and cannot be jeopardized by "fareness." Get me?
Men have the body type and physical strength to become an elite soldier.

"You stupid sexist, what if a woman has the right kind of body type?"
Have you noticed the on the Basic Training TV shows that the army files down the amount of exercise and obstacles that women have to do? Men might have to run 20 miles, women have to run 15. Men might have to do 30 push-ups, women have to do 15.
Face it, girls, men have more powerful bodies then women. It's just nature.
Of course some women are stronger then some men, but the majority of men are stronger.


Besides, who wants to see a women in an army helmet anyway? Feminists who believe women should join the Special Forces only want a higher body-count. "Women shouldn't be able to join the Army Rangers. "...


Domain name

 - Brian

I don't mean to bombard you folks with silly updates, but if I don't, then you'll all die - we wouldn't like that now, would we?
Well, I can register .tk domain name for $9.99 a YEAR!!

Just think, our own domain name....aahhh sweet....

thank you and good night "Domain name"...


Some major changes!

 - Brian

By the end of the month, Blog Hogger will have gone through some significant improvements.

{1} The template will be clean and easy to follow.

(2) Joe and I will add some cool JavaScript effects.

(3) I'm thinking about getting a domain name - a one.

(4) More popular (secret) *evil laughter*

(5) Hey! A new Blog Hogger comic strip page by Ivan and Brian!

(6) Cool pics!

(7) A MUCH better Member's Page.

(8) Not to mention, John Kerry will be rolling in his own grave (dug personally by Blog Hogger).

(9) By the beginning of October, those infamous feminist radicals will be trying to get this blog off the web!

(10) Those infamous homosexual radicals will be trying to get this blog off the web!

(11) Jack Chick will be writing silly comic strips against us!!!

B'wahahahahahaha!! We're gonna be hated!!! "Some major changes!"...


Not again...God help me.

 - Brian

The templates is all messed up again. If it displays properly on your browser, please tell me...And if you can't see it, email me at


Stay tuned for Defending the Human Race Part2.

Thank you and good night "Not again...God help me."...


John Kerry says: (with a little help from me)

 - Brian

"Remember, There are many different opinions on abortion, euthanasia, gun control, and politics...I agree with all of them."


"Remember, whatever you believe in, I do too."


Things John Kerry is for:
Gun control
War in Iraq
gay marriage

Things John Kerry is against
Gun control
War in Iraq
gay marriage "John Kerry says: (with a little help from me) "...


Defending the Human Race: Part 1

 - Brian

(click below to go to article.) "Defending the Human Race: Part 1 "...

Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hog News

 - Brian

Yes, it's that time again...time for Hog News.

For a reason unknown, long posts will no longer display on Joe and I both have decided to shut down Blog Hogger for good. No, I'm just kidding, but I have developed another idea. Instead of long posts being displayed on the Blog Hogger's main page, It will be displayed on a separate page. Thus, I will link to the article via a link (duh!).
Okay then, everything's better. I rule.

In other news, Joe and I have decided to get a little more "serious" in our entries. No more games. I have a series of articles waiting to be posted pertaining to abortion and why it sucks.

Well, that's all the news I have right now. Stay tuned or die. "Hog News"...


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