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Alright Bush, I think we've overstayed our welcome...

 - Brian

Saddam Is behind bars and there aint no "Weapons of mass destruction." What else do we need to do anyway? Don't get me wrong, I was for this war, but I seriously think the U.S forces have overstayed their welcome.

The only way to achieve complete peace down in that toilet bowl is to nuke the place. Yes, you heard me correctly.
It seems we're doing everything we can to make Iraq a better place for its ungrateful residents. Sorry, Bush, but I'm beginning to wonder if they don't want to evolve from man-eating apes. I personally believe that nuking Iraq will do a great deal for the people.

1. They don't have to worry about some moron walking into a pizza parlor and blowing himself into topping.

2. They don't have to worry about poverty.

3. It seems a number of them want to die...Boom.

So there. I don't seriously think we should kill the inhabitants of that "country", I just think we should retrieve our battle weary soldiers. That way, Iraq will be on its own. B'wahahahahahahaha!


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