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 - Brian

See Nacho Libre.

Oh, and I saw X-men 3 yesterday. It totally owned babies. "NOTE TO SELF:"...


Bush is a politician, not Jesus Christ

 - Brian

All the "Bush" controversy that's been taking place over the last few years has really grown old. I'm tired of reading blogs that -

A) Make President Bush out to be some sort of demonic entity that will bring about the cataclysmic destruction of planet Earth in less than 2 years.


B) Make Bush out to be some form of divine savior who can DO NO EVIL.

C'mon, you guys. The whole hate/love Bush craze ended in 2004. Now the majority is beginning to look at things with an open mind instead of looking at everything in terms of black and white (i.e. he's either good or evil).

The President is not evil, nor is he exceptionally holy.
Bush is Bush.
Bush is a politician, nothing more, nothing less. Just a politician playing the political game. That means he'll say anything to appeal to the conservative audience, while also catering to the liberals. It's a juggling act, and he's a pro at it. "Bush is a politician, not Jesus Christ"...


Over the internet...

 - Brian


Over the internet, people are 10x as mean, cruel, and unforgiving than they are in real life.

Why? Because over the internet, people aren't really people.

Over the internet, people are simply objects to be toyed with and used for self-amusement. "Over the internet..."...


A blue guy in a red bikini

 - Joe

Yes, friends, it's our favorite awful '90s cartoon... dubbed in Chinese!

I wonder if anyone ever took him seriously. "A blue guy in a red bikini"...


Template change?

 - Brian

Okay, so here's the scoop: Joe and I are going to change the template sometime in the near future. That's inevitable. Joe and I will create our own separate templates and post them as a link on BlogHogger so you can decide which one you prefer.
So before I start trying to tackle this immense project, I'd just like to ask you, the readers, what you would like to see change?
Or do we still have readers? Or do you not want the template changed (If not, just say 'no' so we can change it anyway)?

Personally, I'm going to strategically include a little black here and there to add some diversity. I'm also going to whip up a nice little menu system, which will rock your pants off.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints? Requests? Money (I'm broke)? "Template change?"...


Tribute to the Best Song in the World

 - Joe "Tribute to the Best Song in the World"...


300 Pound Tumor

 - Brian

When Ivan and I are bored, we usually light retards on fire. Or, we come up with names that might belong to a hardcore metal band. So far, we have around 20, but most of them are in extremely poor taste. Therefore, I'll post the ones that are a bit more acceptable to the younger audience (even though the younger audience is more perverted than I am):
-300 Pound Tumor So I guess Ivan was reading some Greatest World Records book, and it stated that the largest tumor on record was 300 lb. We thought it would be a bad@$$ name for a death metal band.
-Factory of Mangled Corpses Heavy guitar and manic screaming go well with this name.
-Factory of Carnage Like Factory of Mangled Corpses, this name goes well with indistinct screaming.
-I Piss on Dead Corpses Personally, I believe this is a work of genius (on Ivan's part), mainly because this name sums up the Death Metal genre: Irreverent, crude, and dark.
-Busted Zit This name would obviously appeal to the teenage audience (it oozes hilarity).
-MegaNipples Lets leave it at that.
-Severed Nipples Because no metal band is complete without some form of dismemberment. Mmmmmm, isn't that a wonderful mental image?

Those are all that I remember right now (or am willing to reveal), so that will have to do.

If you have any names for a metal/rock band, just drop'em in the comment box and I'll add them once they've accumulated (if they accumulate). Remember, you can't go wrong with band names! "300 Pound Tumor"...


News Report from Iraq

 - Joe

This is pretty hilarious.


(requires Windows Media Player to view) "News Report from Iraq"...


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