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Just Hanging!

 - Ivan

Hello it's me (Ivan) justed hanging over at Brian's House. Sup As Brian said we were screwing around last night doing fun things. Like the usual y'know eggan cars, TP houses, lighting farts on fire. JK bout all that!! I swear. But we truly are Angels/Vandals. Uh Ya. I'm running out of things to say! But there are always things to say about Chin-Boy! HEHEHE. OH ya I Almost Forgot (Stupid dear me) we also LIT CATS ON FIRE (JK). What fun, Duff Man say "OH YAHHHHH." Been watching too much Simpsons. "Just Hanging!"...


We're all here!

 - Brian

Right this second, Pete and Ivan are over and we're just goofing 'round. Well, last night, Joe, Ivan, Michael (Iv's friend, and I were going around the neighborhood doing interesting things. Duff Man say, "OH YAHH" (whatever, Ivan typed that). Well, anyway, I decided to join Mike and Ivan in their sleep-over. We spent 8:30pm through 9:40pm skateboarding around "de hood". It was pretty fun...yay!! After that, we decided to look at comics, play computer games, play Playstation games, and watch Johnny English. Funny movie BTW.

Well, that's all I wanted to say, so I'll post more later

~BRIAN "We're all here!"...


cool games!

 - Joe

here's some cool things which we've been checking out on ""

presidential knockout
bush aerobics
dancing hillary
Kerry workout
bush shootout
and be sure to visit "cool games! "...



 - Brian

The last entry I posted was on May 23, and now it's MAY 27! Blah! Man, I've really been neglecting my blog (and my school) lately. Sorry...

Well, anyways, on Friday (tomorrow), Joe will be coming over here to my house and spending a couple hours of non-stop gaming and other intellectually healthy activities. Sounds fun, eh? Well, he'll probably have a chance to post something interesting (he always does). I also requested he bring over some of his cool Java Script projects so that we can share them with you folks out there.

That is all for right now. Expect some more educational material tomorrow evening.

Something else

Joe made a pretty good point a few days ago over the phone:

Since John Kerry supports abortion and gay marriage, then by voting for Chin-Boy, you are also supporting the same stuff HE'S supporting. Think about that for a minute, all you Catholics out there~:(l)

GO John Kerry!!!


A Heavy Load to Kerry

 - Brian

I found the ultimate site that is dedicated to dissing John Kerry. It features parodies, jokes, cartoons, and more. *sighs* It's heaven.

It's at No John (all 1 word)

Go to it or else I'll sue (no joke!)

I got the URL wrong. I've just now changed it - it's @ NojohnKerry.ORG, not COM!!! Thanx "Kat" for correcting me. "A Heavy Load to Kerry"...


My personal project

 - Brian

I'm currently working on designing a completely *new* template for Blog HOGGER. At my computer 4H club, Derek, the teacher, is having a contest to see who can make the coolest template. I'm using this as an excuse to get some work done using Front Page Html editor for designing the template.
I'm tellin' you, it's all ready looking really good...and professional! I've already created the Cascade Style Sheet for it, now I'm working on the visible part.

Oh, and yeah, don't vote for Chin-Boy - er - John Kerry "My personal project"...


Subscribe to Blog Hogger TODAY!! $19.95 +S&H

 - Brian

Ha! I became a member of Bloglet allows your readers to "Subscribe" to your individual posts...that means all they have to do is enter their email address and your posts will be automatically emailed to your subscribers! SOunds cool, eh?

Well, anyway, place your email address in the text-field above, then click "Subscribe". Sooooo, every time I post, that post will be delivered** at your "inbox". That's all you gotta do. Pretty basic. YAY! Now you won't have to come and look at my nasty, corny template to read my stuff!

**pizza - er - post delivery man not included

Old commenting system is back
I've decided to retrieve the old commenting system...I couldn't let all those old comments go to waste. Please leave a comment, besides, it makes my feel good...and if I don't feel good hehahehe, I hurt small animals...hehahe...I'M NOT CRAZZZY!! DOn't LoOk At mE tHaT WaYYY!! hehehehehhehhahahahehhehehebwaaaaahehehehehehehehe "Subscribe to Blog Hogger TODAY!! $19.95 +S&H"...


John Kerry Is So Full of It!!

 - Brian

Yes, you've probably gathered that I am a conservative Catholic who is 100% against abortion, gay marriage, etc.....
That means that I will not support anyone who supports what I'm 100% against(whew!). If you're still lost, I'm trying to say that I will not say anything nice about John Kerry. Sure, he's not as bad as Clinton, but he's still got enough problems for me to go ape on little children (that's how mad I get...Just Kidding).

It's so apparent that he is trying to get the votes of Christian conservatives who don't know any better. By the way, he calls himself a Catholic just for political reasons...I bet he hasn't gone to church in about 19 years.
Oh, and yeah, don't forget to go to his "about page" at It really tries to emphasize that he's a Catholic. In a matter of fact, Kerry is about as Catholic as the hair ball my cat threw up last week (no joke).
Ahhh yes, I almost forgot, all of you folks who think that Kerry is going to pull the troops out of Iraq the minute he's elected, well, I'm sorry. He has no intention of pulling anything out of that little sand trap we call Iraq - he's just gonna do things HIS way.
I also can't believe that he has the nerve to call his fellow soldiers rapists, and other things.
What were you doing while you're fellow soldiers were being shot up by AK-47s? I'll bet you were down in your stupid fox-hole while smoking something illegal while drinking your third can of beer, when all of a sudden, one of your beer cans fell down a hill, shortly followed by you. While running, you tripped on a log and broke your leg.

