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 - Joe

The New York Times is reporting that a majority of people in the USA want creationism taught in public schools.

read it for yourself

Now doesn't it strike you as odd that the liberal establishment of the News Media, the alleged defender of Democracy and all of its beauty, spend several months beating "Intelligent Design" into the ground, and doesn't even bother to ask the PEOPLE how they feel about it? Do they want to report public opinion or create it? Thank God they haven't completely done the latter. "hmmm..."...


Useful Advice

 - Joe

In South Korea, a man played games online for 50 consecutive hours before he died of heart failure. His age: only 28 years old. Please learn from this poor sap's example. Go, get off this computer, throw a frisbee, kick a soccer ball, just go and get some sun! We'll still be here tomorrow to tell you how wrong you are. GO HAVE FUN!

~JOE~ "Useful Advice"...


Thoughts on Sheehan...

 - Brian

I know, I know, millions of bloggers have already rung this issue dry, but I just need to comment on it.
First of all, I have very mixed feelings about this. I don't think Cindy Sheehan is a bad person, but I do think that she's being a bit unrealistic.
I know that it's hard to lose a loved one, especially a son, but I also know that in these instances, it's easy to blame people who aren't responsible for the loved one's death. I think that's exactly what Mrs. Sheehan is doing. I don't think its fair for her to blame the President for her son's death.
Read this interview.
Okay, first off all, she's been completely brainwashed by liberal propaganda.
ON A SIDE NOTE: my opinions on the President and the war have altered dramatically since the election. I'm no big fan of the war, but what she's saying is nonsense.
Also, I don't know why she isn't blaming her son for his own death. After all, he joined with full knowledge that he was going to Iraq. It's not like Bush pulled him out of bed and forced him to join the military.

Here's something else that bothers me. I've been noticing that many people are accusing Sheehan of using her son's death to her advantage (i.e. protesting against the war). I wouldn't be so judgmental if I were them. After all, how to you know that most of her rage isn't fueled by her son's death? I think it's a little harsh to accuse her of that. Get me? Good...

In the end, I think her views on the war are absurd, and I don't think she should be blaming the president for the death of her son.
What's your thoughts on this matter? "Thoughts on Sheehan..."...


Hogger Studios!

 - Brian

Hey! I've just put up a blog updating everyone on my game progress!
You can find it here. "Hogger Studios!"...


Dog-marriage deserves a beating

 - Brian


ALI G star Sacha Baron Cohen has been dunked in the sea by Pam Anderson's bodyguards...after rugby-tackling the sexy actress at her dogs' wedding.

First off all, I would like to thank Ali G for his heroic deed. Secondly, Pam Anderson is NOT sexy (plastic surgery doesn't make you hot, fool).

Listen, I don't know why Ali G tackled her, but I'm sure it was because she was having her dogs married. That's pathetic. I'm tired of celebrities thinking that they can just be idiots and not receive any consequences.
For instance, if I told my friends that I had Richard (the dog) married to another dog, they'd probably drag me out onto the street and beat me (their God-given right). And if I told them that it was a gay-dog-marriage, they'd probably beat me even more (gay dogs are the worst).
If I were suddenly able to switch bodies with Ali G, I'd tackle Pam and then take it up a notch by eating her dogs. That would be awesome. "Dog-marriage deserves a beating"...


My phone conversation with Brian

 - Joe

A couple days ago, I was on the phone with Brian (and what possessed me to do that?). Anyway, while he was talking to me, I booted up Microsoft Word on our ancient dinosaur computer here, and typed multiple disparaging comments about Brian, his hygiene, his relatives, and his blog.

However, that quickly became boring, because I knew I'd be typing until 3087, so I erased that and began writing random numbers on Word instead. I have reproduced that regal document in its entirety :


749844654984 654654321321654263546546543543654324

In addition, we exchanged a witty and intelligent conversation that would make Demosthenes and Pericles respective heads explode:

Me: Dude, I'm like writing random numbers now

Brian: Huh. Oh, dude, I was like on All day Yesterday.

Me: Huh. My finger's stuck on the eight key.

Brian: Huh. Dude, you should post this.

Me: Okay.

Remarkable, no?
No one can compete with us when our respective intellects combine.
G** Ble**! "My phone conversation with Brian"...


Contemplating Reality....

 - Brian

How come every time a cute girl looks and smiles at me, I quickly turn my head and look away? Hmmm... "Contemplating Reality...."...


Since today is my birthday...

 - Brian

...i thought it would be appropriate to write this article. "Since today is my birthday..."...



 - Brian

We've made past 15,000 hits! YAY! Not bad for a blog run by a couple of mindless (teenage) Christian zombies. "Ha!"...


