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Somebody call the Waahmbulance

 - James

To all Democrats/liberals/Kerry-supporters-in-general who accepted the outcome of the election without severe bawling, I extend my thanks and congratulations, for being such good sports about it. Unfortunately, not all of you are like that.
Anyhoo, on to my point. A little while after the election ended, some poor Democrat with nothing better to do created a website called At first, the website was a big apology to the world for allowing Bush to win the White House (and just how much could he have done, other than vote for Kerry, which I'm sure he did?). I guess his specialty was a photo of himself holding a sign with some sort of sappy apology to the world written on it, and he invited people to submit similar photos. Since it began,'s popularity has exploded with stupefying speed. Hundreds of photos like his were submitted, and the gist of all of them was "Bush is an idiot, he's going to kill us all, and I'm sorry I didn't do something about it."
Like I said, just how much could they have done? Not much, short of voting and/or asassination.
And I must object to the global opinion on the site that Bush is a power hungry war-monger who's going to send the world screaming towads Armageddon. Yes there was/is a war in Iraq, but guess what? War happens. Yes, innocent people have been killed, but guess what? That happens. Yes, it is regrettable, but it's not that extraordinary. Let me ask a question. In response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt got the U.S. into World War 2, but I've rarely heard him called a war-monger. Likewise, in response to the 9/11 attacks, Bush got us into the war on terrorism. In my opinion, both these Presidents were facing similar situations, but one is hailed as a great President for that and another is called a bloodthirsty maniac. Sometimes, people, bad things happen, and we need to respond to them when they do. None of us were ever in the President's place, we don't know what determined his decision, so calling him a war-monger isn't very fair.
Anyway, as if this post isn't long enough, following are some samples of the "foine art" shown on Sorry Everybody:

Image Hosted by
Me*, an idiot?!?!?

Image Hosted by
That's it, smile for the camera. Nice hair, too.

Image Hosted by
Yes, I'm wallowing in shame. And I already gave my opinion on the war-mongering thing, Munchkin Man.

Image Hosted by
If I could see some actual tears, I'd be more convinced.

Image Hosted by
That's real sweet. Might I ask where the parents are?

Image Hosted by
You look young, I'm assuming you would be alive in 4 years. When the bombs start dropping, I'll be right there beside you, wailing my head off. Until then, here's a lollipop. Now be quiet.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for: This is James Powers, signing off (or is it "signing out"?)
*Yeah, I know, I'm too young to vote, but I still supported Bush, so I guess I count as "an idiot". "Somebody call the Waahmbulance"...


History? What History?

 - Pete

I'm sitting here listening to the news on the radio.....And as I listen, I'm being told that teachers, in public schools, can't talk about the history behind thanksgiving because it involves the word God.

This is just plain RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regardless if you are atheist, catholic, protestant, Buddhist, Mormon, Muslim, Lutheran, gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual, Hungarian, German, John Kerry, or even George W. Bush, Thanksgiving is an American Holiday. There for, it is part of our history. And our teachers have every God given right to teach about it. And last time I checked, history was one of the subjects taught in our schools. The pilgrims(who just happened to be Christian[?]) and thanksgiving, is part of our American history. If you disagree with the pilgrims faith, that's all well and good, you have a right to, but that doesn't mean that teachers can't tell you who were the first ones here and how are country was founded just because they so happened to believe in God.

If you liberals or Atheists Don't like this, than what the heck are you doing in my country?!!!!!
Why don't you just go move to china or something?
Go join Osama Bin Laden and his "Holy War" against America...He needs some help by the way.
Go explore the seven seas and find your own continent and maybe start your own country!!!!

Just leave mine alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "History? What History?"...


Goth Poetry Reviews:

 - Brian

If you have been reading this blog for the last few months, you've noticed that I have very little tolerance for goths or their garbage poetry.
Don't get me wrong, I DON'T hate goths, I just hate the gothic style, the gothic attitude, the gothic poems, and everything else gothic. In my humble opinion, goths are just a bunch of bored teenagers who get together to try to act different and creepy. I don't buy the "depressed" stuff for a moment.
Yes, that's right, you have read the title correctly. I will now attempt to rate goth "poetry."

This bit of poetry came from this joker. This peom is titled "The Blackest Tears." NOTE: I didn't post all of it. If you want to see the rest, click the link above.

