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Game in development

 - Brian

hey! Just thought I'd fill you in on a project I'm working on.

It's a 2d action game that I'm making with flash. It probably won't be done for another couple of months (2 at the least).

The game is titled "Alien Jackball." You play as ORAX PRIME, an alien military commander. You are send by higher ranking officials to observe Earth unnoticed. Unfortunately, you're a jackball, so you decide it would be more amusing to harass Earth instead. And that's the premise of the game.

This is a list of some of the things you'll be able to do (if everything goes according to plan):

1 reek havoc at a democratic convention.

2 Make San Francisco a dictatorship.

3 Go on a cat-zapping rampage.

4 Fly mission in your ship (not likely though...).

If you have any suggestions or would like to help me develop this game (using FLASH MX), just email me at hog_the_blog@hotmail dot com

NOTE: I'll be putting up a blog updating you on my progress in the near future. Whatcha!! "Game in development"...


Coming out where I stand

 - Pete

I would like to make clear that when I say that the liberal democrats don’t mention anything about the Mexican border, the republicans don’t either. I will not defend the Bush administration anymore. I don’t label myself as a Repub anymore, I am strictly independent and don’t support any particular party. You can call me liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, independent, pro-war, or anti-war, liberal fascist, conservative fascist, right wing and left wing, a stupid nut job, what ever the hell you want. I don’t care. These are my views, whether you like it or not:


Abortion is wrong and any catholic or Christian should know better. But despite that, you don’t have to be religious to know this, for all of the scientific proof says that the fetus inside the womb is a living human being. And since killing people is wrong in a humane society, why should it be justified to kill a living fetus? The answer is: its not justified and anyone who thinks it is should be thrown out of the country or put on the frontlines of Iraq, which brings me too:

Iraq and the War on Terrorism

To be quite honest with you, I still don’t understand why the liberals of today will spend all of there time during the day, protesting through the streets against the Iraq War. How many times do you have to lay out the facts?! The U.S. was hit big on 9/11 by the terrorists the same way Japan hit Pearl Harbor, except the terrorists didn’t where uniforms. Instead, they cowardly snuck on to huge passenger planes, hijacked them, and suicide crashed into the world trade center, killing thousands of people. The terrorists started this damn war! So, it was time to act quickly. And indeed we did. Now, some people will bring into play the stupid argument that Bush ordered the CIA to find or make up a reason to go into Iraq so he could get revenge on Saddam Hussein. And Bush might have. I’m not going to waste my time defending the president. Not every man is honest. But, the fact is that almost every intelligence agency in the world, including our own, said that Saddam Hussein was possessing WMD’s. And since Saddam Hussein wouldn’t let the inspectors do their job, we had no choice but to invade Iraq ourselves. Also, some people might throw out the other stupid argument “Why don’t we invade North Korea, they’ve got weapons of mass destruction?” the answer is, that after the first gulf war there was an agreement between the U.S. and Iraq that Iraq was not to possess WMD’s. Did we have one of these agreements with North Korea? Answer: NO. North Korea still has the right to contain WMD’s. But we should still keep our eyes on North Korea, and make sure that they don’t do anything incredibly stupid like start some kind of Nuclear War with us. But I doubt that they will do that because we would bomb the hell out of them before they could realize that they made a mistake. Now, some people may also say, “Well, why would Iraq nuke us since we would bomb the burgesses out of them?” Answer: They probably wouldn’t, but they could sell the nukes to Al Qaeda. And Al Qaeda would use them on us, no hesitation. You see what I mean you dim-witted liberals? If you don’t, then I can’t help you. Now, there’s also no question that the Bush administration did a terrible job planning out the War. For instance, we went in and got Saddam Hussein, then what? What Bush, did you think this would be a simple snatch and abstract? Don’t tell me that you didn’t think you would stir up a hornets nest. I was all for your decision, but you couldn’t have planed the aftermath as worse as your administration did. We have to secure the country and set up a democracy as soon as possible, and then leave. After that, we should put all our efforts into destroying al Qaeda and capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Pop Culture

I like pop culture the way it is today. I’m a big fan of movies, music, the styles of clothes people wear these days, video games, the food, everything, it’s all good. I find that a lot of conservatives will spend a whole day griping about how much they think its shocking the way kids these days play video games, see movies like WAR OF THE WORLDS, or listen to music like Eminem. Just shut the heck up and get a life, ok! Just incase you haven’t noticed, were living in the 21st century, not the 17th century!

