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Super Size Me...NOW!!

 - Brian

Today, I watched Super Size Me with my family. It was interesting and informative. I found the food statistics dazzling (for lack of better term).

Poor fat lards. Fortunately for me, I'm NOT FAT, and go to fast food places around once every 2 weeks. Whoop whoop!!

The thing is, however, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Morgan Spurlock was eating large McDonald's meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why? What was he trying to prove? Only few (if not any) Americans eat super sized McDonald's meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So then, what was he trying to prove? Idiot!

Okay, so 60% of America is fat. Nobody likes to be fat or look at fat (that includes other fat people.). So then why are so many people fat?! Well, it's all explained in this movie. Go check it out.

Fat is not beautiful, idiot.

Ever see those bumper stickers or statues that read, "Fat is Beautiful!"? That kind of none-sense makes my blood boil!! Shut up!! Since when was blubber beautiful? NEVER! To all you fat people out there, read this:

FAT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL!!! IT'S DISGUSTING AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!! So if you want to be beautiful, get off you obese butt and eat some salad or go walk your poodle (fat people usually get poodles because they're easy to take care of).
The jackball who came up with that phrase was probably a fat high-school girl who was tired of feeling bad about herself.

Just letting you people know that fat isn't beautiful. You're in denial.

P.S, this post does not include fat people who are fat due to a medical reasons. You're cool cuz you can't help it.

Gotta go now, my Big Mac is here!


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