All those thoughts inside my head,
All the reasons which I have bled.
Nothing hurts me more right now,
Then knowing I cannot bleed somehow.

Mother stole my angel tools away,
I cannot bleed not now, not today.
Darkest tears fell down last night,
I wanted to bleed, no longer fight.

Collapsed down against my cold wall,
No one can break my downwards fall.
Screaming thoughts inside my mind,
Please just let my wires unwind.

Smothered in your wall of protection,
All I see is the pain in my reflection.

That's the lamest bit of stupidity I have ever seen. "All the reasons which I have bled..." HAHAHAHAHA!! Well, maybe if you stopped trying to cut yourself with a knife, you wouldn't bleed. Ever thought of that? By the way, I don't believe this guy is THAT depressed. He's just one out of a hundred goths pretending to be hated and depressed.

I'll give it an F-

This poem is done by "goth girl." Once again, I didn't post it all, but this is basically what it is:

everything falls in place 10
like the orbs of slate 11
staring from her face 12

each fingertip enameled in black 13
silver and ebony in her ears 14
tattooed spider webs upon her back 15

to the sun-drenched soul 16
she’s an enigma 17
skin of cotton, hair of coal 18

underneath her skin so fair 19
mystic blue veins bury deep 20
secrets in her lair...

Blah, blah, blah. More of the same. Miserable rejects attempting poetry. What's there to say? I'll say one thing, it's as dull as heck. It's basically describing gothic fashion (something we have all seen numerous times).

This receives a stunning F- "Goth Poetry Reviews: "...


Happy Thanksgiving AND the Anniversary of Blog Hogger!

 - Brian

I would like to start off this entry with the following:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Yes, it's that time already...
For the last 2 years, my family and I have been serving homeless people Thanksgiving dinner at my parish. It was relatively fun....

Also, it is the anniversary of!! YAAAAHHH!! Blog Hogger is one year old and doing great!! Provided I don't mysteriously die, or the server crashes, I'm hoping to keep Blog Hogger up and running for the next 10 years. That'll be interesting...

Well, anyway, I hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving! "Happy Thanksgiving AND the Anniversary of Blog Hogger!"...



 - Pete

It's finally here!!! That's right "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" ,U2's new album, is in stores today!!! And I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty big fan of the band. I'm pretty excited today. 107.7 the end radio station is playing from 9:00 am, 12 hours straight, of just u2 music in cellebration of the new album. You can also listen to "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" for free at!!! All you have to do is input your name(optional), state, country, date of birth, ect.....

Note:( There single "Vertigo" is still at #1 in the download charts, which has been #1 longer than any other song in music history.) Just thought I'd point that out.

Well that's all I have to say today folks, see ya next time. "U2sday!!!!!"...


Regarding the separation of church and state

 - Joe

The separation of church and state is a charge that is often leveled against religious people (that would be 95% of the world's population).
However, at best these accusations are misguided. "Forcing" our "articles of belief" on other people is one of these. Think, for instance, of President Abraham Lincoln. About half of the united states advocated some form of "choice" (slaves, unborn babies... See the parallel?). If he had not taken one of his "articles of belief" and legislated it on the Southern Confederacy, we would still be torturing innocent humans (well, we still are technically, but not in quite the same way). Clearly it was necessary to force his views on these people and not just stand around and let them "choose" their way into animality! He and the newly formed Republican party succeeded in getting the thirteenth amendment into the Constitution, and after a few years, completely reconstructed the South. If you still want to get rid of laws advocated and actively backed by religious institutions, however, go right ahead and remove 'em! I will be sorry, however, to see that all inhibitors of murder, stealing, rape, and the like are gone, but hey, your choice.
In closing, I would like to remind you that by denying our Founding Fathers' vision, you are endorsing what has become the new state religion: atheism. "Regarding the separation of church and state"...


Blogs Against

 - Brian added us to their blogroll. I'm glad we're being recognised. That's always a plus.

Well, anyway, I was kind of sweating bullets over what I was going to say about Hillary Clinton... I don't hear about her much these days.
Then it hit me: Hillary Clinton is such a boring person that it is almost impossible to criticize her. All she does is squawk --that is, complain-- about, well, everything.
You won't be hearing any critical remarks about her from me unless she does something really stupid.