Gay Marriage

To tell you the truth, this is one of the hardest issues for me to decide on. Half of me say being a Catholic it is immoral for guys to get hitched, but another half of me says it is a free country and not everybody is catholic. Now, you might say “Well why doesn’t Pete feel the same way about abortion?” Because abortion is murder you can’t compare abortion to gay marriage. I debate this issue all most every day in my head. Perhaps someone can convince me to think one way or the other.

Hollywood and celebrities thinking they can have an opinion in politics

This is the one thing I’m really getting sick of. I like Hollywood for their movies and that’s it. They’re best known for living out of reality in there unrealistic movies, but entertaining movies, they have no need to share their stupid unrealistic views on the world. I don’t need you idiot Michael Moore’s of the world and Tom Cruise’s to tell me that Bush is equivalent to Adolph Hitler. That just tells me how out of touch you are with reality and the truth. I like to watch your movies and that is what you’re paid for, but please, keep your unintelligent, out of reach from reality opinions to yourself.

Females get to pay less for their car insurance then males

What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever invented that rule is indeed a feminist and a sexist!


Sure, there’s no question that people are fat in this country and need to get off their buts and exercise more. But personally I’m getting sick of all these people out there who try to make all these laws and regulations about food diets and come up with all of these stupid programs to tell people how to treat their own body. You think that they don’t know that they’re fat?! You might have forgotten, but we do live in a free country. If people want to get fat, let um get fat. All you dictators of the world can just shut the heck up!

The Environment

I am an environmentalist myself, we don’t need you stupid republicans cutting down every tree that exists, and polluting our air with those damn SUV’s, because your to stubborn to put out the hybrids. But I’m also not a radical environmentalist. We can afford to lose a few trees; I mean where the heck do you think you get all of your houses, baseball bats, tables, chairs, and desks? I also think that we should drill up in Alaska for oil so we don’t have to be so reliant on other countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The whole state of Alaska is one huge glacierized forest. Come on, it can afford to lose a few trees.

Well, I think that is about it. I can’t think of any other issues right now, so be happy with what you got. Oh, and by the way, I won’t be able to read your generous comments for a while because my computer at home does not currently have access to the internet so I have to rely on the computer at my local library. And the computer at my local library is so old and junky that it can’t show the comment bar, just incase you were wondering why I haven’t responded to any of your comments in the past, if you’ve left any.

Well I guess that pretty much raps it up, Hilary has my vote in 2008………NOT!!!! "Coming out where I stand"...


Recent findings

 - Brian

Wuz happenin' down in da' hood, yo?

Ahem -- well then. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on some interesting stuff I bought/want to buy and a video game that I recently rented.

Destroy All Humans Whew! That was refreshing! This is one of the most hilarious games I've played in a while now. I rented it for the Xbox and let me tell you, this game will have you glued to your TV for hours! Just think Grand Theft Auto, only you're a little space dude who is out to take over the world all by himself! Destroy All Humans is basically a spoof of the 50's B-movie classics. You go around collecting brains, destroying buildings, and levitating people with your PK abilities. I highly recommend it for people who don't mind a little gross-out humor.

ROME: TOTAL WAR This is the best RTS (real time strategy) game I've ever played. You take control of some of Rome's major historical battles. You can command up to at least 50,000 units on the map! The AI (artificial intelligents) is so good in this game that the History Channel uses TOTAL WAR to demonstrate historical battles. If you like Age of Empires or Starcraft, you're gonna love this one!

New SOAD cd-Mezmerize I recently purchased Mezmerize, the new System of a Down album. It's got some really awesome noise on it. I wouldn't say it's as good as the Toxicity album, but it's still pretty solid.
For some reason, Ivan and I really enjoy SOAD's "music." Maybe because it has an interesting and original sound to it, I dunno. I'm not even sure what their message is (the lyrics make NO sense, trust me). I just think they sound cool...

My coolness Yes, I finally discovered how cool I am.

That's it; if you recommend any random stuff to anyone, just leave a comment... "Recent findings"...


