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The perfect solution to D.A.R.E

 - Brian

Ive decided that D.A.R.E, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is the worst idea in the history of man (other than country music). I figure that D.A.R.E probably has a reverse effect on its students. Let me explain:

So you take a child in the 4th grade and stick him in a D.A.R.E program. There, he learns about the various forms of harmful drugs and the damage they can cause. Drug experts and policemen make occasional visits to give real-life examples on the destructive power of weed. Sounds harmless and potentially helpful.
Unfortunately, kids eventually become moronic teenagers and lose all ability to think rationally. Thus becoming rebellious. Therefore, wouldnt the teenager be more likely to rebel against the norms and morality of society? Hell yes. So if they were constantly being bombarded with lectures associating drugs with rebels and immoral fun, THEN WOULDNT THE TEENAGER BE MORE LIKELY TO TURN TOWARDS DRUGS?!
Why the heck would any rebellious teen want to listen to a decrepit police officer tell him WHAT NOT TO DO?!?!?! Nobody wants to be good anymore, genius. Especially with the overwhelming influences rap music has on our youth today. It doesnt take Einstein to figure that out!!! Blah!

So heres my solution: Scrap D.A.R.E and think of a new idea. Wait! Ive got it! Why not create a program that glorifies the use of drugs? Expose the brat to pot in 3rd grade and let him experiment until he's 14, so in his teenaged mind, it isn't socially unacceptable!
So when the teen reaches his rebellious stage, he will turn away from the norms of society thus departing from the dangers of drug abuse. The program will be called "A.D.A.R:" Administer Drugs At Random! Voila!

I decided to include my face in the A.D.A.R logo just to remind people how cool I am

I don't see how anyone could disagree with me on this issue. It's the perfect solution to D.A.R.E.


I had to remove most of the apostrophes from my article because they messed it up. "The perfect solution to D.A.R.E"...


NOTHING at all.

 - Brian

Forget the title. It's simply a desperate attempt to be creative with words. I'm an idiot.

Well, anyway, it seems Hoody, one of the regulars on Blog Hogger, has a blog of his own that I recently discovered. It's actually really funny.

Go check it out. "NOTHING at all."...


Contemplating reality

 - Brian

All this talk about our Founding Fathers and what they expected this nation to be inspired me to read their take on the matter. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far. My dad had a copy of The Patriots Handbook (ed. George Grant, Ph.D), a large book that contained poems, speeches, and stories written by our Founding Fathers and the famous people of that time. I was shocked to learn that they dealt with many of the issues we deal with today. They were wise beyond what I had expected. They knew how individuals in power, if corrupted, could destroy a nation (i.e., politicians, judges, etc…). So they set out to create a just society where the people could maintain control over the government. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as planned.

Well anyway, some of the wise men of that time had a lot of good advise to share. I discovered that what George Whitefield, an English evangelist, preached to be quite interesting (and I quote):

As God can send a nation or people no greater blessing than to give them faithful, sincere, and upright ministers, so the greatest curse that God can possibly send upon a people in this world, is to give them over to blind, unregenerate, carnal, lukewarm, and unskillful guides.

Hehe. That would be today’s government education system.

Another thing that deeply disturbs me is when people forget how God-fearing our Founding Fathers were. Almost every lecture, letter, and poem they wrote had something to do with…um, fearing God.
Then I turned to The Constitution Article II. I don’t really need to go into that right now, but I suggest you read it.

After reading their speeches and what not, I am convinced that if they were able to visit the United States of America at present, they would not be pleased at all.
Well, that’s all I’ve got to say.
Oh, and the Founding Fathers are no doubt spinning in their graves. "Contemplating reality"...


PPFA's havin' a cow...

 - James

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that makes it illegal for minors to be taken into other states where the law for parental consent for abortions isn't in effect. This is another step in the right direction. As President Bush (of course, nothing he says is ever of any importance, 'cuz he's just a warmongering monkey who sometimes *gasp* uses improper grammar and other atrocities, after all) said:

The parents of pregnant minors can provide council, guidance, and support to their children and should be involved in these decisions

Yeah. What he said. Even if you're a rabid pro-choicer, you have to admit that a parent's consent not being required for abortions is simply ludicrous. An abortion is a major surgery, and a parent not knowing about it is, well...stupid. As many people have said before, why is it that a student has to ask permission just to get an ibuprofen or aspirin, but can go and get a dangerous surgery on the sly? Hmmm...? "PPFA's havin' a cow..."...