If you are against liberalism in general, I suggest you join their blogroll just for the heck of it. After all, Hillary is the epitome of liberalism. "Blogs Against"...


All in favor of basket-brawl, raise your hand!

 - Brian

Have any of you heard the latest news? Didn't think so. Well, anyway, the Pacers-Pistons game broke out in a fist fight.
It all began with one bad attitude, and led to the spectators contributing to the chaos.

Here's a brief news story: Click here.

I saw the whole fight on Fox News this morning. It was simply incredible -- which leads me to this:

Wouldn't it be cool if basketball was like this all the time? Well, duh. I think we're all getting a little bored with watching a group of tall highschool drop-outs tossing balls through nets. Let's evolve now, folks. It's time to introduce BASKET BRAWL!! Yes, that's right, all the immature stupidity you desire in ONE sport.
The basic premise of basket brawl is very simple: Hand a ball to a handful of bums, and watch the game begin. Watch as they punch each other for the ball. Laugh as the audience attempts to join in. It's total bliss.

"I felt like I was fighting for my life out there," Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said. "I'm sorry the game had to end this way."

What?! You sorry pansy. "I felt like I was fighting for my life." Give me a break, man. It's your responsibility as the coach to encourage your players, not whine like a girl. Just a word of advice, next time bring a rubber bat and the kids. It'll be fun, trust me.

"At this time, we don't have any indication of major injuries, Mynsberge (police chief) said."

Then you ain't doing it right.
This is basically how the coolness began:
"The melee started when Detroit's Ben Wallace went in for a layup and was fouled hard by Artest from behind, and escalated when Artest stormed into the stands after being hit by a full cup. After being fouled, Wallace wheeled around and pushed Artest in the face. The benches emptied and punches were thrown."

I mean, c'mon folks, doesn't that sound like fun? Just the sound of it excites me..."Basket brawl..." Ah, yes.

"Just when it appeared tempers died down, Artest was struck by a cup thrown from the stands and jumped up and charged into the stands, throwing punches as he climbed over seats."

"...Artest was struck by a cup thrown from the stands..." WHAT?! This is awesome! Free beer. You can't beat that...
That's by 10 cents, my 2 cents is free. Man, it feels so empty without me. "All in favor of basket-brawl, raise your hand!"...


Science Backs Up Humanity of the Unborn

 - Brian

I found this interesting little article over at

Pretty fascinating if you ask me. Do people really need scientific proof that a fetus is human? Give me a break.

Here's what I say:

Since the intentional killing of an innocent human being is wrong, and if a human fetus is a human being in his/her fetal stage, then by killing a fetus you are killing an innocent human being. Thus, it is wrong. Oops, I forgot, I'm not supposed inform people that the intentional taking of an innocent human being is wrong. I would be imposing my Catholic beliefs on others. "Science Backs Up Humanity of the Unborn"...


In response to comments:

 - Brian

I don't have much time, so I'm going to make my responses brief.

Cliff said:

"lastly, when you say ‘the main reason gay people want to get married is for the health benefits’.. are you an idiot? that is seriously the dumbest thing i have ever heard. you are not gay, you therefore have no idea why a gay couple wants to marry."

Every single gay blog I've visted always raises the complaint of "Striaght married people get health benefits." Besides, why else would homosexuals want to get married? Why would they go to all the trouble of getting married? As a rule, they don't seem too concerned about keeping God's law. Couldn't they live with each other and do whatever comes to mind? Hmmm, let's see now, could it be because heterosexual married couples get extra benifits? Hmmm.

Cliff said:

"in this day in age, marriage by the state, which is what we talk about when we talk about gay marriage, is an artificial institution."

Um, Cliff, the state does not give us the right to marriage, nor does it have any right to redefine marriage. The state simply recognizes the human institution, that is, recognizes it legally. Marriage was around WAY before the state.

Cliff said:

"first, you state that marriage is older than religion. where do you get this ‘fact.’ if you believe that religion is predated by anything then how do you use God or christian values in your argument."

I am sorry I wasn't clear in my statement. I forgot that my audience did not consist of Catholics only. I meant that marriage existed before any orginized religion (Islam/Mohammed, Christianity/Jesus or Judaism/Moses/Abraham).

Cliff said:

"and furthermore, if you base everything on scientific fact then religion would surely be in trouble. wasn't it the church who had problems with evolution and with the fact that the earth revolved around the sun?"