When will liberal politicians just shut up?

 - Brian

And they're always whining about others imposing their views on them:

Check this out...

When the family of Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich gathered in Pittsburgh for the fallen Marine's funeral, they expected a large crowd after all, they've lived in the area for generations and Joseph had been a polic officer before becoming a leatherneck but they didn't expect to see Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor show up, hand out her business card and tell them "our government" opposes the war.

See, my biggest beef with liberals in high positions is their obsession with trying to spread democratic/liberal propaganda at blatantly inappropriate times. They just can't stand to shut up.
Please, stay out of our schools, families, and funerals. Is that too much to ask?

Please... "When will liberal politicians just shut up?"...


Space post, coast to coast

 - James

Sorry if those of you who read my blog are tired of often seeing what I write here repeated there, but it is the easiest way to go about things. Anyhoo:

Yesterday, as I was milling around outside this very library (the one I'm writing this in), I heard the oddest...sizzling sound, coming from above. Before I had time to even look up to see what the sound was coming from, a small, cylindrical object about the size of one of those tennis ball containers plunged from the sky and into the asphalt, barely missing my head. Eventually, the smoke from the landing cleared, and, after getting my fingies singed a few times, I managed to pry the object out of its crater.I found it was a hollow cylinder, and it had a lid which could be screwed off. I removed the lid, and found inside some papers, written in English, which appeared to be letters. But the names mentioned in the letter were very strange, and the fact remained that this thing had come from the sky. As I read the letters, I realized something: Along with having narrowly escaped an interstellar braining, I had stumbled upon what appeared to be a piece of space mail! Rock on!Below is part of the (long) letter:

1To the most honorable Xylylnahn;

I, the Observant Kuymrg, am writing this letter
to you as part of the required summary concerning my observations of the Planet
Tholcandren, known to its natives as "Earth." The dominant species of Tholcandren,
known among themselves, and now by ourselves, as Humans, is what this letter will
be mainly concerning.Humans are an intriguing species. They are exceptionally
intelligent, indeed, Iwould guess that they are only about a few centuries, no
more than a single millenium, behind us in technology. It is only a matter of
time before they will be able to travel the heavens with the same speed and
efficiency as us. They do, in fact, have means with which to travel through
space, but only extremely primitive ones. They haven't been able to transport
themselves to their nearest neighbor, Malcandren, yet (they have, however,
transported machines meant for study to that planet, and to many others within
their vicinity). They have colonized practically all of their planet, they can
even be found (if only sparsely) in its least hospitable areas.However, for all
their intelligence, they seem to lack something else fundamentally important.
They have a great deal of smarts, but are sorely lacking in something infinitely
more important: wisdom. I have seen a great many absurdities that they practice
commonly, some so ridiculous one can hardly believe that they are intelligent as
they are.

They have, of their own accord, split themselves up into seperate
empires, instead of living peacefully together, without dividing themselves.
Naturally,this division leads to conflict, and a lot of it. These conflicts
occur for numerous reasons, and many times they will be started by one person who
does something extraordinarily disagreeable, and therefore, other nations are
pressed to resist this person, and from there everything escalates into conflict
in which many Humans lose their lives. Currently, things are especially chaotic
in this respect (and in many others).Each of these nations is ruled seperately,
and, strangely, all of them are ruled by their own kind, Humans. An incredibly
dangerous way to go about things. As a result of this, the Humans have gotten
themselves into more messes than can be counted. How they can expect a flawed,
imperfect person like themselves to lead a nation to prefection I have no idea. A
large part of their problem stems from the fact that many of their leaders have
long since given up the practice of turning to Maleldil for assitance, in fact,
they, and many of their fellow humans, have refused to believe in His existence
altogether, flatly defying simple logic, because the existence of Maleldil and
His Laws barr the way in what seems to be the Humans' primary pursuit:

