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Superbowl extra-large (or 40) stuff

 - Joe

Well, since the Superbowl looms large in the horizon, I wanted to say a few words about it:


Even though the fans will be quite different, the game will be awesome!
How different, you say, will the fans be? Well, the editorial cartoonists from Seattle and Pittsburgh teamed up to answer just that:

And so, peace out until this Sunday, when all of the Seahawks fans (including Santa Claus, a Detroit nun, and a Nevadan talk radio station) will watch them mercilessly crush, mutilate, and bloodily dismember the Steelers.

MWAHAHAHAHA! "Superbowl extra-large (or 40) stuff"...


Networking sucks

 - Joe

Hey, all.

Recently we obtained Verizon DSL. I should say my dad obtained it, and the rest of us chafed under the prevailing dictatorship of dial-up. Then, dad gave in to our unreasonable demands, and we set about networking our two internet-ready computers. We bought a router, two ethernet cables, vodka for dad and three square pounds of prozac for me, then dived in headfirst into the mass of ugly cables and peripherals mysteriously termed "the back". After emplacing cards, cables, and other hardware in both computers and getting appointments with therapists, we eagerly turned on our older computer for the umpteenth time. triumph shone in our faces as we knew that we had at last beaten the sadistic hunk of metal (people may say that computers don't have souls, but something's making our computer hate us). We logged on to the computer. We waited breathlessly as the desktop loaded. I pressed (windows)+R to open the "run" dialog box and typed in "IExplore.exe" Internet Explorer loaded, and dad and I exchanged high fives. However, it was back to prozac and vodka in a few seconds as our connection was nonexistent. we fired up DOS and typed in "netstat -a" to discover suprisingly that we were in fact connected to the internet. No two people ever wanted to kill Paul Allen more (although we prevented ourselves because he's the current owner of the Seahawks, who are going to the Superbowl [which has probably occurred because plug-and-play pray doesn't exist in football]).
After many attempts (most notably with our Chinese friend Peng) to rectify our problems, we ended up trashing our old computer, which Peng is now attempting to repair.

Networking sucks, my friends.
Don't say I didn't warn you. "Networking sucks"...


Brokeback Mountain must be the best movie ever made!

 - Brian


The only reason Brokeback Mountain is getting any awards is because it has an extremely gay premise. But I must say, it does bring something new to the gay film genre: Homosexual cowboys. I'm sorry, I can't get over this. It's so ridiculous, it's outright hilarious.
I'm serious, Lee has got to direct a movie about gay lumberjacks. I'd go see it:

By the way, Lee's a complete toolbox. Just look at him: "Brokeback Mountain must be the best movie ever made!"...


The Fall of Dial-Up

 - Brian

Haha! We just got COMCAST!!!! I think I'm going to faint...Oh, wait, never mind. I'm waaayyyy too manly for that.

It’s kind of creepy though, not hearing those screaming demonic entities every time I want to surf the Internet. Actually, I kind of miss them. They used to tell me things...secret things. They would get mad if they heard me talking to you...haha. Uh-huh-huh. We mustn't be seen conspiring like this. It's too dangerous. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to leave. Be gone now, be gone, my son. Uh-huh-huh-huh. "The Fall of Dial-Up"...


Awards Please.

 - Brian

I'm sick of all these Chicken S movies getting millions of awards for doing absolutely nothing relulotionary and/or interesting. For instance, Brokeback Mountain. This movie has done absolutely nothing productive and has soiled the reputation of cowboys. Stupid retarded movie. Everyone knows cowboys are the manliest, toughest, most fearless beings that ever existed. It takes a real man to go around killing off Indians without fear of being hounded and criticized for discriminating against Native Americans. Brokeback Mountain is going to change the way you perceive John Wayne movies forever.

What next? BrokeAxe Mountain? A movie about uber-homosexual lumberjacks? That would be just awesome.

Anyway, here's a list of movies that should have gotten awards but didn't.

War of the Worlds I'm the only person I know that absolutely adored this movie. All my friends were like, "It was corny and stupid and i thinks the special effects sucked." Whatever. This movie is the epitome of apocalyptic films. The acting was great, and the effects were even better.

Happy Gilmore It seems Adam Sandler always plays some sort of angry mongoloid who fails at pretty much everything. Well, this movie's no exception, except that it's so hilariously random that anyone who doesn't laugh at this movie should have their house burned down and their myspace account deleted. Oooohhh, snap!

Starship Troopers Sure, decent acting was pretty much none existent in this film, but the action rocked. Despite the fact that it took 40 minutes before any marines were torn to pieces, this movie provided to best alien smashing to ever hit the big screen.

Doom Like Starship Troopers, you won't find any topnotch acting here. But who cares when you're witnessing unedited acts of demon destruction, plus the best first person scene in movie history. Oh, and THE ROCK stars in it. That's gotta count for something.

Anything by Peter Jackson Peter Jackson is a genius. Everything he's ever directed has struck BrokeBack Mountain lovin' liberals with total trepidation. Sure, LOTR has received a million and 2 awards, but that doesn't mean that everything he directs is going to be immersed in shiny awards. I think it should be a rule that every movie Peter Jackson directs should automatically be given a million awards. Eat that.

Ace Ventura movies Jim Carry makes me laugh. Awards, please.