Evolution is the essiance of junk science. We have no evidance that man (or any other creature) evolved from anything. Prove me wrong. Very few people in the Middle Ages understood that the earth revolved around the sun. When the evidence was presented, the Church was happy to see it. (If you're referring to Galileo, the problem was over his theological conclusions, not his actual science.)

GOB said:

"Now THERE is the catholic hate against everything-different that I remember from my own childhood!

Thank you, Brian, for trivializing the lives of so many. I'm sure the Pope would be proud.

God bless your parents, too."

I never even implied I hated homosexuals. I don't. The Church forbids hating anyone.

Cliff said:

"we are a free country which people founded because they were being persecuted by the church."

James said:

"Actually, Cliff, this country wasn't founded by people trying to escape the church. Not the Catholic Church, anyway. The Pilgrims were mainly radical Protestants AND CATHOLICS who were trying to escape from the Anglican Church (at that time in England I believe it was illegal to practice any religion but Anglican). Just a little history lesson.
Oh, and I thank you for trying to give Catholicism the credit for being the catalyst that started America. You flatter us, Cliffie, you really do (*giggles in a rather ditzy way*)."

Greate point, James. This country was founded by Christians (mostly Protestants) on their understanding of basic Christian principles. (Let's try not to judge seventeenth & eighteenth century people by twenty-first century standards.)

Well, I gotta go, so hang in there. "In response to comments:"...


Gay Marriage.

 - Brian

Yes, I know, it's a controversial subject, but it still needs to be discussed.
First, I think a lot of people don't understand the meaning of marriage. To tell you the truth, marriage as been around even before RELIGION!! If that ain't old, then I don't know what is.
Marriage is a natural institution, the lasting union of a man and a woman who agree to give and recieve rights over each other for the performance of the act of generation and for the fostering of their mutual love. When a couple gets married, they have an obligation to stay with each other "until death do [them] part." Openness to the begetting of children is also a principal part of this obligation. I'm not saying it's sin if you don't have kids, I'm just saying that having children is one of the main reasons for getting married. If it isn't, then why do people who don't believe in morals and/or God even bother to get married? Is it because of the health insurance benefits and other such privileges? If so, then you are getting married for the wrong reason. In today’s society, marriage is not being taken seriously. I could not believe the divorce statisitics I once saw.
For a lot of people, marriage is a "thing to do," not a commitment.
One of the pro-"gay marriage" arguments is, "If marriage is so sacred, then why do so many people divorce each year? Why not give the gays a turn at it?" Marriage is supposed to be sacred; unfortunately many people do not consider it that way. If you think marriage is going down the toilet, then why completely destroy it? Why not try to it better?
Pro-"gay marriage" people also like to state how unfair it is that heterosexual people can get health benefits etc. because they are married. Married people receive benefits as a reward for possibly having kids (having children benefits society, right?). The majority of married people in the United States of America (or anywhere else for that matter) are able to have children. That's why married couple get health benefits.
Marriage also has to involve love. I mean really, don't you think you'd have to love the person you are (supposedly) going to spend the rest of your life with?

As I was saying earlier, marriage is an old tradition that has been practiced since the begining of time. The state shouldn't try to interfere with this tradition. What right does the state have to do that? Some gay people say, "What right did the state have to abolish slavery? It was going on for thousands of years as well."
When arguing in favor of "gay marriage," homosexuals like to compare its prohibition with slavery. There are major differences between slavery and homosexual "marriage".

First, slavery is a dangerous and deadly injustice.

Second, someone’s ethnicity is much different from his or her sexual preferences. Ethnicity (or race) has nothing to do with determining a person's behavior. Homosexuality doesn't describe who you ARE, but what you DO. Everyone has different preferences and tastes. But these can't be the basis for a permanant relationship with another person. That sounds more like a club membership than a marriage.

As far as I can tell, the main reason gay people want to get married is for the health benefits etc...
Why else then would they want to get married? It can't be for having children.

I'm sorry if I have seriously offended anyone in this post. If so, please donate $30 to me. "Gay Marriage."...


Scott Peterson Finally Convicted.

 - Brian

The latest news is: SCOTT PETERSON WAS FINALLY CONVICTED FOR MURDER! I don't mean to sound "happy" or joyful, but I was kind of hoping that would happen....Yeah, I know, I'm PURE evil --B'wahahahahahah!