They seem consistently seek only their own pleasure. Whether these pleasures be
excessively luxurious lives, the escape of unfortunate realities, or perhaps
involving themselves with multiple members of the opposite sex, theHumans often
pursue, first and foremost, the enigmatic, perfect Pleasure, which, many fail to
realize, can only come from Maleldil. Anyway...While the Humans maintain the
appearance of being ruled by certain groups of their fellows, put together and
called "government", their real rules--or, in any case, the ones more faithfully
followed--come from a seemingly omnipresent influence known simply as "pop
culture". Pop culture is made up primarily of an organization known as the Media.
The Media came about when Humans progressed to the point where they were no
longer constantly fighting to survive; they had leisure time. To fill this
leisure time, they invented ways to entertain themselves. The earliest form of
this entertainment came about in the forms of simple games, many of which are
popular still today with them and have little to do with either pop culture or
the Media. The next form of entertainment to take shape were things known as
Books (rather similar to our own Kadshyna), which were many slips of paper on
which were written words, which, in turn, would come together to tell a story, or
make a point, or something of the kind (like this very letter). These slips of
paper would be arranged in such a way as to make up a comprehensible order, and
were bound in a case of leather. Through books, opinions were widely expressed,
and they most definitely influence the Humans. Books are most definitely part of
the Media. Another part of the media is Music, which is the Human word for the
Art of Maleldil. For the longest time, Music was used the way we use it, to
simply convey emotion and beauty with simple sound. The Humans used their own
voices as instruments to add to this music, and, eventually, they began to put
words to their music. This form of spoken music is very prevalent and influential
in the Media, and the artists who make it have an enormous amount of influence
(more on this later), despite the fact that much of the words spoken in this
popular (shortened to "pop") music says nothing of importance; the messages
contained in the songs are frivolous or downright harmful, and the songs would
lose little without them. Also, there are what the Humans call Plays, in which
some Humans will act out situations as specific characters for the entertainment
of their fellows. These plays have much the same power of suggestion as do their
more sophisticated counterpart, Movies, but for some reason they do not have as
great influence as do Movies.

Then there is what is called "Radio," which uses
special beams (basically the same as the Rolygn Waves) to transmit all sorts of
sounds, from music to spoken words, into small boxes, and from these boxes the
transmitted sounds could be heard. Radio used to be incredibly influential,
indeed, there was one incident in which a young man used the technology to
transmit the words and sounds of a play about Tholcandren being invaded by
"Aliens" (beings from other planets, like ourselves) and thus sent millions of
his fellows into a panic, as they believed what he said was actually happening.
Now, however, Radio has grown somewhat obsolete, having been replaced by its more
sophisticated counterpart, Television (see directly below). Two of the most recent
forms of Media are incredibly powerful, and they go hand in hand: Movies and
Television. Movies, as stated above, are much like plays, except that they can be
recorded, preserved, and seen by millions. In this way, their messages are spread
much more effectively than Plays.T he second, Television, is a combination of
many things. The Television itself is a large box, on one side of which is a
large, glass screen. Onto this screen images are projected, and machines
called "speakers", which are usually nearby the Television, project sounds to go
with the images, and thus create theillusion to whoever is watching the images
and hearing the sounds that they are really experiencing the situation. These
images and sounds are transmitted much the same way Radio sounds were
transmitted, and thus, a single message, event, or form of entertainment can be
seen and heard by millions. Now, what, exactly, is shown in Television?
Primarily, there are things calledTelevision Shows (or Series), which are like
Movies, in that Human actors portray specific characters in certain situations.
However, while the characters remain the same, there are different performances
dealing with different situations on a regular basis. As a result, many of the
viewers of these shows can form a strong attachment to the characters and their
messages. More prominently, there are things called "Advertisements". Some
background mustbe given before I explain these: For the past century or so,
Humans have been using a strange procedure to manufacture goods. Rather like
their nations are divided, their manufacturers are likewise divided into numerous
companies, all of which manufacture various goods. Advertisements are like very
brief shows in which a specific company will vie for the viewers attention, and
by making their product look more appealing than others, try to get the viewer to
think they are in dire need of whatever product is being advertised.
Advertisements tend to be flashy, fast, and in all other respects generally
obnoxious. And even though they are not supposed to, they probably take up more
time on Television than does anything else.