That's how I think John Kerry won his Purple Heart. *hehehehe*

I'm telling you, the minute Kerry is elected, I'm gonna go run a battle tank into a gasoline station and see what happens (i'm kidding). That'll be the day!

That's enough ranting for 1 day! Bye. "John Kerry Is So Full of It!!"...


I've Finally Found It...

 - Brian

I've Finally found the ultimate, most realistic depiction of what goes in side my mind. I can't believe it; A blog that completely and utterly shows what was and is going through my covers the thoughts I had through out my whole life!
I personally think this is some sort of message or something, but one can never tell.

Click here to see what's going through my brain

Wow. I completely understand now...

...I have finally figured out who I am. It tells me right here "I've Finally Found It..."...


Most common Search Result for!

 - Brian

I usually don't post search requests that lead to our blog, but about each day, I receive visitors that search for the word, "hogger". It's so cool. Just about any search engine you go to, if you type in Hogger, my site will show up 2nd to 5th on the search result list.



Click here to try it!

That's all for right now.

BTW, please tell me what you think of our new commenting system? "Most common Search Result for!"...


New Commenting System

 - Brian

I've deleted my old commenting system and tried to replace it with one from Halo I thought it would be really nice and a big improvement on the website...I was horribly wrong. Let's just say the commenting system was experiencing some "Major Defects." *Soooo*, for the time being, until I find a decent commenting system, you will be stuck with the one Blogger provides (which, I must add, isn't very good).

So if your really desperate to comment, your stuck with Bloggers version until I find a better one. Thank you.


I've put in a new commenting system brought to you by ...i forget.
Thanx "New Commenting System"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

Wouldn't it be cool if everyone was a dog? There would probably be world piece, no silly law-suits, no school s, no NOTHING!! I mean, we wouldn't even have to go to school!!!!!! We wouldn't have as many violent acts (not including cats) happening either.

Instead of:

"Mommy, how long is it till we reach to a bathroom? I really gotta go."

"I'm not sure honey, just hold it until we locate a restroom."

it would be:


That's dog for, "what the heck, I'll unload right here."

What do think? Can you even think? Just kidding.
Also, tell me what other cool animals do you think it would be fun to be. "Contemplating Reality"...


Iraqi prisoner "abuse"? I don't think so!

 - Brian

You know what? I'm disgusted with all this, and I don't mean the prisoners being "abused". I'm sick and tired of all this crud being spit out by the media daily! I can't even turn on the news without some 10 hour news segment about the "Iraqi prisoner Abuse".
Oh, it's *sooooo* horrible!!! A couple of Iraqi scum bags were photographed nude!!!
IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!
Listen, I think what those MPs did was immoral and just plain out mean AND cruel, but I I'm tellin' ya man, If this happened to American soldiers, no one would think about it twice. The first few minutes would be "crying and sorrow", but after that, no one would even remember. The reason everyone is making a such a big deal about the "abuse" is because it's another excuse to put down America, the war, and Bush...And as you all know, everyone hates Bush because he is a Christian with MORALS!!!!!!!!
How unpatriotic can we be? I mean, some folks think this is the worst thing since 9/11, man.
Have you noticed the papers and the news never rant and rave about things related to the lost American men and women who died in Iraq...but NOOOOOO, We gotta make a big deal out of a couple of prisoners who were stripped down and told to get in nasty poses!!!

Here's what I think we should do:

We should apologize to the prisoners, punish the Military policemen, and DROP THE SUBJECT!!!! "Iraqi prisoner "abuse"? I don't think so!"...


Did you know...

 - Brian

...that by clicking on some buttons, you are creating an earthquake?

Click here to try it!! "Did you know..."...


Brian's Public Apology

 - Brian

I've been looking at some of my more recent posts (over de weeks) and have come to realize that I've developed a very cynical attitude lately. I know, it's not very Christian of me and I do need to work on it a bit.

On April 27, I posted something about the FIC. I also created a fake email from a lady upset with me because a was putting filth on my blog (not really). I responded with an attitude that was not that of a Christian...especially a Catholic. I'm sorry.
I'll try to clean up my act, okay?

BTW, Cow, what did you mean by "supporting perverted websites?" Please tell me so that I can correct that. "Brian's Public Apology"...


Hog Hole News: ~News From the Font~

 - Brian

An 8th grade teacher is on paid leave for asking one of here students to "punch" an "outa control" student in the face, all because he was causing trouble for the class and the teacher. Also, the student was put on detention for assaulting a class mate. The teacher takes all the blame.

Minneapolis advertising firms have rejected Pro-life billboards/advertisements because they contain the word "abortion," yet they support and promote pro-abortion ads, even though it uses the word "abortion." One of the pro-life billboards features actress Jennifer O'Neal and reads: "I regret my abortion, if you do too, there's help" and tells readers to call a 24-hour help line. Clear Channel rejected the add and sent an email saying, "We've finally had the opportunity to show your design to the general manager, and unfortunately we can't accept it".

Time now for an editorial comment brought to you by: Brian
Ok, that's just a bunch of crud!
That was an editorial comment brought to you by: Brian

This has been Hog Hole News: News from the Font

P.S These TRUE stories and are not made up. "Hog Hole News: ~News From the Font~"...


I was just kidding...sorry

 - Brian

Alright, just to let you guys know, that dumb email that I posted was all very fake. It was a big, silly joke...I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk, but I was also just kidding. Thank you for letting me know that you were offended by my fake little attitude.

~This has been Brian T. Good day~

P.S I don't make links to perverted websites, do I? Please tell me. "I was just kidding...sorry"...


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