Well, anyway, I found his case to be most interesting actually--that is, thought provoking. Did you notice how the courts counted Scott's unborn child a murder victim? I don't get it...
See what I mean when I say that the law cannot be trusted when it comes to "defining a human being?" I'm glad that the courts actually counted Laci's unborn child as a murder victim. That's justice. I just don't understand why they can't relate to abortion that way...I mean, does it really matter if it's a pill, a gun, or surgery that kills the baby? The fact is abortion is murder, plain and simple. It seems to me that the law simply changes their stance on life when it suits them best. Just think about that for a while...

Also, Scott Peterson could get the death penalty. Whatever. The death penalty is to "nice." I think he should be locked away in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. When I mean "solitary confinement," I mean the following:

1. No interaction with any other human being(s).

2. Very limited food. Only breakfast and dinner.

3. No toilet. He'll have to improvise.

4. No smoking.

5. No changes of cloths.

6. Limit breakfast and dinner to soy products.

7. A laptop (w/ internet access) that only displays Blog Hogger.

There. Do you think that's too harsh? I don' least not for the kind of crime he committed.
Tha's all I have to say, so later folks.

After I read my post again, I felt I was sending the wrong message. I have made some corrections in my post. "Scott Peterson Finally Convicted."...



 - James

Not 5 minutes ago, my dad just got finished on this thing (the computer), researching a strange tidbit he heard on NPR. The basic gist of what he heard was a piece about this guy named Akin Fernandez who started a project called the Conet Project, investigating this weird sort of...phenomena, for lack of a better word...called Numbers Stations. Number Stations are basically shortwave radio stations (in other words, you can't just pick them up on your radio at home, you need special equipment) that play strange music that sounds like a mixture of a music box and a synthesizer. Eventually, the music in the broadcast goes into the background, and into the foreground comes this weird voice rattling off a string of totally random numbers. You can hear it for yourself here (click on the headline, close to the bottom of the page, that says "Music by the Numbers Stations").

Apparently this has become a bit of a hot topic over in Britain, although it isn't so big here in the U.S. There's been lots of speculation about what the heck these broadcasts are. The one that most makes sense to me is that it's a code between spies. The numbers, obviously, are the code, and the music in the background is supposedly a sort of signature from whoever's sending the broadcast.
P.S. If this post was total gibberish to you (took me a while to understand this stuff), maybe this page explains the Conet Project better. If you still don't get it, Google it and try coming up with something that makes more sense. "4,8,6,2,9,3,0,5,....Duuuuude"...



 - Brian

Pay no attention to this post. "Testing...testing"...


Halo 2 and an update on the latest video games released....

 - Pete

Well today, wait, no actually yesterday, I was surfing the web as usual, then all of the sudden....BOOM!!! An ad came up saying that, "Halo 2 is out"!!!!!!! And just in case you people haven't a clue what Halo 2 is.... it is the sequel to the very successful "only for Xbox" video game, with astonishing graphics, Halo. Yep, number 2 is finally here!!!!! With even better graphics!!!
Is that possible? I was amazed when I saw Halo's graphics, but number 2 is just incredible!!!
I will not reveal the plot, because I don't wan't to ruin it for you. But I can guarantee you it is one of the best plots you will ever get in a video game.

Halo 2 is out only for PC and Xbox, which kind of stinks, but oh well. Its still a great game, and arguably the best video game ever created. It received an overall grade 9.4, which is almost perfect!!!!!! Yes, this is definitely really good news for die hard Halo fans. You can get more information about the game at, or

Also, coming pretty soon is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2. The actual sequel to the strategic, covert-ops, highly praised, realistic military game Ghost Recon that was released in 2002.
Over the year and a half, they have released value packs and extended sanarios to this game like; Ghost Recon: Island Thunder and Ghost Recon:Jungle Storm, but never an actual sequel. Well here it is!!! Now, I've been waiting especially for this game, since I'm a highly state of the art, die hard fan of the first Ghost Recon, and realistic covert-ops video games.
Now, this is a totally new style. First, from the screen shots I've seen at it has some highly state of the art graphics, it is third person (which will be a little different), and you can't swich from different soldiers (you are only one guy throughout the game, but you still command the two teams-Alfa and bravo), there are at least 50 new weapons including the new very effective XM8 assault rifle. Ghost Recon 2 might be similar to the very successful Socom: U.S. Navy Seal games. (Another favorite of mine).