Now, throughout the time all these
forms of Media were being developed, there was another form, different from the
others because it was (supposedly) meant toprovide information, instead of
entertainment. This particular part of the Mediais called the Press. The Press
is made up of hundreds, even thousands, of publications rather like books except
that they report on current events and have updated editions published and
released on a regular basis. Most of these publications will claim to be
objective, fair reports that are not biased towards any individual viewpoints.
This is a lie. All of these publications are most definitely biased, some more so
than others. And, unfortunately, many of them are biased in support of the
various idiocies plaguing Humans. I apologize for the time I took to describe the
Media, but it is vast and the explanation was needed. You can probably already
see how the Humans minds are nearly controlled by this semi-organization (it's
more of an omnipresent entity, really). All seperate factions of the Media are
constantly pushing various veiwpoints, ideas, and promotions on their hapless
patrons, many of themconflicting and competing. No doubt this is largely
responsible for the crippling confusion Humans suffer.

Interesting, ain't it, to get an alien's point of view? I wonder if he's met C.S. Lewis; I think I espy some similarities between the letter and a certain trilogy of books that Lewis wrote. How odd.More to come. "Space post, coast to coast"...

Hey what's up every buddy?! Cool, me too!

I made a new post on Pete on politics! You might want to check it out.

I was going to put it on blog hogger, but it kept screwing up!!!!
Brian, WHATS UP WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no offence or anything) ""...


Hello y'all!

 - Martha

Hello everybody! Most of you probably have already seen my numerous comments on this blog and perhaps already have argued with me :), but I'm Martha and I have recently been invited by Brian to post on here. So I'll be popping up here and there.

For now, I just have to say that I am really sick of politics right now! I am sick of listening about Iraq, China, terrorists, Hillary, and just in general of the left's pathetic arguments. Mostly, I'm just really sick of listening to defeatism and how much America sucks from the media non-stop. Just so everyone knows, America is the greatest country in the world and although we have forgotten some of the things that have made us great, we will prevail against any threats as long as people are determined to not give up! Since when has pessimism been the predominate feeling in America? I have no respect for pessimists. Life is much to short to be fearful and worry constantly. Carpe diem('seize the day' for you non-Latin scholars) and live your life regardless of what's going on! So don't let the gloom get to you! Be optimistic! And always remember that the media is twisting everything and that there is always good things in the midst of the worst storms! In the meantime, tell anyone you know that if they vote for Hillary in 2008 that you'll shoot them and make it look like an accident :D.

In other news, I finished the new Harry Potter book! It was wonderful and I really liked it although I almost cried at the end, but that means it was good! In my opinion the book built on the plot beautifully and overall is showing the grown-up Harry, who is ready to take on Lord Voldemort in the next book and prehaps win, and not the whiny little brat of the previous book. I could say more, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I don't think the above statements contained any spoilers...

Have a good week!

*God Bless America!* "Hello y'all!"...


The Fantastic Four: It's don't-see-this-movie time!

 - Brian

Check out my latest movie review. I beg of you.

Click here to read movie review... "The Fantastic Four: It's don't-see-this-movie time!"...


Oops! We need updates!

 - Brian

Hey, not much activity going on here, so I figured that I would update. So here I go:


There. There's your update...

Anyway, time to be serious here.
There is nothing to post about. Ranting is getting very old for me. If I continue this "ranting," I will undoubtedly die at age 21. Don't want that to happen...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

With that said, you will be seeing less posts from me for the next few weeks. BUT, I am working on a series of fun little computer related things that I would love to share with you in the near future.

Oh, and a while ago, Martha emailed me a link to a pretty interesting website known as It's kinda' like a debate forum, and there's around 100 members. So if you're opinionated like me, this is the perfect website. Go join.

Anyway, if you find any interesting news stories or websites (that aren't related to London), just shoot me an email at


~me. "Oops! We need updates!"...


Homosexuality (Let's chat, GoB)

 - Joe

Awright, y'all, it's high time I got on to what I've been meaning to talk about for quite a while.
In case you're new, or have been blind for the past 9 months, etc., Bloghogger is currently at war with a homosexual man named Jeff (GodofBiscuits) and he seems to think we all hate him for what he is. So, we're going to have a litt'l 1-on-1 and discuss, well, him!

I am going to be giving the 100% Roman Catholic, moral position on this (2k years and counting!), so you can go argue with Jesus or the Pope or someone like that if you have any problem with this.

Homosexuality is the desire to join with a person of your own gender. This involves sex, unless you follow the Church's teaching and remain celibate.

