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 - Joe


tired of watching your carbs???
from the people who brought you oxygenFREEair here's the newest thing in dieting(and exercise)!!!!


now scroll down...

now scroll up.
That's enough for the first week.
Side effects may include:

  • toothache

  • malaria

  • slow painful death

  • a strong urge to hunt down every single one of us and kill us slowly

And remember our Corporate Philosophy:

The customer is always right*

*right, that is, where you don't want him to be. ""...



 - Joe

Hey, I got Dreamweaver MX for free! "Kewl!"...


Dude, check this out.....

 - Brian

Hi!! Recently, I created a little game completly out of Java Script. The object is to check as many boxes as you can in 20 seconds!
Tell me what you think of the game. "Dude, check this out....."...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian



How can something be "NEW" and "IMPROVED"?


give me your thoughts>>>>>>>> "Contemplating Reality"...


HALO: Combat in pixels

 - Brian

Hello y'all. Recently, I went over to my friend Ivan's house to do an assortment of pointless things for no particular reason. But, when I got there, his dad said he went over to my other friends house. Why am I telling you this? No reason.
Well, anyway, I found Ivan chatting with Wil(myotherfriend). Then I noticed Wil recently purchased an XBox. One thing was passing through my mind at that second, "HALO!!!!!!".
If you don't know, Halo is one of the many popular XBox games that has everyone excited. It's one of those "First Person Shooter" games.
Anyhow, Once I realized that he had attained an XBox, I suddenly shouted out, "Yo Wil, Let's play some Halo!!!". That seemed OK with Ivan, so we did.

After a couple hours of non-stop computer-generated shooting, I thought having an XBox would be sort of cool (with Halo of course).

Before I go any farther, I would like to point out some of Halo's features:

Many Different Weapons: TONS of fully functional weapons at your disposal.

An assortment of Vehicles: There are many different aircraft and ground vehicles which have really cool guns.

Cool A.I: The A.I in this game is REALLY cool! Your fellow marines are not just a bunch of stupid pixels thrown together, but are smart and react to specific actions that occur in the game.

Cool, huh? Well, anyway, after a few hours, Ivan's dad came other and said it was time for Ivan and I to go. That means that I had to leave my beloved Halo and return home to complete and utter boredom. As I wiped the tear from my eye, I thought to myself, "Gotta get an Xbox!".

So it all comes down to, "Does anyone know a place where I can get an Xbox for cheap?"

If you don't tell me, I'm gonna have to go steal it from Wil. "HALO: Combat in pixels"...


Guess who's back, back again.....

 - Brian

Brian's back, tell a friend! Hi yo. It's been a long time since I've posted and Have a lot of things to cover (not really). Sooner or later I'm gonna have the "Blog Hogger official Quiz"! That will be interesting....

Well, anyway, not much to talk about. Oh yeah, be prepared to see x-tra pages on this site, such as: "What's This Hog Stuff Anyway?", "Author profiles", and much more!!!

Ok, enough about the dumb little blog. How are you(to tell you the truth, i don't care)? How am I you ask(i know you care)? I'm doing great! I'm gonna have to shorten my posting days a little though. That means that I can only post on Saturday and Sunday(?).

Woah, look at the time~:{ gotta GO~~~~~~~} "Guess who's back, back again....."...


where has the time gone???

 - Joe

Sorry, long time, no post. Any how, I do have somehing good this time.

In a certain school, there was a kid named "Jimmy".This kid had a problem about using swear words. His teacher noticed this, and she tried to remedy this. one day, he got a hall pass to go to the bathroom. While he was thus occupied, his teacher informed the class, "the next time Jimmy swears, all of us, myself included, will make a mad dash for the hall." Then she gave everyone an assignment. the were to report back to her on the different buildings being worked on in their respective neighborhoods.
the next day, the children reported back to her sucessfully. "what type of building are they working on in your neighborhood,julie?"
"a movie theater!"
"very good. what about you, Jimmy?"
the teacher and everybody else ran into the hall.
"wait!"yelled Jimmy,"it's not open yet!" "where has the time gone???"...


THAT'S Friggin IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Brian

THAT'S IT!!! That's the last time I change the template. I've spent 2 hours changing CSS and HTML for Blog Hogger. I'm gonna try to make other Blog Hogger pages, but for right now, I'm just gonna leave it!

Oh yeah, the Chatter Box. I tried to put it up, but it would not display correctly. Darn.

Don't be afraid; tell me what you think of it. "THAT'S Friggin IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...


laff it up

 - Brian

YO! I'm gonna change the template for bloghogger one last time. Some folks i know are sayin' they can't see the i'm gonna change it. i just drunked 3 cans of my dad's beer and it's great man. heeeeeeeeheeeehheeeeeee "laff it up"...


in a state of shock

 - Joe

will somebody please tell me who or what posted that obscene comment on Brian's "ash wednesday" post!? what a freak! and speaking of Brian what happened to him? "in a state of shock"...


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