"Hello, Hello, I'm at a place called Vertigo....."

 - Pete

Well, the most amazing thing happened to me last night, I actually got to see u2 live in concert! That’s right! They played live at Key Arena Seattle, WA, and I was there!

It was awesome! The place was jam packed! Around 10-20 thousand people were there, including Bill Gates!

It all started with a band that I had never heard before, must have been a local band or something, called Kings of Leon. They did the opening acts. Kings of Leon started at 7:30 and played for about 20 minutes and sort of warmed up the audience with some heavy metal, that actually sounded pretty good. When they were through, there was a sort of inter-mission time, where the staff cleared the stage and made sure that it was ready for the up coming 5 hour explosion.

It was it...there was silence and complete darkness in key arena and then all of the sudden the crowd exploded as the Edge (the guitar player for u2) ran across the cat walk followed by Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen Jr.( drummer) on to the stage to start an exploding sound of a song called "City of Blinding Lights". Then finally Bono(u2's lead singer) came jogging casually onto the stage while singing the lyrics to "City of blinding lights". They also played some of there biggest hits such as "Beautiful Day", "Elevation", and "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

The theme of u2's 2005 Vertigo tour was to quit the tech-no poppy stuff that they have been producing over the past years, and head back to there early days of "Boy", "War", and "The Joshua Tree", some of the greatest rock n' roll records ever made, in what seem to be long forgotten. They dug up songs from the deep cob webs of bat caves such as "Bad" from The Unforgettable Fire, "The Ocean" from Boy, and "Gloria" from October. But what stood out the most for me was when they played "Vertigo". The big screen TV’s, with spinning red vertigo circles, and the stage lighting up with swirls that made you dizzy, and then Bono chanting "All of this, all of this can be yours, all of this, all of this can be yours, all of this, all of this can be F*** up and listen to the music!". Along with the Edge Rocking out with his guitar deafening the entire arena with an amazing sound.

Yes indeed, last night there was a defining image of u2 in which almost seemed to be spiritual with songs like "One" and "Running to stand still".

Above all it was great, and probably was one of my greatest experiences that I most likely won't forget. ""Hello, Hello, I'm at a place called Vertigo.....""...


"...One Nation, Under G**...."

 - Brian

Altered Pledge of Allegiance...

Another instance of the left trying to discard God. This time, it's at a middle-school.

Instead of "one nation, under God," the voice said, "one nation, under your belief system."

More later... ""...One Nation, Under G**....""...


Are You A Cafeteria-Catholic?

 - Brian

If so, you can be put in the same category as Andrew Sullivan.

Definition of a cafeteria-Catholic:

A (for the most part) Catholic who picks and chooses the doctrines disciplines that suit him best. For instance, "I'm a devout Catholic who believes that every women has the right to choose." (I intentionally left out the "choice" because that's how most "pro-choice" advocates phrase their position.)

My main beef with Mr. Sullivan is his self-proclaimed knowledge of the Catholic Church. He repeatedly calls himself a Catholic despite the fact that he disagrees with the Catholic Church on many major issues and doctrines. For instance, he believes that the church should change it's stance on homosexuality, despite the fact that the Church's stance on homosexuality is an unchangeable doctrine. It would seem that he often confuses doctrines with disciplines.
He also believes that women should be allowed to join the priesthood. That idea completely contradicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ, therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Catholic Church to change it's stance on female priests.

The reason I get so upset with cafeteria-Catholics is because they give the Catholic Church a bad name (or cause confusion). Because most cafeteria-Catholics aren't familiar with the distinction between doctrines and disciplines and the Church's stances on many issues, they often convey the wrong message to non-Catholics, thus giving the Catholic Church a bad name.

My message to cafeteria-Catholics:

If you strongly disagree with the Catholic Church on many issues, LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, OR SEEK SPIRITUAL COUNSELING!! "Are You A Cafeteria-Catholic?"...


Second Thoughts:

 - Brian

In my post, "Links Updated", i rudely stated that anyone who doesn't link to Maddox is a coward. I wasn't being serious, but it was insulting. I'm sorry.