And just in case, here are some new releases I strongly recommend:

  • A new Medal Of Honor game, Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault(grade 8.3 overall).
  • Rome: Total War, a game like Age of Empires except way better graphics( 9.1 overall grade).
  • Star wars: Battlefront (7.9)
  • Full Spectrum Warrior, a strategic urban realistic warfare game that takes place in Iraq(7.7).
  • thief: Deadly Shadows a sneaky middle ages game(8.3).
  • And last but not least, Sly Cooper 2: Band of thieves, man I just love the sly cooper games.(8.4)

You can get more information about these games at "Halo 2 and an update on the latest video games released...."...


Happy 4 more years!!!

 - Joe

Well, Bush won.
The Downtown Seattle Liberals writhe in the streets praying hoping for 2008 to come.
In churches nationwide, people breathe a collective sigh of relief and also pray to end death in whatever incarnation it may appear in (that's right, the Catholic Church was against the war in Iraq from the beginning!)
and to reach the highest extasy in computer programming, I have procured a C++ compiler!!!
and now, without any further ado:

Joe's interesting fact of the month

By careful reasearch into the circle of time around the 1860's, I uncovered some startling info: The Republican party was actually formed to abolish slavery and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican nominee for President!
Just think about that... "Happy 4 more years!!!"...


Blog Hogger Movie Review:

 - Brian

The Incredibles

Yesterday, I went to see the movie that has everyone talking. Yes, I saw The Incredibles. The title of this movie is pretty self-explanatory. It was incredible! I loved it! I loved the plot, the animation, the humor, and a majority of everything else.

The Plot
Mr. Incredible was just one super hero out of many. He spent his hero days solving problem, after problem, after problem. He then went and got hitched to some elastic-like women. Due to lawsuits, the heroes had to retire. Years later, Mr. Incredible and his wife were (almost) happily married. They had 3 kids and Mr. Incredible had a boring job. However, Mr. Incredible still had a unrealistic dream of returning to his old (and exciting) career. All seemed hopeless until he received a message from a secret agency who demanded his return to the hero occupation (they also agreed to give him descent pay $$$). Throughout the months, he kept his new occupation a secret, until he discovered the agency's real agenda. They agency was owned by one of Mr. Incredible's insane fans, Syndrome. Syndrome's agenda was to kill every single former super hero there was, and make himself the one and only "savior." Well, Mr. Incredible was next on his list.
After he was captured, his wife caught on to his secret. Her, along with the rest of the family, went to save the day.
At the end, the family was reunited more than ever, and the need for super heroes continued.


The humor in this movie was gut-busting. Some well placed action scenes contributed to the humor.
The animation in this film is AMAZING. The animation earned this movie the title of "incredible."
Also, the characters in this movie are just plain fun to watch.


Personally, I found some of the "mushy, kissy-kiss" love scenes to be, well, obnoxious.
What!? There weren't any rappers! What's a good movie without some good ole' rappers. Heck, they should have made a plot based on "Rapper Man." Just kidding.

Well, anyhoo, the movie was great. This is a must-see. "Blog Hogger Movie Review:"...


Comic Relief

 - James

Okay, I know that this has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the subject(s) at hand, but I was just thinking, haven't we been getting a bit serious lately? (God forbid!). Anyway, for anyone who's reasonably familiar with Lord of the Rings, if you've seen the movies, read the books, or maybe even just read the synopsis, you'll probably get a kick out of this (I did, anyway):
101 Ways to Annoy Sauron
See? Toldja it was funny. "Comic Relief"...


If These Little Guys Aint Human, I'll be Darned.

 - Brian

I found these abortion pics here. These are facts about babies 11 weeks after conception:


This little guy is 6-7 weeks old.

this kid is 8 weeks old.

Does age really determine the humanity of these kids?

The pics on this site are extremely graphic. But I do recommend them to everyone who wants to see how innocent and necessary abortion really is (I'm being sarcastic). "If These Little Guys Aint Human, I'll be Darned."...


Some bad news...

