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Coming Out: Where I stand

 - Joe

Well, in case I haven't been totally clear about my position on things (or simply as a refresher course for y'all after my lenten "sabbatical"), I have decided to "open up" and show where I stand on a handfull of issues.

Coffee: All for it! Viva la Java, Man!

Iraq: I am against the Iraq coalition. Many people seem to have forgotten that the Pope is against this mess too. The Catholic Church's "just war" doctrine is dependent on the exhaustion of all types of diplomacy, for one thing. I also have other reasons for not supporting this war, but I would bore you to death were I to list all of them, but it all comes down to the fact that I believe nobody should have their life taken unless they are fighting for justice, and I've just told you why they aren't.

Death Penalty: Currently being used only for revenge. Capital punishment should only be used if the prisoner cannot be held from terrorizing society any other way. There are two reasons for holding prisoners: to keep society safe from malefactors and the rehabilitation of the offender.

Abortion: Never. Like I said, nobody should have their life taken. Also, there is plenty of science to disprove any claims that an unborn human is a "clump of tissue". In this way I resemble our conservative brethren.

Euthanasia: "Unplugging" people because they don't live up to somebody's standards of usefullness is evil. Seniors are not tools to be disarded when they cannot "operate", they are PEOPLE, people!

Homosexual "marriage": against the natural order. Humans are made to fit together in male/female pairs, not male/male or female/famale. That's speaking from a purely physical (anatomical) point.

Bottom line? I'm balanced. I certainly agree that we need to protect the planet, because where else can we live? I also agree that there's a bias in the news media (that includes Fox and CNN)! When it really comes down to it my vote goes to God.


~JOE~ "Coming Out: Where I stand"...


"Mercy" me...

 - James

I realize three posts (at least) in succesion have already been made here about this topic, but, well...

Terri Schiavo's dead. What, exactly, does this mean? Does this mean that America's respect for human life has dropped yet another notch? Wait, not so fast. I, personally, find the issue of euthanasia very sticky, unlike abortion, which is clearly wrong (yes, it is. Deal with it).

I'm sure that many of the people out there who were rooting for Terri's euthanisation were doing that because they truly felt it was in her best interest. I mean, seriously, who wants to make the poor woman live on when she didn't want to? Or did she? Sure, her husband said she did, but I think there's some evidence out there suggesting he's a slimeball. Ponder this...

Euthanasia is supposed to deliver someone from pain, by simply killing them. Michael Schaivo was obviously calling for her euthanisation; for her painless release. But if this was the case, why was she killed through the very painful process of starvation? I'm seriously curious; I find that puzzling. If she was to be painlessly killed, why was it through starvation, as opposed to just giving her a pill and making it truly quick and painless?
Another thing. If this was such a merciful solution to the problem, why was Terri denied any visitors at all while she starved to death, why was she denied any consolation at all, not even ice chips? Why is it that the only people there with her as she lay dying were police?

Something is seriously twisted here. Her parents weren't allowed to see her at all while she died; they were only allowed into her room five minutes after her death. And I just read they won't be allowed to go to her burial site. Michael Schaivo says that this is because he doesn't want them to turn the burial into a "media spectacle". I find that to be BS. Considering that he just got their daughter killed, you'd think he'd at least have the decency to let them attend the burial. Nope. Michael Schaivo's lawyer said this of his intentions behind all the denials of visitors and such:

"Mr. Schiavo's overriding concern was that Mrs. Schiavo die in peace ... in an atmosphere of love and not acrimony,"

Die in peace...then why did he do all the things I mentioned above??? Starving to death in a hospital room, without relatives, without consolation or help, with no one but cops, doesn't strike me as peaceful. What the lawyer said doesn't help Michael's case at all, it just makes it look more fishy. What, exactly, was Mr. Schiavo doing here?

According to Scott, Michael's brother:
“This isn’t over by a long shot, We’re going to get our name right. The world is going to know who Mike was, they’re going to know Mike wasn’t a beast.”

Gonna have to work hard to do that; I, for one, am not convinced. ""Mercy" me..."...


The Culture of death exposed...

 - Brian

The Terri Schiavo case has really exposed the culture of death. In the passed, the culture of death has been disguised as "convenience", and "noble," but today, we can all see it for what it really is: thoughtless and destructive.

Abortion is easier to to get away with, but this Schiavo case is just insanity.

I can't wait to see the aftermath of this catastrophe. There will be a great division between prolife people and the death worshipers. It's happening right this second - as we speak. A huge separation of the United States of America is inevitable.

