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Is the Bible a "fairy tale"?

 - Brian

Lately, I've been checking out some blogs that claim the Bible is historically inaccurate. Typically they say the Bible is constructed out of "fairy tales." They also state that Jesus is a concept and not a real person.
What I'd like to know is: WHY do they think Jesus is a concept, WHAT proof do they have that the Bible contains "fairy tales."

Why is the Bible less accurate than any other ancient text?
Jesus is not a concept. No one just decided to create an imaginary character named Jesus. Jesus is VERY historical. I mean really, you've got multiple ancient books that secularists accept as historical that state that Jesus was real.
Why do they accept Herodotus is real and Jesus isn't? Is it because Jesus' teachings conflict with their behaviors so they try to discredit Jesus' teachings by labeling him as "fictional."

I really would like to know.


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