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I'm gettin' too old for this...

 - Brian

Yeah. As most of you have noticed, updates on BH have become pretty uncommon lately. This is due to the recent in-your-face boringness that has plagued this planet. Seriously, I haven't found recent world events interesting at all. Maybe the world's slowly and inconspicuously becoming more dull and uninteresting, or I'm running out of opinions and thoughts (could it be?).

When I first began this blog, I had no particular theme in mind. Previously, I had belonged to a website called, a site devoted to making life a living hell for it's users. I think I was like, 11 at the time. Anyway, so I decided to upgrade to

After a few months of having 1 reader (Daiko), I decided to invite some of my friends to post on it (Joe and Ivan). And then I slowly began to increase the members of Blog Hogger, until I had enough people to make things a bit more interesting.
Then, for some reason, I developed a habit of ranting about politics. For about a year, the majority of my posts pertained to the dehumanization of liberals. Only in the last 5 months have I realized that bashing liberalism isn't going to solve anything, plus it's a dying fad. The whole "Conservative VS Liberal" thing is really growing old. It's like nobody can take a middle stance. People are either too blinded by over-the-top patriotism or by bitter distain for any sign of morality or decency.

With that said, I'm running out of things to post about. I'm either too busy hanging out with friends or undertaking constructive, brain-draining projects to update this blog regularly. Therefore, you will probably be seeing 3 updates per week from me, and they're likely going to be humor related (I'm a funny, funny guy).

To be honest, I'm getting too old for this. I think I'll find a girl and settle down. You know, maybe have couple of kids or something. Or maybe I'll become a bipolar crack head. I dunno...

Anyway, peace for now.


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