At this moment, I, along with many other Christians, can practically feel the wrath of God. It's startling.

I'm at a loss for words...this is such a horrible thing that I don't know what to say.
I'm not trying to politicize the Terri Schiavo case, I'm just trying to point out how clearly we can see the culture of death.
Oh, and I'd like to thank Tbone for truly expressing how many pro-death people look at life. No sarcasm, just a thanks.
See, we as Christians can really respect life for what it is. We can really see the greatness in it -- the wonder. The opposing side looks at it as "convenience," and judges life by productivity. In that case, why don't we just start massacring retards. In most cases, they just get in the way, so why keep them? They slow productivity.

Joe's back. Maybe he'll post more later. "The Culture of death exposed..."...



 - Brian

Terri Schiavo died early this morning. Please pray for her family and friends.

Personally, I'm glad that she has finally passed away. I bet she was suffering greatly from starvation. Thus begins the battle over her body.

More later... "..."...


A Different way to look at it.

 - Psychomancer

Terri Schiavo

The first time I heard about it I didn’t think anything about it. Now that I’m looking around on the net I’m hearing more about it, I figured that being a good netcitizen/contributor person I should add a new search result for it.

Ok so she’s been a vegetable for 15 years. Hmmmm and the cadaver has/had a husband. However you want to think about that one. As well as parents that are dick heads and some F'ed up senators that happen to be republicans.
Ok let’s look at this in a nice little list.

1. I’m sure her husband doesn’t like the sight of his wife's body merely existing and breathing. It would be nice if he could give her a special burial.

2. If you believe in an after life. Then there are normally 2 different views about the soul.

2.A. The soul is tied to the mind and can not the death of the body itself. If that is true then they are merely keeping a cadaver breathing and spending tax money and wasting air time. Let the lady just die so that people can move on in life.

2.B. The soul is tied to the living and breathing body. If this is true then they have trapped this ladies soul in her body for 15 years merely so they would feel good about keeping her "alive". Why not let her die and go to heaven?? Where’s the downside to that?? There is no reason to keep her alive. She isn’t coming back.

3. If you aren’t religious then you probably don’t believe in an after life at all.
Therefore the only reasons to keep her alive would be because someone loves her, she can be a productive member of society, she might make it, or the one that seems the most prevalent right now, to push a political agenda.

3.A. Love transcends dimensions. Not like she’s doing an reciprocating anyways.

3.B. She isn’t being productive at all. Actually she’s being counter productive. Retarded laws and media time and taxes have been spent when they shouldn’t have been.

3.C. It’s been 15years. She isn’t making it.

3.D. The political agenda is to show that republicans care or something like that. I have no idea. But this is all about her damn parents that don’t wanna move on in life and act like poopy diapered old people that want to whine about something that they have no control over.

She would have died later anyways. No one survives life right? Why would you want to be kept on machines for eternity in a brain dead state feeling nothing. Thinking nothing. Being kept alive merely to satisfy her brain dead parents. "A Different way to look at it."...


And the Blog Hogger Jackball Award Goes To:

 - Brian

secondstring! Congrats, my friend! Because of your obvious lack of intelligence, you have now been given the honorary title of "jackball." Way to go.

first off, all i was trying to say was that you cant distinguish one acheivment from another, be it in art, music, business or athletics. Also, *ss, every pro football player went to college, its just a fact. By the way, flipping through this blog right now i just realized that your like.....15. Are you dead **cking serious? You write all this **it about involved issues and you know nothing about the world. I garuntee that the only "experience" you have is from your parents and your church. Close your ***ing mouth and open your mind.

Yeah everyone! Secondstring has returned. This time, he's judging my intelligence and knowledge of the world by my age. Way to go, tool.
First off, I'm 13. Sorry to disappoint you. Surprised? Yeah, so am I. And if you looked around this blog a bit more, you would have realized that we're all a bunch of teens. Even most of our commentators.
1. Unlike you, we don't need to do drugs and leave stupid comments on kids' blogs to gain knowledge of this world.
We read news papers, find controversial topics, research them, look at both sides of the argument, and then pick a side. Also, it seems that your spelling and grammar don't have much experience in this world either.
2. "Open your mind." Oh, wait, I forgot. If I don't advocate the slaughter of millions of babies, advocate the destruction of marriage, worship sports, and leave half-thought out comments on blogs, then I must not have an opened mind. Typical liberal.
Well, my friend, once I create a suitable BH Jackball Award image, I'll let you know so you can print it out and pin it to your bedroom door.
Chill, man. :) "And the Blog Hogger Jackball Award Goes To:"...