Let's talk about sex:

Sex has a twofold objective: to grow deeper in love with your spouse, and to be open to children, which is the natural outcome of sex. Homosex fails in these respects :

  1. As I've said before, people fit together in male/female pairs. Anything else is a corruption. You don't put on two shirts, or two pairs of pants! They just don't go together.

  2. Homosex makes the procreation of children an impossibility. Please do not trot out the tired excuse of "what about couples who can't have children, you narrow-minded bigot!", because the inability of heterosexual couples to have children is a physical defect, not a corruption of sex.

Let's talk about both genders :

A man and woman, when combined, make a perfect unit of diversity, that fits together easily and smoothly. This even includes brain chemistry (and it goes much deeper, parts of Man-brain are bigger than parts of Woman-brain, and vice versa). This is another example married heterosexual couples have over "married" homosexual couples : that the combined mental powers of a man and woman can wrap around all side of an issue and solve a problem that would be impossible from the narrow point of view of a person who has only the one perspective he/she was born with.

Let's talk about "homophobia" and "gay-hatred"

Which finally brings me back to my initial point. I am writing this post, more than anything, to shout to anyone alive that reads my hunk of cyberspace : I DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE! IN FACT, ACCORDING TO THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, IT IS A SIN TO HATE GAY PEOPLE. So, next time you're tempted, remember that. What we do hate, however, is the corruption of God's great gift of sex so prevalent in American society, and the force-feeding of this false message to kids in public school whose parents can't or won't teach them otherwise. That is what is and should be hated. G** B***** you all "Homosexuality (Let's chat, GoB)"...


Fire in the Sistine Chapel!

 - Joe

Fire in the Sistine Chapel!!!

see what I mean "Fire in the Sistine Chapel!"...


I'm back again.

 - Brian


Anyway, my family traveled across the state to Spokane to visit Pete's family. We had a BLAST!

There, we managed to:

1_see War of the Worlds (for me, the 2nd time).

2_play endless hours of mindless video games.

3_drink gallons pop (which I hate). I swear, I could feel myself dying right then and there.

4_have the cops called on us. Don't ask.

...Just to give you a little idea, you know? Anyway, that's where I've been.


Martha, one of the regulars on our blog, has a blog of her own. Go check it out, tools.
Now that Martha has her own blog, you might see some posts from Martha on Blog Hogger as well. That's all. "I'm back again."...


Things I don't give a smack about...

 - Brian

NOTE: Just needed to get some rants off my chest...what better place to do that than here?


Around a month ago, I was loafing around on the couch, contemplating my coolness, when I decided that I would watch as less news a possible. My mom's always saying, "Read the newspaper! Watch news on TV! You need to be informed on the recent happenings of today." No I don't. Why? Because nothing interesting happens anymore.
9/11, the Pope stories (I'm sure many of you would disagree), and the Schiavo disaster were the last news stories worth spending ten minutes of your time to observe. Now every time I turn on Fox News (which I thoroughly hate) it's some boring abduction story. Who cares? That's funny, they'll cover a story about some girl you never heard of before...ever, but they won't cover me. Why not? That's funny, I remember I got lost in a shopping mall around 5 years ago, and never got any news coverage. In a matter of fact, I think Fox News should have a 3-hour news segment on me. At least 50 people read my thoughts a day, unlike other bratty 8 year olds who fall for the "get into my truck and I'll give you candy" routine.

Then there's the war in Iraq. This is driving me insaner than my current insanity. I used to pay close attention to the war, like when we were making progress down there, but now, every time I turn on the news, it's "3 Marines killed yesterday." We are making NO progress in Iraq at this moment, and that's how it's going to be until we actually do SOMETING! This whole war is baked in politics and other nonsense. It's just making me depressed.

I'm also sick and tired of reading and listening to celebrity news. When are women and metrosexual girly guys going to realize that celebrities are not living a real life? They are excluded from reality; they have no idea what they're doing. Oh my goodneth, Jolie'th adopting another child...whoop-whoop. Poor kid's gonna grow up spoiled and out of touch with reality. Seriously, I loathe people who pay attention to celebrity news.

