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Regarding the separation of church and state

 - Joe

The separation of church and state is a charge that is often leveled against religious people (that would be 95% of the world's population).
However, at best these accusations are misguided. "Forcing" our "articles of belief" on other people is one of these. Think, for instance, of President Abraham Lincoln. About half of the united states advocated some form of "choice" (slaves, unborn babies... See the parallel?). If he had not taken one of his "articles of belief" and legislated it on the Southern Confederacy, we would still be torturing innocent humans (well, we still are technically, but not in quite the same way). Clearly it was necessary to force his views on these people and not just stand around and let them "choose" their way into animality! He and the newly formed Republican party succeeded in getting the thirteenth amendment into the Constitution, and after a few years, completely reconstructed the South. If you still want to get rid of laws advocated and actively backed by religious institutions, however, go right ahead and remove 'em! I will be sorry, however, to see that all inhibitors of murder, stealing, rape, and the like are gone, but hey, your choice.
In closing, I would like to remind you that by denying our Founding Fathers' vision, you are endorsing what has become the new state religion: atheism.


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