New Game!

 - Loki

Here at dotsteve studios we released Smash.
This game is based on the original Smash game.
You have 10'000 HP unlimited ammo and no end to the enemy's.
The game is at
visit are blog for game up dates and suggestions for games. "New Game!"...


Rage Against the Machines!

 - Brian

Have any of you read about the riots going on in China fueled by governmental changes and decisions?

More power to the people, that's what I say. It's about time the people acted out against the Chinese government. It's also about time the rich stayed rich and the poor get richer.

I hate communism. "Rage Against the Machines!"...


Space post, part 2

 - James

Edit: In one part of this letter, the somewhat-ignorant Kuymrg incorrectly described one of the procedures for surgical abortion. The required edits have been made.

Here, the letter from Most Observant Kuymrg is continued:
Something that would be almost amusing if it wasn't having such serious consequences would be the Humans' curious obsession with their reproductive organs and their functions. This obsession is largely caused by the Media, once again. All over it, in its Advertisements, Shows, Books, Music, and everything else, there is an obsession with stimulating these organs in any way possible. I can only assume they do this because feelings accompanying the sexual act are so pleasant. But paradoxically, the Humans want to use their reproductive organs for practically everything except for their intended purpose: bearing children. They seem to be laboring under the misconception that this part of their bodies, this part of their very being, is meant solely for pleasure, and they take this misconception terribly far, going to ridiculous lengths to have the pleasure without its intended result: children. Devices called Contraceptives are incredibly popular. Contraceptives are used to keep children from being conceived during (or after) the sexual act. These can be as simple as a sheath of rubber that the male places over his organs to prevent the transfer of sperm, to poisons that kill the male's sperm, to poisons that kill newly conceived fetuses, which are taken orally by the would-be mother. How idiotic! The mother ingests poison to kill her would-be child, not only comitting murder, but, obviously, putting herself at considerable risk.
And if you think this is insanity, the Humans have invented something worse. If all previous attempts at preventing conception have failed, there is a last resort, a surgical procedure called Abortion. Basically, the mother will go to a Doctor, who is, ironically, an official meant to preserve the health and well being of his fellow Humans. She will ask the doctor to perform an Abortion on her and thus kill her baby (if he is qualified to do so), supposedly ridding her of her problems.
Different procedures are used to kill the baby in the mother's womb, depending on how old it is. If it is barely gaining the features that make it distinctively Human (in other words, only a few months old), the Doctor will inject salt into the Mother's uterus, salt in such a highly concentrated form that it is poison. Naturally, the baby will ingest the salt. Shortly after, it will go into violent spasms, and then die. The woman will then go into labor and deliver a miniature corpse. If, however, the baby is older, more gruesome procedures are used. For example, the doctor will actually stick a pair of razor-sharp scissors into the female's uterus. He will impale the infant's head with the closed scissors, then open the scissors, along with the baby's head.
Or, if he is feeling particularly creative, he will use a procedure known as vacuum aspiration. This is done with a Human machine called a vacuum, which rapidly sucks air up through a tube and is used to clean, as it sucks up material along with the air. In a vacuum aspiration procedure, however, the tube is inserted into the female's uterus, and the vaccuum is activated. The infant is sucked towards the vacuum tube and through it into a ready receptacle, then disposed of. One can only imagine the effects being sucked through a thin tube can have on a tiny human body. And after the procedure, any remaining parts of the baby's body (though it is often euphemistically referred to as "uterine tissue") are scraped out with a small knife called a curette.
After an Abortion, the woman herself suffers greatly. Obviously, after having had either poison or numerous sharp objects stuck into her, she often develops infections in her uterus or other reproductive organs. Sometimes these infections, or other complications, will lead to her being unable to ever bear children, should she decide she wants to. In some cases, she will die.She will also likely suffer emotionally. Often, women who have had Abortions suffer terrible guilt. The reasons for this are obvious. This guilt may lead to depression or other emotional havoc, and the feelings of guilt or depression may remain with her all her life. However, the feelings won't last too long if she kills herself. And that does happen.
Amazingly, Abortion is a very common practice, and is provided to human females across the planet. The Humans who are foolish enough to support Abortion put up a brilliant facade, making Abortion look like an act of compassion.How can it possibly look compassionate? I'll explain:
