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New Logo

 - Brian

Hey y'all. I've posted the NEW logo that I designed with FireWorks MX. Do you like it? Is it too small?
If you seriously despise it, I can always revert it back to the other one.


Unrelated Update:

Bloghogger might be receiving a new member in the near future...Possibly. "New Logo"...


More brains result in a safer internet.

 - Brian

I have a very important announcement to make...ahem:

Teenage girls have no brains.
Thank you. You may all return to your homes.

Just the other day in the paper, a 14-yr-old girl decided to meet an online boy friend that she had never met in person. I forget most of the story, but she was either murdered, violated, or kidnapped.
When will they learn?
Don't they hear the stories about children who hook up with complete strangers? What's going through these girls brains (if they have any) when they decide to meet with total strangers without their parents consent?

By observing the behavior of the average teenage chick, I've decided what goes through their "minds."
Fist off, Sally meets a boy around her own age online (14). She schedules chats every Tuesday and Thursday night after school. She finds that they share the same opinions, ideas, and interests. She comes to like him and brags to her friends about her *new* online boy friend. He asks her to post a picture of herself in the chat room. He compliments her looks. She is flattered. He steals a picture off one of the BackStreet Boys of the internet and posts it for her to see. Being an idiotic 14-yr-old girl, she believes that it is him. He asks if they could meet somewhere. She arrives at the requested location. He doesn't show up. After waiting 15 minutes, a 47 year old autistic guy comes up behind her and coaxes her into his van with a piece of candy. He gets her into his van and drives off.

There. Now you know what happens, girls. No matter how charming you think he is, don't trust him. He'll always turn out to be a freak. For all you know he could be Michael Jackson...oh wait, I forgot, it's safe to meet Michael Jackson if you're a girl. He'll leave you alone. But just play it safe and don't trust anyone.

To the Parents

If you lost a daughter to an online chat room thing, don't blame it on internet safety, blame on the IQ of that girl.
After all, more brains result in a safer internet. "More brains result in a safer internet."...


Is there a god?

 - Brian

Click here to go to article

NOTE: When I refer to "creationism," I mean the possibility that a powerful being created the universe. "Is there a god?"...


Father Corapi

 - Brian

My family and I attended some wonderful talks given by Fr. John Coropi, the famous (and in some eyes,infamous) preacher who tells it like it is.
I was so incredibly moved and inspired by his speeches. I don't see how anyone could honestly disagree with what Father Coropi said!

See, Fr. Corapi has earned 5 doctrinal degrees. He knows the Catholic Faith up and down, left and right. The funny thing is, however, he teaches the Catholic Faith at a kinder garden grade level. He believes that 99% of Catholics in America do not even know the basics of their faith. How right he is!
Many of his criticisms are aimed at the problems of Catholic Church (Not doctrinal errors, but just the misconduct of some of the members of the Catholic Church). He explains how the Catholic Church is weakening in some areas and how Catholics need to improve their faith.

I think Protestants and Catholics will both benefit through Fr. Corapi's talks.

Now, Fr. Corapi has done and seen it all. The story of his life is amazing. He explains how he should have died many times, but didn't (due to the intercession of God and the Blessed Virgin). He also talked about how he turned away from the Catholic Church in his young adulthood and how he turned back.

Fr. Coropi is an amazing person. Check out his website at here
Maybe Joe will explain some of his talks later. "Father Corapi"...


Vermont "Crazy" Teddy Bear offends 'dem crazy folks.

 - Brian

According to this news source, the new Vermont Teddy Bear has offended mental health advocates.

"The bear, wrapped in a white straitjacket with a red heart on the front, comes with commitment papers and is meant to convey out-of-control love, the company says."

Excuse me, but do you guys find any controversial material in this TEDDY BEAR?! What kind of moronic pansy would take offense to such an innocent thing?

"Mental health advocates consider the bear 'a tasteless use of marketing that stigmatizes persons with mental illness,'"

Oh sure, I bet all sorts of retarded people are speaking out against this object of hate. Not to mention the criminally insane. I bet they're just outraged.
It seems to me that the only mentally disabled people who took offense to this were the mental health advocates. "Vermont "Crazy" Teddy Bear offends 'dem crazy folks."...


Da law (w/ morality to boot!)

 - Joe

To quote Mark Shea "What on earth is law but legislated morality?" In his recent column, he put to shame the ever and anon used argument that "y'all can't legislate morality!"
As a matter of fact, he states, you can; and this is basically the only reason for law to exist in the first place.
For example, he cites traffic laws as a judgment that orderly transportation is "good" and disjointed vehicles free to "choose" as it were, their own future is decidedly "bad".
Now then, where can we apply this new-found knowledge? Well, for starters, let's follow the will of the people and abolish abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell "research", any last vestiges of judicial tyranny, and most of all this embarrassing, counter-biological, counter-societal, marriage-destroying movement of gay "marriage". Help the poor, protect God's green earth, bolster the economy, and help those encumbered by oppression; those subject to dictators, and, almost as important, those subject to the anti-family juggernaut of the United Nations. With God's help (dear me, I said God again) we will build a better world, with morality(legislated as it always has been) as our central bulding block "Da law (w/ morality to boot!)"...


Instant Message Stuff

 - