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Merry Christ Mass

 - Brian

Sorry this post was so delayed. I've been REAL busy, stuff.
Well, I don't know about you, but I had one heck of a holiday!
As we all know, the most important part of Christmas is the presents. Yes, that's right, the presents completely surpass the birth of Christ by a mile. No, I'm just kidding, but anyway, here's MY loot check:

XBOX. Yes, I finally got an Xbox - with one game (that I got rid of). I also rented Halo 2 and GoldenEye Rogue Agent(tm).

PlayStation 2. That's right, I received a PS2 as well and an Xbox.

Driv3r. Driv3r is a PS2 game that I have been waiting to play for a VERY long time.

Clothes. Who doesn't get clothes on Christmas?

A couple of Catholic books (including Where Is That in the Bible?); need I say more?

Well, anyway, I'm sure YOU had a great Christmas, but I had a BETTER one. So unless you got $100,000,000 in cash, I win. HA!


You may have read my previous post (Straw Man). If so, you would have noticed it made no sense. That is because I uploaded the WRONG file. Sorry, I'll get to it later. "Merry Christ Mass"...


The Year of the Eucharist

 - Joe

"May the Body and Blood of Christ bring me to everlasting life"
--The Mass
Welcome to the new liturgical year (though a bit belatedly perhaps, as it began 5 weeks ago).The Pope has made this year, anno domini MMV, "The Year of the Eucharist". This is a call for all Catholics to remember the gift that we recieve every single week in the Mass, when Heaven is joined to Earth and we participate in the worship of the Saints and Angels. We partake of the Eucharist, the Flesh of Jesus, of which he commanded us "Take, eat, this is my body". If I had an eternity to type this, and you would bear with me for that long, I could not begin to describe this gift. Some of you might be thinking that we Christians are really off our rockers. I cannot help but feel sorry for you who do not know God. Listen, fellas. I can't talk and I know it. The only reason this is coming from my sorry little computer is because God is helping me. I hope he will continue to help me and will help all of you who read this.
In Christ,


some of you may have thought I meant that Catholics worship the saints and angels.

nope. "The Year of the Eucharist"...

Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Straw Man: A logical fallacy

 - Brian

I've recently read a post by (the one and only) Green Flash. In his post, he listed many logical fallacies that apply mostly to arguments....

read article "Straw Man: A logical fallacy"...


Entertainment Winners in '04

 - Brian

Winners of '04

From Paris to Trump, a rundown of the year's sexiest, smartest and most glamorous stars

In other news...
Who cares. "Entertainment Winners in '04"...


Random Man strikes back

 - James

Once again, here is a post, by yours truly, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Once again, I'm simply posting it because I found something entertaining in some way and wanted to share it with y'all. This particular little gem was found while surfing over at BlogExplosion and it was posted on one of the blogs (I have no clue which).

Image Hosted by

This just confirms what we've been suspecting all the time: Along with melting the polar ice caps so that we're all sure to die at the hands of a giant killer superstorm (thank you, Roland Emmerich), global warming is also--brace yourselves--making penguins dumber. Gasp! "Random Man strikes back"...


More on Commenting system + BlogRolling

 - Brian

I've finally installed Halo Scan to BlogHogger. I've been at it for a while now...
Well, anyway, I have saved some of the long and boring commenting arguments that we have conducted. I'll create a page for them later, but for right now, oh well.

Also, if you view the sidebar, you will notice that I have included a bunch of blog links. I'll try to add more later (the blog listing is provided by "More on Commenting system + BlogRolling"...


Say "Bye Bye" to your dear comments.

 - Brian

That's it. I'm growing weary of the BlogBack commenting system. Unfortunately, most of the comments will die...for good. BUT, I have taken the liberty of archiving some of the more serious comment arguments.

I will be installing a commenting system SHORTLY. If you are reading this, you may want to save some of your "less important" comments NOW!

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you. "Say "Bye Bye" to your dear comments."...


