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A Dream Come True...

 - Brian

So I finally set aside some time to just sit down and discover what exactly podcasting is. I hear people referring to "podcasts" all the time, but I never really looked into it. I had a basic understanding of it, but very little interest in it...until now.

Like I've mentioned before on Blog Hogger, I've always had a dream of hosting a talk show. Up until now, I hadn't been able to find a practical means of broadcasting one. Podcasting seems like a legitimate solution.
So while expanding my knowledge of podcasting, I stumbled upon
Check this out. Supposedly, this website allows users to host their own personal online talk show via the telephone. It also enables you to feature guests (friends, family, celebs [good luck with that one, homes]) on your show. That's awesome.

My only disappointment is that I wasn't creator of that website. In other words, I came up with that concept long before emerged, and it would have been nice to have actually invented it first. Oh well.

I digress. Anyway, I'm definitely going to look into this more. I'll keep you updated on my talk show progress.


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