As I explained earlier, the Media, and therefore the Humans, are obsessed with sex. Because of this, promiscuity is a common practice. Rarer and rarer is becoming the practice of the Human equivalent of our own Esyr, which they call Marriage. The Humans, afraid of the commitments that come with Marriage, instead vouch to experiment with various fellow Humans who they find attractive. This is, and always was, a common practice with the younger Humans who were trying to familiarize themselves with love and sexuality, and in itself it isn't contrary to Maleldil's laws, (provided the young ones refrain from entering into sexual acts and keep these early relationships chaste). But nowadays, the Humans not only experiment with relationships with members of the opposite sex, but actually enter into the sexual act with these people (without being joined in Marriage), often with many. Sometimes, they will do this when already Married to another, behind their spouse's back! This is gravely contrary to Maleldil's law which states that the sexual act is to be reserved for the perfect love to be found between a male and female joined in Esyr.
The supporters of Abortion have also wormed their way into the young Humans' places of education. Here, they teach the young Humans that the extreme promiscuity being practiced by their fellows is harmless, even (one knows not whether to laugh or shudder at this) that it is healthy. What absurdity! Of course, now that the young Humans have been brainwashed with these idiotic ideas, and since their sexual impulses are begining to develop and are exceptionally strong, they often don't hesitate to enter into the sexual act with each other. Of course, they have been taught to practice the laughably titled "safe sex", which is simply the use of the aforementioned Contraceptives to prevent the conception of a child. However, it is only natural that these contraceptives should fail from time to time (often, in fact).
When the young female Human ends up conceiving a child, she is often in a very difficult situation. For one thing, her mother and father did not likely approve of her having sexual relations at such a young age, and so she almost certainly did it behind their backs. Of course, now that she is pregnant, they will almost certianly find out what she did, and consequences will follow. Even if her parents don't care whether she had sexual relations or not, she still has numerous other problems. For example: How can she finish her educational needs if she is to raise a child (those who support Abortion often leave out the simple fact that upon the child's birth it can just be put up for adoption, a practice in which children without parents are taken in to be raised by others)? Also, if she is exceptionally young, giving birth to a child can be dangerous (rarely, however, as dangerous as having an Abortion--another fact often ignored). Throw in the pressure she is likely receiving from peers and adults to have an abortion, and it seems like her only option. Since this situation makes an Abortion look like the only way out (it isn't), the Abortion supporters can easily make Abortion look like an act of mercy.
So each year, thousands of Human women and girls are tricked every day into risking their health, even their lives, not to mention murdering their children, by having Abortions. Every twenty-three seconds, in fact, the procedure occurs in the U.S.--an abbreviated name for one of Earth's more powerful nations--alone.
Of course, along with this catastrophe of barbaric idiocy, the Humans are paying another price for their so-called "sexual freedom" (as you have seen, Most Honorable Xylylnahn, it is enslaving them more than liberating them): Fairly recently in Human history, a virus has emerged from some place in the Earth. It's origin is, I believe, unknown, but it is having the most devastating effect on the Humans. This virus, known by the Humans as HIV, or AIDS, causes the human immune system to become unusually weak, so that the Human infected with it cannot risk becoming infected with what would otherwise be a fairly harmless disease, one that one could normally be recovered from within days. When a human is infected with AIDS, such a seemingly harmless affliction could spell death. The interesting thing about this virus is that it is not spread terribly easily. It is not airborne, it is not transferred by touch, or even by saliva (while many of the most common ones are). It is transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood or semen. So, having sexual relations with a person infected with AIDS could lead to your own infection with the disease. Since Humans all over the vast planet have been taught to accept and practice promiscuity with numerous fellow Humans, the HIV virus is spreading like wildfire. And yet they continue to practice their "sexual freedom", and do so with gusto, even though it could kill them.
This isn't all. Even if the Human has no partner with which to do the sexual act (lawfully or not), there is another atrocity in which they can participate. There is a sort of low-life art form peddled by many Humans for the arousal of others. It is called Pornography, or just Porn for short. Pornography is a recorded medium (usually Video, from which Movies are made, or Photography, which is something like Video except that a single, frozen image is recorded and preserved instead of many together), and this medium will show Humans doing all sorts of strange, perverted sexual acts, from the basic sexual act to removing their clothes and exposing their naked bodies in full view, to other things I can't even describe, for anyone to see. Using Pornography, Humans can stimulate in themselves unlawful desires and pleasures (reserved, once again, for their proper place, Esyr) to ludicrous degrees. Pornography exists in enormous quantities, but it is usually hidden from public view. It is not, however, hidden so carefully that one can't easily find it if one is looking for it, in fact, it is possible to find it even if one isn't looking for it. Because of this (and also because of the fact that Pornography is perfectly legal in many nations), thousands of Humans (usually males, since for some reason their sexual drive is stronger than that of females) are addicted to this twisted medium.
And the Humans' grand legacy continues... "Space post, part 2"...


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