Attack Of The Christmas Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Pete

That’s right, Christmas is under attack!!!!! Basically, you've got this country split up into 3 parts; the 95% who celebrate Christmas because it is a religious Holiday, or because they believe in Santa Clause and reindeer land, then there's the 4% who are in video game land smok’n crack all day and really don't care what they believe in or what happens to our country or what the word reality means, and then you've got this 1% or less of Christmas Grinches out there who just despise Christmas and are doing all they can to steal it away from you! And they're actually being noticed to!!!!!....At least I think they are....It might just be me.....I hope I'm not scitsofrenic?! Anyway, kind of reminds you of that famous story that was made into a famous movie with a famous song called "You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch".....If I could only remember the name of that story...................

All right so lets go back to that 1% or less group of Grinches who say this is a free country, and they have the right to practice any religion they deem fit as long as they don't kill people or crash planes into buildings...(which also kills people). Ok agreed so far, I have absolutely no problem with that. But then they start saying that us 95% "Jesus" and "Reindeer Land" believers are forcing our religious beliefs on them by saying stuff like Merry Christmas or God bless you (for sneezing) or even celebrating the world wide holiday Christmas. You know, when you put your lights up, decorate your tree, and then Santa comes and gives all the good people presents and bad people coal. Or maybe you sit around a nativity scene and pray all day. (Note: that last line rhymed "Pray all Day", what am I doing these days turning into a poet? *Sheesh*.) Well, however you celebrate that really cool holiday...that 1% of Christmas Grinches are offended by it, and will stop at nothing until you stop, or get stopped by the government. They even want to pass an amendment that bands our happy, harmless, holiday Christmas. Just think, no pretty trees, no colorful Christmas lights to stare at when you come home from work or Mars, or wherever you come from, there will be no lights to stare at. No presents!!!!!!! The best part of Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, how is putting up Christmas lights, trees, singing Christmas carols, and wishing someone a Merry Christmas implying your religious beliefs on someone else? How is wishing someone a Merry Christmas offending? I'd really like to know. Maybe these Christmas haters just don't like the Christ part. Ah, so I see, they're racist against Christians now. Auh....So 1% of this country or less, is trying to get rid of a holiday that’s been around for quite a while now because it has the word Christ in it? Come on, get a life you morons. Your not going to get anything accomplished for a couple reasons: (1.) We have a majority rule in this country, (2.) 95% of this country is not going to back down to a couple of racists, and (3.) because our country was founded on Judaic Christian beliefs....There is proof in every document our founding fathers created. Sure you can
believe what ever you want, but except the facts! If you don't like the Christ part in Christmas than don't celebrate it!!! Why should almost the whole country quit celebrating Christmas because some very small minority hates Christ?!!!!! Go move to there a country that doesn't celebrate some kind of religious holiday in December? I can't think of any.

If you can think of any drop a comment. "Attack Of The Christmas Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...


Is the Bible a "fairy tale"?

 - Brian

Lately, I've been checking out some blogs that claim the Bible is historically inaccurate. Typically they say the Bible is constructed out of "fairy tales." They also state that Jesus is a concept and not a real person.
What I'd like to know is: WHY do they think Jesus is a concept, WHAT proof do they have that the Bible contains "fairy tales."

Why is the Bible less accurate than any other ancient text?
Jesus is not a concept. No one just decided to create an imaginary character named Jesus. Jesus is VERY historical. I mean really, you've got multiple ancient books that secularists accept as historical that state that Jesus was real.
Why do they accept Herodotus is real and Jesus isn't? Is it because Jesus' teachings conflict with their behaviors so they try to discredit Jesus' teachings by labeling him as "fictional."

I really would like to know. "Is the Bible a "fairy tale"?"...


If It Weren't For us Hoggs, There Would Be No Bush In The Whitehouse ....

 - Pete

This is just a simple post, I'd just like to brag that Bush definitely wouldn't have gotten reelected if it weren't for the Hoggers.