Are You a Pretentious Athiest? Take this test to find out.

 - Brian

You are a conceited, pretentious athiest jackball if you do any of the following:

___Refer to Christians as being mindless zombies who blindly follow their faith.

___And then turn around and state evolution as a fact.

___Claim that the Catholic Church is afraid of science and then refer to an incident that occurred a couple hundred years ago.

___Think you're too smart to believe in God.

___Make idiotic statements like, "Christians are racist because they depict Jesus as being a blond haired, blue eyed person."

___Claim that the belief in God has no credibility what so ever.

___Set up straw men and knock them down to boost your ego.

___Become a member of the Queer Crippled Alliance.

___Disagree with anything we say.

There. Print this out and hand it to random people on the street. Then tell them to submit the results to

Thank you. "Are You a Pretentious Athiest? Take this test to find out."...


Blog Hogger Radio

 - Brian

Last night I was doing some major brain storming. I was thinking of the numerous ways the Blog Hogger crew could rock the internet.
Well, it didn't take long for me to think up some awesomely kick-tail ideas.
One of which was a pre-recorded talk show. Yeah, baby, you heard me right. Blog Hogger radio!

I've got some computer mics at my crib that would come in handy. I would like, invite Joe, Ivan, and possibly Pete to come over ato discuss random news stories that Joe would provide (Joe's good at finding good news stories). Then I could upload them to BH.
The only thing is, however, i can't seem to find an adequate recording program on my computer. Oh well, I'll dig something up sooner of later.

What do you think? I think it's a cool idea.

P.S, I would invite you, James, but I'm not exactly sure how far away you live. "Blog Hogger Radio"...


How Dare They

 - Brian

My blood is boiling dramatically right now. I have estimated that in the next 5 minutes, my blood will reach 4872 degrees.
I am so upset with the liberals of America. Why do they stand for such insanity? Listen, I've tried to open my mind a little and see things from their perspective, but I just can't. Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Plain and simple. If it wasn't, then try to explain this:

Yesterday, Terri Shiavo's feeding tube was removed. Thus beginning the long procedure of starving to death. Yes, the judge ordered her to be murdered -- In cold blood. Seriously now, we've get senators trying to save Terri's life. We've got hundreds of life-respecting individuals trying to save her life, and yet ONE JUDGE....just ONE JUDGE orders her to be starved to death. We don't even starve criminals, and here they are trying to starve a brain-damaged women!
Yesterday, I was up in my bed listening the The Savage Nation, almost in tears, when I decided that liberalism must be a mental disorder.
Why are so many liberals trying to justify the starvation of Terri Schiavo? WHY?! They're the first ones to stand up for a mass murderer on death row, but they can't stand up for an innocent women?! This is satanic. How dare they.

How dare they try to compare the President of The United States of America to a nazi for trying to spread democracy throughout the world and for trying including a little decency in today's society. How dare they.

How dare they try to disguise the slaughter of thousands of innocent babies as a simple "choice." How dare they.

How dare they dare they try to destroy the values and traditions of America by legalizing gay-'marriage.' How dare they.

How dare they try to completely dispose of Christianity in today's society. How dare they.

Get out of my country, you freaks. Lay off and stay out, or I'll lead an armed revolution until EVERY LAST STINKING LIBERAL IS IN PRISON.

I am dead serious about this. "How Dare They"...


Boo Hoo (new comment)

 - Brian

Check out this comment I received from "Secondstring" regarding the football post I made a while ago:

"Could not be more wrong. You don't even give respect to what you don't understand. Most of those "high school" dropouts went to world class universities. Why is outstanding achievement in sport any different than any other field. Football players today are gladiators for the modern age. They take their lives in their hands because of the passion they have for the sport. And, it brings men together, your teamates become your brothers through common struggle. I know I benefited from it. I will watch and love football till the day i day. You sound like the sad little boy who got picked last and couldnt throw.