Also, by my statement regarding profanity, I seemed to condone it. I do not condone profanity.
Just wanted to apologize and clarify. I can't help it, I'm an arrogant (and handsome) jackball. *mother will cringe* "Second Thoughts:"...


Habemus Papam!

 - Joe

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, former dean of the college of cardinals, has been elected through the Holy Spirit to become Pope Benedict XVI, the 264th successor of Saint Peter. As a close friend of John Paul II, Pope Benedict should be able to steer the Church quite ably during his reign.

As a warning to any residual "progressive" dissenters, doctrine will not change. Priests will be confined to men, and celibate men at that (hold your fire, GoB, I know it's not dogma!), artificial contraception will continue to not be a moral option in family planning, condoms will not be used in the fight against HIV/AIDS, killing unborn babies will still be intrinsically evil, liberation theology or anything that smacks of communism is still a grave infraction of civil rights. I expect that the whole of JP2's message will continue under Benedict XVI.

Why will this agenda continue? For the simple fact that no one on this earth has the power to change doctrine. We belive we have received these teachings from the apostles, and we certainly can't change that.The Pope is only the guardian of these teachings, and he cannot change the smallest letter or the smallest part of the letter in this law.

~JOE~ "Habemus Papam!"...


Mr. Bunny Up and Running

 - Brian

Sorry I have to divert your attention away from the new pope, but I have finished all 6 episodes of the Mr. Bunny series.
Click the links below to view the first 3 cartoons (note: you may need flash player 6 to run them. If they don't work, please let me know.)

Bunny Episode 1: Bunny and the nuke

Bunny Episode 2 Bunny and the lever

Bunny Episode 3 Bunny and the shrink ray

I'll post the other 3 later...tell me what you think. "Mr. Bunny Up and Running"...



 - Brian

Cardinal Ratzinger is now the new Pondiff! He took the name Benedict XVI. Long live Benedict XVI!! "HABEMUS PAPAM!!!"...


Links updated

 - Brian

Sorry, but I just felt inspired to tell you that I have updated the links.

I'll list the newly updated links and describe them to you:

Catholic Rage Monkey: A cool blog updated by a couple of Roman Catholic priests who discuss religion.

Michael I linked to the Savage Nation blog because it contains links to interesting news stories. + I like to support Michael Savage.

Maddox: Maddox's site, The Best Page in the Universe, is my favorite site in the world. Maddox has been rocking the net since '97. He talks smack on environmentalists, girls, and everything else in the world. He also uses a lot of profanity, but since I'm not offended by profanity, I check out his site. Unlike some other bloggers out there, I'm not afraid to link to him. Cowards. "Links updated"...


BRAVO NETWORK: Bringing gay stereotypes to life since [insert date]

 - Brian

I hate the Bravo channel. First off, the majority of their programs consist of reruns of old West Wing episodes, fashion garbage, and shows that stereotype gays.

Here's my real question: Why aren't gay people so offended by shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? All Queer Eye does is put gay men into the category of "wishy-washy girly freaks who lisp."
I think everyone here can agree that overly-dramatic stereotypes are annoying and insincere. So why are gay people so obsessed with this show?!
In a matter of fact, I think shows like Queer Eye actually contribute to the shunning of gay people in today's society. Here's why:

1. You're ordinary man or woman is not going to readily accept a guy who wears eyeshadow, a crop-top, and lisps.

2. If gay people want to be accepted into today's society, why do many of them act like freaky girly-guys who wear women's cloths? Nobody wants to treat clowns like normal every-day people.

Yep. Those are pretty much the reasons.


The reason most homosexual men and women enjoy the shows like Queer Eye is simple: Gay people are obsessed with their gayness. Notice how gay people are always trying to include homosexuality in everything? Gay people are always looking for ways to justify homosexuality in an attempt to make it "normal." So with popular shows like Queer Eye, they get a sense feeling normal(or at least they try to).

That's just my observation. "BRAVO NETWORK: Bringing gay stereotypes to life since [insert date]"...


[place subject here]

 - Joe

The media has been telling people of late that dissenting from the message of the life of Karol Wojtyla is the greatest virtue a Catholic can possess. This has bred many misconceptions about Catholicism. And so, with respect to the non-Catholic chunk of humanity reading our discourses, I am going to take it upon myself to correct one of these multitudinous errata.