You've got people like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, and the Savage Nation trying to take all of the credit, and I'll admit they helped a bit, but they're all just a buntch of copy-cats. Without us.......Bush would still be at the debates trying to figure out how to spell Massachusetts. "If It Weren't For us Hoggs, There Would Be No Bush In The Whitehouse ...."...


Oh Boy! Another Reality Show -

 - Brian

This time, it's a parody of Gilligan's Island.
The premise of the show is very simple:

THE REAL GILLIGAN'S ISLAND features two complete sets of castaways: two real-life skippers, first mates, millionaire couples, movie stars, farm girls and professors all competing to be the only castaway of his/her kind on the island. Once a series of elimination challenges have whittled the castaways down to one set, they'll work, as the original castaways did in the 1960s sitcom, to get off the island. The show was cast from thousands of people who took part in a nationwide casting call.

Wow, how original. Let's see now, how many OTHER reality shows have the "elimination" theme? I've just counted 3...Wait,4...5! 5 shows.
I've seen an episode or two of this new reality show. I'm not impressed. It has no similarities to the original Gilligan's Island what so ever. Just take a bunch of snobbish people, dress them up, and then send them to an island to reenact many of the original show's scenarios.
The only difference between the reality show and the original is apparent:
The people in the original version actually had likeable personalities. They were funny, witty, and smart. The people of the Real Gilligan's Island are stuck up, argumentative, grumpy, rude, nasty, vile, and just not nice to watch.
It's basically a cynical rehash of the REAL Gilligan's Island.

read more 'bout it here.

TBS, very stupid! "Oh Boy! Another Reality Show -"...


New Plan For Bush And War............

 - Pete

Ok first, I'm pretty sick and tired of watching, or listening to the news, when all I here is that our Marines and Army are getting massacred every single day. There comes a time (in my analysis) when you have to unleash your ultimate military force on your enemy in war, 'sort of speak'.
Get my drift?

See, we are barely using our air force, and we are not even touching our Navy...Not to mention hundreds and thousands of very powerful weapons sitting in our attic collecting dust! Meanwhile 5-10 U.S.A. Marines die every day!!!!! And there is bound to have another hostage beheaded again any day now, and "Osama Bin Coward" released another video tape yesterday saying he is going to attack the oil somewhere in Saudi Arabia....What are we waiting for?!!!!!!!!!!!! Our ground force is growing very thin.
Now don't start calling me a "Left Winging Liberal", nor am I saying we should pull out of Iraq and leave a mess standing there. What I'm saying is that we can't just sit here and let OUR ground force go to pot, while we could easily send THEIR ground force to pot.

Now here are my solutions, unlike them Dems who just wine and complain about the war without giving any ideas besides pull out now, and elect some long faced socialist looser who undermined our troops back in the 70's... and don't let me get started on that.

New Plan for Bush

If Rumsfield can't get anything somewhat organized by the time the elections come around, then he needs to go.

New Plan For War

And then here's what we do, since I heard that Osama is suspected to be hiding somewhere around the Iran border, we should say if they don't stop making WMDs and tell us where Osama is, then we're going to send Iran to Pluto. And just incase he is not hiding somewhere around the Iran border; we should say to Afghanistan that, if they don't help us find Osama, then we will send them to planet K-Pax. Or maybe he is hiding in a hole in the ground in Iraq like Sadam and we have yet to find him. Anyway where ever he is, we need to make the Middle East help us find him, otherwise we will blow the whole Middle East to mars. If the middle east is to stuck up to have freedom then that’s fine but the U.S. needs to protect their own freedom and if that means sending the middle east to Saturn...than that means sending the middle east to Saturn!!!!!!! Get what I'm saying? Good.

Oh, and I'm taking a pull here on BlogHogger, should Rumsfield go, or should he stay? Just leave a comment. "New Plan For Bush And War............"...


Where is the Governor?