You say "Why is outstanding achievement in sport any different than any other field.[sic]"
First off, genius, football requires a very minimal amount of brain power.
For example:
"uhg. thro ball. catch ball. drop out of high-school. slam head into rock. gack."
Real achievement comes from real geniuses. Just look at Bill Gates. He achieved something wonderful because he applied his brain, not a football.
Secondly, if football players are "today's gladiators," then they're sure wimpy ones. Back in ancient Rome, gladiators kicked butt. They were real men, not little pansies who throw balls and drop out of high-school. They battled lions and other armed men.
Thirdly, you state: "They take their lives in their hands because of the passion they have for the sport."
*sniffle sniffle* how touching. Boo-freakin'-hoo.
Fourthly, fine. Watch football until you die. Waste away your obsessive life watching morons jump on each other and throw balls. Whoop whoop.
Lastly, I rule at football. I have a football player-like built. I dominate football. I'll run you over before you know what's happening. So you're completely wrong, I can throw a football (I might need to touch up on my skills, tho).
So while you're on your fat rear watching football, I'll be making millions with my my mind and hangin' out with my homies. Not to mention my millions of girl friends. "Boo Hoo (new comment)"...



 - Brian

In case you haven't noticed, Joe and James haven't been posting due to the fact that they gave it up for Lent (Catholic thing). So now it's my job to update this bitter little blog.
unfortunately, I am experiencing some major computer problems, so I am forced to use the library computer. It my halt blog updates for a while.

Anyway, Joe is going down to Sacramento CA for a retreat. Wish him good luck, yo. "Updates"...


3 of the worst talk show hosts ever.

 - Brian

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of talk shows. Michael Savage and Mike Medved rule. To tell you all the truth, one of my dreams has always been to be a talk show host. That would rule. Just think, dozens of mindless moonbats calling up complaining about how I piss them off and how tax-cuts suck. Ahhhh...yes!
unfortunately, I have THE MOST UNtalk showy voice ever to emerge on planet earth.

Well, anyway, I've found out that there is a minority of talk show hosts I CANNOT stand. Here is the list, yo:

Bill O'Reilly
I know Pete will completely disagree, but Bill O'Reilly is an idiot (I'm not stating this as a fact, but just as an opinion). I just can't stand his smart-aleck attitude towards things. "Oh look, I'm Bill O'Reilly and I'm never wrong!! Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!! I think I'm so darn smart! You all suck!!"
Well, actually, that's my kind of attitude...but wait! I'm justified! I AM always right! He's not.
Besides being a conceited Irish creep, Bill O'Reilly also lies.

Lie #1: He claims that his show is the "NO SPIN ZONE." That's a dirty lie. What does he mean by "No Spin?" He puts a spin on everything! He pollutes news stories with his own opinion(s)!

Lie #2: One day, he called Barbara B. a nut. Shortly after, a caller called in telling him to stop calling people names. He completely denied it. Tool.

Sean Hannity
Can't stand the guy. Hannity, along with Bill, have a "I know everything" attitude that I hate. It seems Hannity is just another mouth piece for Bush and the Republican Party. he doesn't think out side of the box. He can't. He's a zombie.
Besides being a lifeless zombie, he also poses the lamest arguments I've ever heard before. They consist of, "liberals are bad because they want to destroy America." Wow. How incredibly thought out.

Al Franken
Al Franken stinks. Out of every major liberal talk show host out there, Al stinks the most. His arguments aren't valid, his arguments in general are weak, and he doesn't think out side of the democratic box. In a matter of fact, an 8-year-old conservative could refute most of his none-sense claims. Just like Sean, he's a zombie. "3 of the worst talk show hosts ever."...


Super Size Me...NOW!!

 - Brian

Today, I watched Super Size Me with my family. It was interesting and informative. I found the food statistics dazzling (for lack of better term).

Poor fat lards. Fortunately for me, I'm NOT FAT, and go to fast food places around once every 2 weeks. Whoop whoop!!

The thing is, however, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Morgan Spurlock was eating large McDonald's meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why? What was he trying to prove? Only few (if not any) Americans eat super sized McDonald's meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So then, what was he trying to prove? Idiot!

Okay, so 60% of America is fat. Nobody likes to be fat or look at fat (that includes other fat people.). So then why are so many people fat?! Well, it's all explained in this movie. Go check it out.

Fat is not beautiful, idiot.

Ever see those bumper stickers or statues that read, "Fat is Beautiful!"? That kind of none-sense makes my blood boil!! Shut up!! Since when was blubber beautiful? NEVER! To all you fat people out there, read this:

FAT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL!!! IT'S DISGUSTING AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!! So if you want to be beautiful, get off you obese butt and eat some salad or go walk your poodle (fat people usually get poodles because they're easy to take care of).
The jackball who came up with that phrase was probably a fat high-school girl who was tired of feeling bad about herself.

Just letting you people know that fat isn't beautiful. You're in denial.

