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Loot Check:

 - Brian

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is all about presents. Sure, perhaps baby Jesus does play a minor role in the whole ordeal, but in the larger picture, it's all about da' loot. Now that we've established that fact, I think I can safely brag about what I got:

Black - Xbox - One of the funnest first-person-shooters on Xbox, in my opinion. The formula of the game is very basic: You shoot things, they blow up. Hell, they explode even if you don't shoot them. Piiiimmmmp!

Gift Card For Warehouse Music - Pretty self-explanatory. A gift card to a music store. Despite the fact that I can download any music I want through Limewire, it may still come in handy though. You just neeevveer knooowwww.

A religious book - I forget the name of it, but I'm pretty sure my parents gave it to me in an attempt to fortify my conscience. It looks like an interesting read, however I'll probably lose interest in it quickly seeing as how it doesn't explode. Boom.

An electric handheld game thingy - Given to me by friends of the family. It's a cool little device and my dad seems to have taken a liking to it.

A Fender Starcaster Electric guitar - Oh yeah, I also got AN ELECTRIC GUITAR. I was/am totally stoked. I'm ecstatic. It's actually a guitar starter pack which features a smallish amp, a Fender Starcaster guitar, a number of fancy picks, headphones, a DVD, and all the other knickknacks necessary to smash faces with pure awesomeness. Thanks, I mean, Santa!

However, I did take the time to carefully select gifts my family would thoroughly enjoy. I'm just that good. Here's the list:

Just Cause - Probably one of the funnest games I've played in a long time. you take on the role of a freedom fighter in the fictitious land of San Esperito. The game allows you to explore a beautiful, fully-rendered jungle-like environment (along with some major cities scattered here and there). Just Cause is mainly focused around insane stunts -- that is, skydiving from incredibly high altitudes, leaping from car to car (or boat to boat [or helicopter to helicopter]), and a ton of other amazing stunts. There's absolutely no loading times, and the graphics are pretty.

Girly stuff - For my sister, of course. Just some lotions and slippers. She seemed to like them.

Shaver for dad - Blah.

Anyway, how was your Xmas? Chances are, I got way cooler stuff than you did, loser. Jay Kay El Oh El. No, but seriously, HOW WAS YOUR XMAS?? "Loot Check:"...


Merry Christmas.

 - Loki

Here is some funny stuff for Christmas.

Video: You think you had a bad day?

Video: frost bites

And have a happy new year! "Merry Christmas."...


Dear Lord...

 - Brian

After witnessing this atrocity for the first time, only three words lingered in my mind:WHAT THE HELL??

I searched through the thesaurus to assist me in finding words that might help me articulate my disdain for that advertisement, but to no avail. "Dear Lord..."...


A Dream Come True...

 - Brian

So I finally set aside some time to just sit down and discover what exactly podcasting is. I hear people referring to "podcasts" all the time, but I never really looked into it. I had a basic understanding of it, but very little interest in it...until now.

Like I've mentioned before on Blog Hogger, I've always had a dream of hosting a talk show. Up until now, I hadn't been able to find a practical means of broadcasting one. Podcasting seems like a legitimate solution.
So while expanding my knowledge of podcasting, I stumbled upon
Check this out. Supposedly, this website allows users to host their own personal online talk show via the telephone. It also enables you to feature guests (friends, family, celebs [good luck with that one, homes]) on your show. That's awesome.

My only disappointment is that I wasn't creator of that website. In other words, I came up with that concept long before emerged, and it would have been nice to have actually invented it first. Oh well.

I digress. Anyway, I'm definitely going to look into this more. I'll keep you updated on my talk show progress. "A Dream Come True..."...


I'm ADHD Positive...

 - Brian

I just got done taking this ADHD test My results were...well, let's just say I wasn't too surprised. I scored a total of 19 ADHD points, which means I'm 2 points above the minimum score for being ADHD positive. Whoop.

Of course, this is just an online test, and there's very little reason why you should take it completely seriously. But still...

OMG, it's not raining anymore! Gotta go play basketball. Later.

Update: I just found a longer ADD/ADHD quiz. My score said I was moderately ADHD. Chicken! Gotta run. "I'm ADHD Positive..."...


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