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BRAVO NETWORK: Bringing gay stereotypes to life since [insert date]

 - Brian

I hate the Bravo channel. First off, the majority of their programs consist of reruns of old West Wing episodes, fashion garbage, and shows that stereotype gays.

Here's my real question: Why aren't gay people so offended by shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? All Queer Eye does is put gay men into the category of "wishy-washy girly freaks who lisp."
I think everyone here can agree that overly-dramatic stereotypes are annoying and insincere. So why are gay people so obsessed with this show?!
In a matter of fact, I think shows like Queer Eye actually contribute to the shunning of gay people in today's society. Here's why:

1. You're ordinary man or woman is not going to readily accept a guy who wears eyeshadow, a crop-top, and lisps.

2. If gay people want to be accepted into today's society, why do many of them act like freaky girly-guys who wear women's cloths? Nobody wants to treat clowns like normal every-day people.

Yep. Those are pretty much the reasons.


The reason most homosexual men and women enjoy the shows like Queer Eye is simple: Gay people are obsessed with their gayness. Notice how gay people are always trying to include homosexuality in everything? Gay people are always looking for ways to justify homosexuality in an attempt to make it "normal." So with popular shows like Queer Eye, they get a sense feeling normal(or at least they try to).

That's just my observation.


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