 - James

For whoever reads this, I have someone for you to put on your prayer list. That person is my grandpa. No, he's not sick or anything, but this is almost as bad. To tell you what's wrong, I'll back up about...well, a long time, well before I was born, in any case. My grandpa is 70-something years old, and he's still not retired. The fact that some lazy warthogs are able to retire at 30 but my grandpa can't at 70 really rubs salt in this old wound. Anyway...where was I? Okay, my grandpa, since loong before I was born, has been having to run this lousy old mobile home community. I don't think he wanted the job in the first place, it was more or less thrust upon him. For years, he's been trying to sell the place, which has become a nasty sort of pigpen to have to run, but, considering it's condition, no one's been wanting to buy it. Finally, though, someone's decided they'll buy it, and when the sale was inches away from closing, some city official type morons decided to drop the bombshell. Back up some more...When my grandpa first had this property thrown upon him, it was in Seattle. Since then, someone got it into his head to change the city limits, so for the last 10 years the place has been in Tukwila. Back to where we were...So, these city official guys from Tukwila brought the closure of the sale to a screeching halt. I'm not entirely sure how, but it has something to do with passing a law that will make my grandpa unable to sell the property. EVER. He'll have it until he's DEAD if they pass that law. Then you know what'll happen? That property will become my DAD'S responsibility, and that will SUCK. So, all you Christian (or Muslim, or Jewish, or whatever, I don't care) readers out there please keep my grandpa in your prayers, and those city official idiots, too. Pray that they'll get their God-given sanity and goodwill back, and stop trying to pass that law! "Some bad news..."...



 - Brian

I am SO sick and tired of listening to whinny liberals complaining that Bush won. I can understand their disappointment, but I cannot stand their complaints.

THE most obnoxious compliant would be: "Now that Bush has won the election, I'll probably move to another country."

THEN MOVE. When spewing this statement out of your mouth, please think to yourself, "Who am I trying to impress? Who really cares?"
Good question I might add. A question of this nature needs a relevant response. Hmm, let's see CARES, MOVE ALL READY!! I nor any of my friends and relatives care that you are moving. If you want to move, MOVE. Don't annoy us with this compliant any longer.
Are you that ashamed of the United States of America that you're willing to leave it? Sheesh.

Then there are the celebrities...
if you have had access to a computer, a television, newspaper, or reality in general in the last few months, then you have heard all the brain-dead celebs stating that, "If Bush wins, I'm moving." sounds familiar, eh?
Multiple celebs through out the USA have promised us they would move IF Bush was reelected. Well, he is, and I don't see you moving.
I actually hope you move, traitor.

Then there's me...
If John Kerry was elected instead of President Bush, then that would be a small loss. Why would I want to give up all that America has to offer just because some democrat with a long chin was elected president? I could deal with it, I aint no pansy.
I'm proud of this country, even if a messed-up president is running it. If I was a liberal, I wouldn't chicken out just because a (*makes the sign of the cross*) conservative was elected.

So the moral of the post is:

Don't be a liar. If you have stated that you would move to another country if Bush was elected, than please carry out your promise. Thank you.

If you happen to be serious about moving, I can direct you to some pretty exotic countries.

1)China: If you have a strong hatred for Bush, and a strong desire to stamp "made in China" print on the butts of GI Joes (and any other American product), then China's right for you.

2)Russia: Russia is a must see. You will be fascinated by the overall poverty rate. Heck, you might just be able to find your way into a Neo Soviet organization.

3)Iraq: In this little country, you will be dazzled by the bombed buildings, blood-stained sidewalks, and the frequent shoot-outs. There is one problem with this area of enjoyment, and it may just ruin your appetite for this exotic country: American soldiers. Yes, ever since 9/11, they have been plaguing the country with injustice. But be aware, you may even see an American soldier helping a citizen. Just watch out.

Check out the comments for November 1, 2004 post. Join in the discussion. "MOVE ALL READY!!! "...


I'm lovin' it...

 - Brian

Every once in a while, my blog only displays one post. Oh well, It'll change soon.
BUSH WON!! "I'm lovin' it..."...


BUSH WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Brian

Yes, I know you have been expecting this post...Well, IT'S HERE!!

I am proud to announce that PRESIDENT BUSH WON THE ELECTION!!!!! Thank you God. I watched John Kerry and John Edwards make their concession speech. I have to give them credit for their speeches. They were *extremely* well done. Kerry also reminded his fellow democrats not to make life difficult for republicans. He stated that Bush won fair and square. Way to go Kerry, that was noble of you.
To tell you the saddening truth, I actually feel a little sorry for Kerry.