The worst part about celebrity coverage is that celebrities get to have their opinions public too easily. The moment a celebrity lack-a-brain spews his/her liberal "Bush lied" opinion, people act like the celebrity's some great philosopher/intellectual or something. I just want to light a tree on fire. AHHHHHGGGG!

There. Glad I'm done with that... "Things I don't give a smack about..."...


I, too am back

 - Joe

Hello, everybody.

I am extremely glad to have returned safely from Camp . I have been blessed to attend it these past three years and look forward to doing it again. Whoo-wee, that was a rush! The new enjoyments included:

  • There were two preists and three brothers this year, and it was utter Sweet Sauce!
  • I was a junior counselor this year, and I got to keep secrets from everyone (including Brian and James)
  • The food was excellent
  • The spiritual talks were excellent
  • Almost everyone knew about Bloghogger (80 kids attended!)
  • The mass was Holy. Not this watered down, liberal mush we've endured for a while
  • I got a tan!!!!
All in all, it was the best of times. I only hope the worst of times stay far away.

Oh, and Sanchez, your brothers say I'm the type of person you hate (????)

Joe (known in some circles as J-mac or "you") "I, too am back"...


July 4...

 - Brian

...has been the dullest day for me in quite a while now...

There's nothing to do today. My parents have refused to buy ANY fireworks, and KISW The Rock of Seattle is playing old 80s' crud. Ak. Blast.

Anyways, as you are enjoying the fireworks, parties, friends, family, or whatever, don't forget what July 4 is really about. "July 4..."...


War of the Worlds

 - Brian

Whew! I've been quite the little moviegoer lately. Today, it just so happens I went to see War of the Worlds starring Tome Cruise. It was beautiful, I must say.

The plot is that of the previous installment of War of the Worlds. Aliens undergo an awesome invasion of the world. Everything descends into total chaos. Millions of people run in terror...etc..etc...

The only difference between the 1950's version of the movie and this version of the movie is the obviously beautiful special effects and the cast.

Tom Cruise plays a typical New York citizen juggling his ex-wife's/his children and his job. And then New York is obliterated. The rest is left to your imagination (provided you haven't seen the movie yet, duh).

The positives

The acting in this movie was phenomenal. If it wasn't for Cruise, this movie would have been nothing.
Not to mention the fantastic special effects. In a matter of fact, I'll go as far as to say that these were some of the most realistic effects I've ever seen in a movie...Honestly.
Also, Spielberg wasn't afraid to kill off 1 billion people in this movie. It takes a real man to squeeze 1 billion deaths into one 2 hour film. Hehehe.


Other than the fact that there were a couple VERY unlikely parts (excluding aliens destroying the world), this movie was pretty much flawless (for a mindless destruction flick).

Anywayz, this movie is the kind of movie you wanna see in the theatres. Don't wait until it comes out on DVD. It won't be worth it. Besides, the only people who skip seeing good movies in theatres and wait until they come out on DVD are liberals, mainly because liberals are so stupid. You don't want to be a liberal now, do you?

I'll give this movie an 8.5 for the acting and special effects.

P.S, please dont blame me 4 thu bad speling and grammer, cuz im tired rite nwo. "War of the Worlds"...


Attention Please...

 - Brian


Incase you don't know what we're talking about, let my explain:

We were at a Catholic dudes camp called Christ the Redeemer Leadership Camp. It lasts around a week and is intended to increase your physical and spiritual strength. This is the third year Joe and I have been a part of it (2nd for James).

Anyway, here's a brief list of activities I participated in:

1. I hiked 6 miles through baron desert hills. It was HOT -- around 90 degrees! I hiked none-stopped and almost passed out. Luckily for me, I was too manly to pass out, so I didn't. :)

2. Biked 6 miles of mountainous desert hills. Very fun, but very difficult.

3. Participated in an all-out war against clergy and adults. Dodged everything thrown at me.

4. Went to daily Mass. Awesome, yo.

5. Was force fed too much food...could hardly contain it in my gut. Luckily, it was gOoOoOoOoOD.

6. Floated down a river in an inner tube. Forget amusement park water rides, this is smashing (I didn't say that) fun.

That's not even 40% of the stuff we ruled at. I'll let James/Joe enlighten you on zee rest. "Attention Please..."...


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