 - Joe

Too tired to argue. Rossi should be governor. 500+ "extra" ballots discovered in King County. Count Every Vote(that the dems want)

just make it stop! "Where is the Governor?"...


Merry Holidays.

 - Brian

NOTE: Before reading my post, you may want to check out this article

This is a stinkin' outrage!! I'm sure a lot of you have heard the latest news about the Denver Holiday Parade (Yes, I know the title of this parade makes you wanna puke. Also, the official title of this parade is "Parade of Lights"). The parade officials/managers want to ban anything that bares the word "Christmas" on it. Not to mention Christmas carols or anything else that may offend a miniscule minority. Before I continue, I would like to reveal some startling statistics: 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas in some way (whether it by a Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Christmas lights etc).
Ask yourself, "why is Christmas such a taboo thing if the majority of America celebrates it?" There's a simple explanation: Anti-Christian agenda. Yes, NO doubt this parade is being co-operated (or operated) by those wacko folks who want to take Jesus (or anything that pertains to Jesus) out of America.
A lot of the news I'm about to comment on came from this article (you gotta check it out!)

The one-hour parade, a glittering spectacle mounted by a private nonprofit group, the Downtown Denver Partnership, doesn't allow any religious themes. The event features marching bands, cultural groups and floats with secular yuletide symbols such as Santa and gingerbread houses.

Hold on a second, "Secular yuletide symols such as Santa and gingerbread houses...?!" If we're not celebrating Christmas, why do we have an icon that is directly linked TO Christmas?

"We apologize to anyone who may have been offended or misunderstood that the Parade of Lights is 'anti-Christmas,' " Basey said. "We will continue to listen to all community concerns."

Translation: "doggone it, we got caught."

The parade's no-religion policy evolved over the past 10 years or so, said Bill Mosher, the partnership's president and CEO from 1990 to 1999.

Yep. Notice how America's moral values are slowly decaying?

... Groups in the International Procession include Belly Dance Concepts, Colorado Mestizo Dancers, Denver Taiko Drummers, Mudra Dance Studio, Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu, T.E.V. Edelweiss Schuhplattlers, and Two Spirit Society of Denver.

I have recently discovered that the Two Spirit Society of Denver is an organization that honors gay and lesbian Indians as being "holy people." HOLD ON! The Two Spirit jokers are honoring and displaying their affection for thier "holy" people, right? Well isn't Christmas honoring a holy person as well? Hmmm, strange...this is conspicuously anti-Christian.

Do you know what really bothers me? The Parade of Lights just happens to occur in the Christmas season. If this parade isn't about Christmas, then why don't they move it to Independence Day, or Thanksgiving, or perhaps Easter?
Here's some more interesting poll: 500 people in the metro area showed that 75 percent said the church should be allowed to enter its (Christmas Christian) float. Twenty-one percent said it shouldn't and 4 percent weren't sure.
If the majority says it's okay, then why are they still trying to ban Christmas? I feel real sorry for the Christian pastor who has to deal with the discriminations against him. "Merry Holidays."...


And you thought The Ring was scary...

 - James

This will just be a little snippet post for the purpose of entertaining any poor, bored souls out there. My last snippet was the "101 Ways to Annoy Sauron," which was supposed to make y'all laugh. Now my purpose is to scare the bleep out of all of you.

I don't care if you watched Silence of the Lambs, the Ring, and the Excorcist all in one night, this is probably one of the scariest things you'll ever see. Was for me. Anyway, click here and enjoy.
And don't say I didn't warn you. >:) "And you thought The Ring was scary..."...


Blah, Blah...

 - Brian

I have yet to discover an interesting news article to comment on. I have yet to discover an interesting (or shocking) blog to criticize or promote. Life is rather boring these days, wouldn't you say? I logged on to Fox, but all that displayed on the home page was boring war information.
I DON'T have ANYTHING to post about! I'm in the ultimate stuck! What am I to do?

