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Uber Randomocity

 - Brian

Hey, what's up.
I'm working on a website devoted to being completely random.

That's it. That's all I wanted to say about it. I will also say that it's going to be a huge hit when I'm done, so watch yourself, homes. "Uber Randomocity"...


Let's ban cartoons!

 - Brian

Read this.

I also heard from a different source that another reason the Chinese Government is banning cartoons is because they're afraid that movies that combine live-action with cartoons will confuse the public. Riiiiigggghhhhtttt. "Let's ban cartoons!"...


A peaceful religion indeed...

 - Brian

Read this.

On the internet, there are over a million cartoons that make mockery of Jesus Christ and the Pope. Where are all the violent Christian riots? Oh, wait, there are none.

Tells you something about Islam. "A peaceful religion indeed..."...


Homosexual lumberjacks

 - Brian

Check it out. If you google "Homosexual Lumberjacks", Blog Hogger is second or third on the list.


Oh, and for all you tools out there who are thinking, "Brian, u must be a homo cuz u googled homo lumberjacks! lol!" think again. I was checking hit stats and 5 people found our blog through that search.

Awesome x 2. "Homosexual lumberjacks"...


How a real book should be...

 - Brian

I also posted this on my MySpace(I totally sold out).

Click here to read article... "How a real book should be..."...


I'm gettin' too old for this...

 - Brian

Yeah. As most of you have noticed, updates on BH have become pretty uncommon lately. This is due to the recent in-your-face boringness that has plagued this planet. Seriously, I haven't found recent world events interesting at all. Maybe the world's slowly and inconspicuously becoming more dull and uninteresting, or I'm running out of opinions and thoughts (could it be?).

When I first began this blog, I had no particular theme in mind. Previously, I had belonged to a website called, a site devoted to making life a living hell for it's users. I think I was like, 11 at the time. Anyway, so I decided to upgrade to

After a few months of having 1 reader (Daiko), I decided to invite some of my friends to post on it (Joe and Ivan). And then I slowly began to increase the members of Blog Hogger, until I had enough people to make things a bit more interesting.
Then, for some reason, I developed a habit of ranting about politics. For about a year, the majority of my posts pertained to the dehumanization of liberals. Only in the last 5 months have I realized that bashing liberalism isn't going to solve anything, plus it's a dying fad. The whole "Conservative VS Liberal" thing is really growing old. It's like nobody can take a middle stance. People are either too blinded by over-the-top patriotism or by bitter distain for any sign of morality or decency.

With that said, I'm running out of things to post about. I'm either too busy hanging out with friends or undertaking constructive, brain-draining projects to update this blog regularly. Therefore, you will probably be seeing 3 updates per week from me, and they're likely going to be humor related (I'm a funny, funny guy).

To be honest, I'm getting too old for this. I think I'll find a girl and settle down. You know, maybe have couple of kids or something. Or maybe I'll become a bipolar crack head. I dunno...

Anyway, peace for now. "I'm gettin' too old for this..."...


Grammys: U2 Dominates

 - Pete

Well since I had nothing to do at all last night, but pour over boring homework; and there was nothing else on TV to distract me from stupid Geometry problems, I decided to watch the Grammy awards for the first time. I've never cared about the Grammy awards that much, but like I said, there wasn't anything else on TV, plus I found out that one of my favorite bands, u2, were nominated for a few, so I decided to watch.

It started out with a cool collaboration performance with the Gorrillaz and Madonna, whom I was surprised at her age; she's still looking pretty hot. After that, Coldplay rocked the stage with one of there new songs from there new album (X&Y), sounding a lot like u2.

I forget the order in what happened next, but Kelly Clarkson performed and won best Pop vocal album. I felt like jumping in the screen and closing the curtains on Kelly Clarkson, because every time she won an award, she cryed like a baby for 15 minutes getting all stupid and emotional before the whole crowd threw tomatoes at her and booed her off stage....Just joking.

Anyway, there were some other pretty cool performances like from Jay-z and Linkin Park who won best rap/sung collaboration for "Numb/Encore", "Feel Good Inc." from the Gorillaz who won best Pop collaboration, Bruce Springsteen’s performance wasn't that bad who won best solo rock performance for his new single "Devils&Dust", but the highlight of the whole show was obviously u2's Rocking Vertigo performance, and collaboration with R&B queen Mary J. Blige to sing u2's classic "One".

U2 won the most grammys out of everybody: Album of the year “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", Rock album of the year, song of the year "Sometimes You can't Make it on Your Own", best rock song "City of Blinding Lights", and best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal. Its the second time u2 won album of the year, back in 1987 they won with the "Joshua Tree", and also u2 have more Grammies now than any other rock band with 21, ranking 6th on the all time list. Kanye West won best rap album, non-surprisingly, and if it weren't for u2 than he would have won album of the year. Mariah Carey won a few and so did Green Day for best record of the year "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". The rest of the show sucked except Jamie Fox's performance of "Gold Digger". There was also a special performance from 61 year old Sly Stone sporting the 'pimpest' Mohawk of all time.

If you want, you can check out the whole list of the winners here. "Grammys: U2 Dominates"...


The Rolling Stones = Washed UP!

 - Brian

I'm sorry, but the Super Bowl's halftime show was garbage. The Rolling Stones? Please...

How low have we actually set the bar? C'mon now, people. Everyone assumes that because The Rolling Stones have a couple of hits and they're over a 1000 years old, they should be qualified to show up at every major televised event. People are always dealing out titles for The Rolling Stones such as, "ROCK LEGENDS!" and "Classic ROCK!!!" A more fitting title would be, "Washed up and worn out!" Since when have people considered 70-year-old men in black crop tops with wretched screeching voices "Legends?"
Something else that bugs me is The Rolling Stone's overly pretentious attitude, but we can get into that later.
The Stones are dying. They're so old, they're running out of fans (you can only live for so long). If they wish to revive their once existent coolness, they should reach out to the teens across America.

Actually, if The Rolling Stones really wanted to appeal to the newer generation, they'd change their trademark image to this:

Yes, that's right: They would get that giant monstrosity pieced. That way, they could prove that they're open-minded and liberated.

The Rolling Stones suck.

p.s, sorry for grammar errors and crap, I'm tired and lazy. "The Rolling Stones = Washed UP!"...


Things I did during the Super Bowl...

 - Brian

1. Ate. Why watch a depressing game of losing Seahawks when you can stuff your mouth with pancakes?

2. Played Doom 3. I figured smashing demons is a bit more gratifying than watching sweaty men in tight pants smother each other with athletic love.

3. Played Counter-Strike: Source. I owned on one match. I was like, in 2nd place. Rock on, Brian.

4. Ate some more. I ate so much that I blew up and my body parts flew to Detroit and smashed the Seahawks over the head and caused them to lose.

5. Blogged. I posted on Blog Hogger on the 4th QTR. The Seahawks lost. I must be a prophet...or maybe I'm Jesus. No, just kidding. "Things I did during the Super Bowl..."...


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