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Homosexuality (Let's chat, GoB)

 - Joe

Awright, y'all, it's high time I got on to what I've been meaning to talk about for quite a while.
In case you're new, or have been blind for the past 9 months, etc., Bloghogger is currently at war with a homosexual man named Jeff (GodofBiscuits) and he seems to think we all hate him for what he is. So, we're going to have a litt'l 1-on-1 and discuss, well, him!

I am going to be giving the 100% Roman Catholic, moral position on this (2k years and counting!), so you can go argue with Jesus or the Pope or someone like that if you have any problem with this.

Homosexuality is the desire to join with a person of your own gender. This involves sex, unless you follow the Church's teaching and remain celibate.

Let's talk about sex:

Sex has a twofold objective: to grow deeper in love with your spouse, and to be open to children, which is the natural outcome of sex. Homosex fails in these respects :

  1. As I've said before, people fit together in male/female pairs. Anything else is a corruption. You don't put on two shirts, or two pairs of pants! They just don't go together.

  2. Homosex makes the procreation of children an impossibility. Please do not trot out the tired excuse of "what about couples who can't have children, you narrow-minded bigot!", because the inability of heterosexual couples to have children is a physical defect, not a corruption of sex.

Let's talk about both genders :

A man and woman, when combined, make a perfect unit of diversity, that fits together easily and smoothly. This even includes brain chemistry (and it goes much deeper, parts of Man-brain are bigger than parts of Woman-brain, and vice versa). This is another example married heterosexual couples have over "married" homosexual couples : that the combined mental powers of a man and woman can wrap around all side of an issue and solve a problem that would be impossible from the narrow point of view of a person who has only the one perspective he/she was born with.

Let's talk about "homophobia" and "gay-hatred"

Which finally brings me back to my initial point. I am writing this post, more than anything, to shout to anyone alive that reads my hunk of cyberspace : I DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE! IN FACT, ACCORDING TO THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, IT IS A SIN TO HATE GAY PEOPLE. So, next time you're tempted, remember that. What we do hate, however, is the corruption of God's great gift of sex so prevalent in American society, and the force-feeding of this false message to kids in public school whose parents can't or won't teach them otherwise. That is what is and should be hated. G** B***** you all


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