This certain misconception involves "alternatives" to the Catholic priesthood. As you may know, our priests are celibate men Women priests will certainly never be a topic even for consideration. I'm sorry to crush your hopes, but we are bound to Christ's choice of only male apostles. Women are the jewels of God's creation, but we must honestly realize that they (or you? Heck, I don't know who reads this) have different jobs in that creation then men do.
The second part is the new-fangled notion of letting priests get married. Now, I'll tell you up front, celibacy is not doctrine. It instead was and still is a brilliant discipline. I don't expect nor want celibacy to change, as it allows the man to dedicate his life to God, and live unmarried as Jesus did(forget what the Duh Vinci Con told you, Jesus was single).

In closing, always search for the truth (which does exist, in case some of y'all are wondering).

~JOE~ "[place subject here]"...


Listen for Truth

 - James

Yesterday, pro-homosexual students everywhere were zippin' the lip to show their support for homosexual students' rights (?). Today, Christian (mostly) students are now making their opinions known. For today, my friends, is the Day of Truth (Oh, and by the way, if you want a link to Day of Silence, it's here).

Anyhoo, today more Christian-minded students will be making their opinions known about homosexuality, by wearing T-shirts with pertinent slogans on them, passing out cards, and etc. The cards will be carrying a message on them that I think sums up quite well the real, Christian attitude towards homosexuality:

"I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. I believe in equal treatment for all, and not special rights for a few. I believe in loving my neighbor, but part of that love means not condoning detrimental personal and social behavior. I believe that by boldly proclaiming the Truth, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved." "Listen for Truth"...


Listen for Silence

 - James

I just read an interesting little thing in today's paper. Apparently, today, April 13, is the "Day of Silence". On this day, pro-gay/pro-lesbian/pro-bisexual students all over the nation will spend the school day totally silent, thus voicing their support for gay rights in schools; that is, the same rights for gay students as there are for straight students.
My question, though: What are these rights that gay (and etc.) students are so deprived of? The gay agenda (or whatever you want to call it) has received lots of support across the country, or, at least, in the important places, such as college campuses. The education system throughout the country tends to be pretty liberal (if it isn't, then why is evolution so readily taught while creationism is having such a freakin' hard time?), and the pro-gay folks hold a lot of power. I highly doubt any school would want to discriminate against their gay students, for fear of the ACLU swooping down on them like so many vultures.
So what discrimination are gay students suffering? I highly doubt that they're taking any flak from teachers. I suppose, if anything, it's verbal (sometimes physical, even) abuse from their fellow students. If this is the case, this is truly too bad. However, if people are working to rid gay students of this in their school lives, why don't they work to rid the nerds of it, too? Or the poor kids? Or the rich kids? Or the outspoken Christian kids? Or the Jewish kids? Or Muslim kids? I could go on and on.
I suppose I do believe homosexuals should have the same rights as anyone else (with the exception of marriage, obviously--and please don't start, GOB, we've covered this topic so thouroughly already), but they certainly shouldn't have more rights than anyone else, correct? All you fairness-loving liberals out there have no choice but to agree with me. "Listen for Silence"...


"Perfect" Baby Follow Up

 - Psychomancer

Wow ok you people just got all up in arms. Which is ok I wanted some healthy discussion. Should have checked back sooner sorry my bad.
The only problem I have is that some of the people above only had comments like stupid cunts and the like. These are totally counter productive.
My question actually comes from my research paper for my anthropology class. Thank you for those of you that cared to leave constructive views on the matter. The problem I think is that most of you were more focusing on the perfect part. Not so much the whole idea of picking and choosing how the child would look.
Because even if one did take the DNA from a famous person or totally came up with the look them selves, it (meaning either sex) won’t necessarily turn out the way the parents planned. My only purpose was to get people excited as well as draw search results to generate discussion. Although it wasn’t exactly what I thought would come up I did get what I wanted. I do welcome any further discussion though, either here or on my blog.

