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Thoughts on Sheehan...

 - Brian

I know, I know, millions of bloggers have already rung this issue dry, but I just need to comment on it.
First of all, I have very mixed feelings about this. I don't think Cindy Sheehan is a bad person, but I do think that she's being a bit unrealistic.
I know that it's hard to lose a loved one, especially a son, but I also know that in these instances, it's easy to blame people who aren't responsible for the loved one's death. I think that's exactly what Mrs. Sheehan is doing. I don't think its fair for her to blame the President for her son's death.
Read this interview.
Okay, first off all, she's been completely brainwashed by liberal propaganda.
ON A SIDE NOTE: my opinions on the President and the war have altered dramatically since the election. I'm no big fan of the war, but what she's saying is nonsense.
Also, I don't know why she isn't blaming her son for his own death. After all, he joined with full knowledge that he was going to Iraq. It's not like Bush pulled him out of bed and forced him to join the military.

Here's something else that bothers me. I've been noticing that many people are accusing Sheehan of using her son's death to her advantage (i.e. protesting against the war). I wouldn't be so judgmental if I were them. After all, how to you know that most of her rage isn't fueled by her son's death? I think it's a little harsh to accuse her of that. Get me? Good...

In the end, I think her views on the war are absurd, and I don't think she should be blaming the president for the death of her son.
What's your thoughts on this matter?


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