Anything you would like to add to this list (or take away)? "Awards Please."...


Isn't this, like, a seeeerious choking hazard?

 - James


Babies get some real food!

 - Joe

Finally, babies are getting some real food. yup. "Babies get some real food!"...


March For LIFE!

 - Brian

Ah, yes. The annual March For Life took place yesterday, and Joe and I attended. We've always taken a bus with our friends to Olympia (the capitol), but unfortunately, the bus was full. So we improvised. Anyway, Joe and I ended up taking another bus populated by old folks. It was...tasty (they offered us lots of candy, okay).
Anyway, after a relatively long drive, we finally arrived at the capitol. At first, Joe was shocked at how few people there were. We figured it was because of the garbage weather we've been experiencing, but things quickly changed.
After wondering the capitol building for a while, we stepped outside only to discover hundreds/thousands of pro-lifers getting off the buses! That was awesome, I must say.
Anywhoooo, everyone gathered at the steps of the capitol buildings and listened to inspirational speeches. Like every March For Life, there's always a counter-demonstration group ready and willing to interrupt prayers, cuss at us, and flip us off. To tell you the truth, it doesn't bother me at all, mainly because it just shows the true face of abortion: Hateful, bitter, and angry.
By the way, there were like, 25 counter-demonstrators against at least 3 thousand pro-lifers. Oh, and the pro-abortionists looked something like this:

As you can guess, most of the pro-abortionists consisted of goths, aging hippies, and bums. I especially liked the sign held by some fat old woman that said, “Keep your hands off my ovaries!” Don’t worry, ma’am, I’m not getting anywhere near those.

All in all, I was glad I went. Maybe Joe will give a more indepth description of the event.

Piece. "March For LIFE!"...


i love myspace!

 - Brian

'Sup, friends and enemies. I have decided to conform to the majority and get a account.

Click here to check it out. Please comment on my blog section and send me a friend invite! Thanks! "i love myspace!"...


interesting happenings

 - Joe

Yesterday I was with some of the best kids in the world at Youth for Life, which is a group that meets monthly to discuss life issues, then party it up until morning. The party part, by the way, is just playing basketball and drinking pop 'til you explode. So I thought.

Last night, I finished another wonderful night, and my dad picked me up to take me home. As we were about to leave, a police officer taps my window. I roll it down, wondering what parking law we could have broken, and how much the fine would be. It turns out it was nothing like that.

Cop: Evening, Sir. You come to pick up you son from the party? (he says "party" with an evil leer)

Dad: Yep.

Cop (eyes me critically): What all's going on in there, son?

Me: Well, it's a Catholic pro-life youth group called Youth for Life.

Cop (frown neither receding nor leaving): hmmmmm... so it's Church oriented?

Dad: basically.

Cop: Okay, because the complaint that I got was that there's an alcohol party going in there.

(dad and I burst out laughing. The cop appears dead serious.)

Dad (still laughing): uh-uh.

The cop figured we were telling the truth, but went up to the house anyway to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong happening. Guess what? there wasn't. Still, that was an interesting night. "interesting happenings"...


Superbowl XL

 - Joe

Dare we say these guys for the Superbowl??? "Superbowl XL"...


I'm not a heretic!!!!

 - Joe

Hey, this is cool. I discovered this little quiz on The Shrine of the Holy Whapping, which is a durn cool blog that I just added a link to

You scored as Chalcedon compliant. You are Chalcedon compliant. Congratulations, you're not a heretic. You believe that Jesus is truly God and truly man and like us in every respect, apart from sin. Officially approved in 451.

Chalcedon compliant




























Are you a heretic?
created with "I'm not a heretic!!!!"...



 - Joe

I don't know how many of you have heard about the Vatican instruction that was issued last month concerning the ordination of Gay priests, but I wanted to give the Catholic point of view on the document.

The document says that men with a homosexual orientation may be ordained only if they have been able to supress their desires for a minimum of three years. Thusly, it does not disallow any homosexual men from being ordained per se, although Gay priests are (and will be) in the extreme minority. The news media curtailed the document as soon as it came out, all the while missing the real point of the argument, namely that only those who have problems with the cross of homosexuality are prevented from being ordained. For the media, "feeling like" doing something means that you must do it.

But anyhow, I want to hear your thoughts on this. "post"...


Dial-up is demonic

 - Brian

I hate Dial-up.
Dial-up sucks.
(NOTE: it took me 5 minutes to upload this file) "Dial-up is demonic"...


Game Beta, baby!

 - Brian

I put together a beta for a game I'm working on called "Alien Brutality." That's right: complete, uncensored scenes of unedited brutality (none of that blurry, fuzzy crap). Betcha' can't handle that, foo'.
Anyway, The beta version doesn't include sound, and I think you can see a the white border around the stage (which sucks infinitely).

Click here to brutalize.

The instructions and story are included in the file, so there's no need for me to elaborate on them here. Because I was too lazy to go through my game and check for spelling errors, be prepared to find some misspelled words (OH NO!). Anyway, tell me what you think of the animation.


NOTE: Remember, this beta is only the beginning of the game. Also, you may find it better to shrink your browser window a bit so that the game isn't so...large (and maybe you could rid yourself of that blasted white border). "Game Beta, baby!"...


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