Well, I'm sure many democrats and liberals are extremely upset and disappointed Prez. Bush won. That goes without saying.
Thank God that Bush won. Pray that 2005-2008 will benefit America greatly.

And remember,

GOD bless America!!!!!

P.S, Bush is the first president since 1988 to win more than 50% of the popular vote. Way to go. "BUSH WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...


Where do I get my political info?

 - Pete

Lately, I've been asked the question where have I gotten my political information? The answer is, I get them from many different sources.

One, is a national magazine called the "Economist", which is mostly conservative, but not exactly pro Bush. Another source is "Time" magazine. Which can be left and right, (republican and democrat). I also listen to the radio on N.P.R. a very liberal news station. But, my most favorite of all is the O' Reilly factor, on Fox News and his radio station- 770 KTTH am. Bill O'Reilly is very fair when it comes to politics. "Where do I get my political info?"...


Keep your fingers crossed

 - James

At the moment this post is being written (About 6:00 P.M. on Tues, Nov. 2nd), it appears that Bush (and Republicans in general) are ahead in the polls. Check it out.
I don't know about you readers out there, but I certainly wasn't expecting such good fortune-what is good fortune now, anyway. The tables may turn, but it kinda looks late for that to be happening. I was expecting Kerry to be winning, as I was getting the impression that he's overall more popular. But I guess he's not. It seems the media has been making this country look more liberal than it is, and there may yet be hope for America. Or maybe I'm speaking too soon.
Keep your fingers crossed. "Keep your fingers crossed"...


Thanks Brett

 - Brian

I want to end the comments regarding what happened to QCA. What really happened is, thanks to dialogue with Brett, they finally realized we are a bunch of "kids" and at least one of their members called for an end to the arguements. I assume he felt their style is not appropriate for "kids." If so, I would concur.

Unfortunately, some QCA members still seem to believe Brett is my dad. Oh well.

Now that the QCA has called a "cease-fire" I think we should honor that and stop baiting them.

Thanks again to Brett for staightening things out.

One other thing, we all agree much of the language and content was offensive, so please, Pete, let's not be guilty of the same thing. Let's keep our language clean and our attitudes Christian. "Thanks Brett"...


Who is better for leading our country, Bush or Kerry?

 - Pete

I think I aroused another argument on Bloghogger. So if anyone wants join and leave some important facts or ideas or even opinions please do. The subject is, who is better for leading our country, Bush or Kerry. And remember the following: No profanity, no insults, and try to keep your facts and statistics accurate. And I'll try to stop the insults myself, and if I go to far, just give me a nodge, and I'll com down. Cuz, I can get pretty "roused up" in arguments sutch as these.

There, now that's settled.

Now here's my opinion on why John Kerry is a danger to our country. And, if you don't believe any of my statistics or facts you can look them up yourself and prove me wrong. Fare enough?

First, GodofBiscuits says that, Bush got daddy to get him out of fighting in Vietnam. That could be true, but no one really knows. Secondly, even if that is true, that means that Bush Sr. was a good father and wanted his son to have a future in life, wrather than risk his neck in one of the most bloodiest wars in American history next to the civil war. Thust, Bush was given an honorable discharge. I respect Bush for that, and everyone else should to.

Third, Kerry volunteered to fight in the Vietnam War and serve his country. I also respect Kerry, for this to. But, that does not mean that he is qualified to be America's commander and chief.

Fourth, I would rather focus on what Kerry and Bush's policies are, than what they did 30 years ago, to determine if they are qualified to lead my country.

Last, I would not vote for Kerry for the following reasons:
  1. Kerry supports abortion, which is killing a baby before it is born, that's murder isn't it?
  2. Kerry really does not have a plan for Iraq and fighting the war on terror, he says he does, but has he actually told you his plan?
  3. Kerry supports embryonic stem cell research which is taking cells from a baby when it is only a few cells old. That is immoral and similar to abortion.
  4. Kerry would raise taxes, which would hurt the economy.
  5. He would also prefer that the government use your money, instead of yourself.

These are 5 accurate reasons why John Kerry is a danger to our country. If you disagree with me and if you can prove me wrong, I don't think you can, but if you want to try than please do. "Who is better for leading our country, Bush or Kerry?"...


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