P.S, this post does not include fat people who are fat due to a medical reasons. You're cool cuz you can't help it.

Gotta go now, my Big Mac is here! "Super Size Me...NOW!!"...


See no evil.

 - Loki

Oh, they were so cute when they were babies!!!! "See no evil."...


Holy Cow! I look like Nelly!

 - Brian

through out my life, I have never encountered any celebrity that resembled me what so ever (mainly because there's no one as handsome as me).
I was wrong.

Check this out.

He may look like me, but my rapping skills exceed his by %100.45865968790000000. "Holy Cow! I look like Nelly!"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

Hmmm, I've been thinking about subjective and objective truth...And of course, I've come to a conclusion. Truth is objective. There. I've said it.

Oh, and if anyone walks up to you and states, "Truth is subjective, stupid," Reply with "so in other words, you're saying that the objective truth is that truth is subjective." And then he'll say, "Blast. I contradicted myself!" And then you say, "Duh, genius."

And if anyone says to you, "There are no absolutes!" reply with, "Are you absolutely sure of that?" "Contemplating Reality"...


Halo Made Me Do It Mom!!!!!!! I Swear!!!!

 - Psychomancer

I found this article in my latest issue of GamePro.
Issue #199 April 2005
Page 12 "Teach Your Children"

Although I have a few gaming mags with articles about video game violence, this is the first time I've posted about it. I will type the whole letter in and GamePro's response and then what I think.
Then all of yall are free to comment.

Teach Your Children
I have recently come to a conclusion about violence and video games.
Since before Death Race for the Atari 2600, there has been concern about violence in video games.
Now, the reasons for banning violent video games are admirable, but the cause of violence in society and in children is not video games or any form of media for that matter. It can be argued that much is due it the negligence of some parents who don't take the responsibility for teaching their children right from wrong. When you expect media to teach your children life values rather then taking care yourself to have such discussions with them, there will be problems. Games are not the cause of violence, but if parents would just step in and teach their children that violent behavior is wrong, that concern wouldn't not be an issue. Or better yet, if parents don't want their children to play the games, they shouldn't allow them to. Parents have a responsibility in this situation, and until parents decide to change, nothing else will.
MailGP - Via Internet

GamePro's Response
There's no substitute for conscientious and loving parenting: That includes imparting the proper knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Parents are responsible for that, but with technology and culture evolving to rapidly, they can use all the help they can get. This includes the ESRB ratings, proper support for ratings at the retail level, good information (from places like GamePro)*, and responsible gameplay by their gamer children, too.

*that was a shameless plug on GamePro's part, I did not add that in there. All of the above articles were retyped word for word.

Now my thoughts.

Although I do agree that games are not the CAUSE of violence. I do agree that it can contribute to it, Just like movies can. That is why there is a rating system on the games and movies as well. It is up too the retail stores to uphold the ratings of course. For my speech class I did some research on this topic. There was a study conducted where the researchers had different aged kids try and buy games, such as the "TEEN", "M", and rare "AO" ratings. There were about 75% of the kids that were too young to buy such games that were turned away. I know the major stores that started a program for greater awareness of the ESRB ratings include; WalMart, BestBuy, Gamestop chains, and Hastings. The researchers also did some observatory studies in the above mentioned stores and a few other smaller ones. What they saw was that when a kid wanted to buy a game and was too young and therefore turned away, they soon returned with their parent or guardian. This happened about 60% of the time.
This is why the awareness of the ratings is important.

But now about this argument that the video games cause the violence. That is total crap, it is a complete logical fallacy, there is no direct causal link. That is just like saying that the porn industry causes women to be raped. Sure it might contribute to the mind set of the men that do those things, but I think women were being raped long before any sort of pornographic media was made or largely distributed. As were people and youth killing other humans before any type of violent entertainment media.

This is why I think that these arguments and lawsuits should just be dropped and thrown out of court.
Sure the retailer that might have sold the game to an underaged gainer would have a little bit of responsibility in the matter. But there is no way to say that they sold it to him/her.
But the people that sue companies like RockStar, makers of the GTA series, or Bungie, makers of the Halo games, for the death or injury of their precious innocent baby, well they are just crazy and need to wake up. The history and past life of the kid would also have to be considered as would his up bringing. These things would prove to be very difficult to find out and therefore impractical.
The cases are a big waste of everyone's money.
Especially the game companies, because they need it to make more great games. "Halo Made Me Do It Mom!!!!!!! I Swear!!!!"...


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