May I ask for anyone's help? Or is that a crime...?

How 'bout someone email me an interesting "something" they have found (NOTE: interesting in your eyes). Email me


I'm attempting to invite Sponsz to Blog Hogger.

Also Also

You all have probably checked out Sorry, you've seen pictures of people holding signs that call President Bush a war-monger. Well, if I understand correctly, John Kerry was going to carry on with the war (motivated by his own mysterious agenda of course).

Also Also Also

Check out James's new blog at here. "Blah, Blah..."...


Ghost Recon 2: One of the best games of the year!!!

 - Pete

Dude, Tom Clancy's new GR2 just came out, like, last week I think, or the week before that, anyway it is so awesome looking!!!! They have improved a ton on the graphics, the game play, its more of an intense action third person shooter game (sort of like the Socom US Navy Seals games), it is supposed to have an excellent multi-player mode, and you can even get the new M8 carbine assault rifle!!!! It received an overall grade of 8.5 at,, which is a Great!!! (And if you prefer the good 'old' fashioned first person view, you can simply just go to options and press the button.)
It is supposed to be one of the best games of the year next to Grand theft auto: San Andreas and, of course...Halo 2.

There is only one minor detail that kind of stinks..and that is, you can't switch to different soldiers in your squad. If you die.....The mission does to. (But thats just a small point). But you can still give your fellow teammates direct orders, and their AI( Artificial intelligence) is also supposed to be very good.

The Storyline:

The game's storyline is straight-up Tom Clancy, and although it takes place in the year 2011, there are elements that feel like they've been ripped out of today's headlines. A megalomaniacal, yet oddly charismatic, North Korean general has decided that he doesn't like the way that his superiors have been handling the country's affairs. Taking matters into his own hands, he stages a coup with the help of his disgruntled countrymen, wresting control of the government, as well as the nation's sizable nuclear arsenal. With the free world in jeopardy, the Ghost Recon squad is sent in to clean up the mess and save the world. The way the story is presented is very interesting, told via flashbacks and interviews courtesy of a documentary that one might see on the History channel. Before each mission, you'll meet the team that was involved, and they'll tell you about their objectives and the challenges they faced. It pays to listen, as you can pick up some tips that might mean the difference between life and death. There are a lot of changes in Ghost Recon 2 the biggest of which is the change in perspective. The previous game was played from a tight first-person view, with only a reticule and minimal information, such as health and ammunition, on the screen. It was often too close, offering very little in the way of peripheral vision, and it was tough to know if you were fully protected by any cover you were hiding behind. Thankfully, the developers decided to make this the focus of the game play changes, and you can now see your soldier's body, with the camera positioned just behind his shoulder. This dramatically changes the game play, allowing you to confidently take cover, peek around corners, and generally see more of the environment around you. You can still zoom in with the left trigger, at which point you'll go into a first person view. The move to third person is a welcome change, but the Ghost Recon purists out there will be happy to know that you can switch to the original first-person view by pausing the game. Another major upgrade is in the game's command system. In the last game, you were forced to bring up a map, set points for your men to travel to, then tell each individual soldier what to do when they go to that point. It was cumbersome and annoying, but the worst part was having to take yourself out of the action to set everything up. It really hurt the flow of the game, and it made giving commands during firefights a potentially deadly exercise. Everything has changed this time around, and the new system is effective, efficient, and more importantly, a breeze to use. The commands are almost all context sensitive, so all you have to do is point your reticle in a direction (or at an object) and hit the button to give the command. Pointing at at location will tell your team to advance, while moving the reticle over an object will bring up the possible command. You can order your men to man mounted turrets, attack vehicles, place charges, or even open doors and clear rooms, Rainbow Six-style. It's an extremely well designed system, allowing you to give commands on the fly, even when you're pinned down by enemy fire.

Pretty cool, huh? You can also go to to view everything.

Get this game!!! "Ghost Recon 2: One of the best games of the year!!!"...


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