For all of your personal comfort and relief I do not think it is ok to pick and choose how ones baby would look. Certain diseases I can see engineering out of the baby. Now I am not saying that the ones that are born with disabilities are any less deserving of love and care, or that they don’t deserve to live. Only that I think they could experience life more fully if they did not have certain disabilities. This is just my opinion. I have not had much experience with disabled children or adults for that matter. But if I could I would certainly disable any possibility of genetically transmitted diseases. Things like diabetes, my dad has it, my grandma has it, my sister and I will most likely have it. If I could make sure my kids wouldn’t have it. I would pay how ever much it would cost. ""Perfect" Baby Follow Up"...



 - Brian

I swear, these have to be the worst flash animations I have ever seen.

Which reminds me, I'm working on series flash animations. I am currently working on my Mr. Bunny series. I've completed 5 episodes so far, and am working on episode 6, THE BUNNY: RELOADED. It rules.

Let me expose you to the titles of the episodes thus far:

Episode 1: Bunny and the nuke.

Episode 2: Bunny and the lever.***

Episode 3: Bunny and the shrink ray.

Episode 4: Bunny and the cliff.***

Episode 5: Bunny gets stuck in traffic.***

I bet you just can't wait. "THE WORST FLASH EVER!"...


My Famous Dog Story!

 - Brian

It seems my dog article has been getting some major attention lately. I've found it posted in at least *5* different websites.
If you happen to find it by chance, tell me where.

Heck, while I'm at it, I should just write a best seller titled "100 Ways to Piss Off the Common Liberal." "My Famous Dog Story!"...


The ACLU Sucks.

 - Brian

Go here.

It isn't even fare to label the ACLU as liberal. They're too extreme for that title. Frankly, I haven't found a suitable title for the ACLU, except for Insane Anti-Christian Radicals (IAR).

Well, anyway, to the point:

What the heck is wrong with the ACLU? The claim they're for civil liberties, but all they seem to be doing is taking the rights away from religious folks?
Why are they so obsessed with banning prayer from schools?

I'll cover these issues right now.

Fist off, the ACLU claims that they are for protecting the rights for individuals. If that is so, then why do they persist on banning prayer from schools, banning Ten Commandment statues, and banning any other public display of morality and religion? They're sure quick to complain when someone bans pro-homosexual shirts, but they won't stand up for anyone else.
The ACLU is much like extreme liberalism in one way. They like to use the old magician trick. Let me explain:
Try to remember when you were at the last magic show you attended. Remember when the magician magically made the ball disappear? He held out his right hand for all to see while twisting it around. In his other hand, however, he was secretly putting the ball in his pocket. That's what the ACLU is doing.
They're holding out their right hand for all to see and saying, "look everyone! We're for democracy! See! We're the American Civil Liberties Union!" And in their other hand, they are trying to eradicate religion from society.
See, the rats behind the ACLU are geniuses. They know that the American people are suckers. They know that they can manipulate America with the old "rights" routine.

If they are for rights, how come the keep interfering with the Boy Scouts of America? How come they try to keep prayer out of school? How come the try to get rid of the Ten Commandments?
And then they have the nerve to call Christianity and prayer "immoral?!" What the ******************?!!??!!!
Think about it for a while. "The ACLU Sucks."...


Choosing the perfect baby

 - Psychomancer

so i was thinking the other day that i really dont want to deal with a kid that is too much like me. so i decided that i wanted to choose what he was going to look like. with genetic splicing. these changes would mearly chage his/her looks. Im not sure if i want a boy or girl yet. but i will be able to choose that when the time comes. ill have to figure out what body features are popular now and what might be popular as he/she grows older. "Choosing the perfect baby"...


Pope Update:

 - Brian

The Holy Father has died. I pray that he will be eternally happy with God and the saints in heaven forever.

Terri Schiavo and now this. Some sad times, these are.

(P.S, we're probably the first blog to announce this.) "Pope Update:"...


Something to check out.

 - Brian

I was checking out random blogs today, when I stumbled upon these comments.

Masked Avenger bombarded them with fact and reality, and they responded with none-sense. Typical death worshipers (i.e Josh). Completely in denial. Not willing to except reality.

I also found the fact that they simply responded with tired liberal propaganda to be amusing. "Something to check out."...


Pope Update

 - Brian

The Pope is on the verge of death. Please pray for him.
I'll keep you updated (yeah, like you can't just turn on FOX NEWS). "Pope Update"...


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