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 - Brian

Don't expect any interesting updates for at least a week. Actually, make that a month. Fine, a YEAR just to play it safe..

Brian "Eh..."...


Read. My. Face.

 - Brian

I enjoy reading people -- or at least trying to read people. I'm not that good at detecting motives, but I can spot subtle facial expressions and hand gestures that give clues to the person's emotional state. Thus far, I can almost always tell when someone's lying (there are exceptions, of course). One method I use to tell if someone's lying is to study their face the split second before they lie. Usually, their eyes give it away completely; they avert their gaze as their eyes begin to quickly scan around as if they were frantically running a search in their mind to locate the best and most efficient lie.
Words work well too, of course. However, some people have excellent control over the tone of their voice as well as which words they choose (I'm getting good at this). Therefore, words aren't the best way of reading people.
Anyway, I found this fascinating article about facial expressions and how to read them. You should check it out. It's a bit lengthy, but some of the material is absolutely

P.S - Here's a tip for all you frequent amateur liars: Stop sucking at lying, jeez! It's no fun reading people who suck at deceiving! And yes, I'm talking to you, girls. At least put a little effort into it, you know? "Read. My. Face."...


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