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The maddness is spreading!!

 - Psychomancer

Yes I'm still alive, and yes I am still very opinionated.
Yet again the american public body disgusts me!
My latest gripe is all this conspiracy crap that seems to be spreading in regards to 911.
This is how I see it, most of these people get mad at you for just believing what the main sources of media tell you. But here they are eating up what some joe shmo put together on some dvd or clips on youtube along with his own web site with edited pics of blurry footage from the event. So in essence they are no better than we are, they're merely looking for other sources of information to eat up. Neither of which do they know where they got the information or how credible they are!
If you want some actual proof with cited information and research just look at this link,
its not some joe shmo with some know how about html and an opinion making claims.

Popular Mechanics research team throws all the misquoted information in the toilet

Well I'm done for now, peace. "The maddness is spreading!!"...


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