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Game Beta, baby!

 - Brian

I put together a beta for a game I'm working on called "Alien Brutality." That's right: complete, uncensored scenes of unedited brutality (none of that blurry, fuzzy crap). Betcha' can't handle that, foo'.
Anyway, The beta version doesn't include sound, and I think you can see a the white border around the stage (which sucks infinitely).

Click here to brutalize.

The instructions and story are included in the file, so there's no need for me to elaborate on them here. Because I was too lazy to go through my game and check for spelling errors, be prepared to find some misspelled words (OH NO!). Anyway, tell me what you think of the animation.


NOTE: Remember, this beta is only the beginning of the game. Also, you may find it better to shrink your browser window a bit so that the game isn't so...large (and maybe you could rid yourself of that blasted white border).


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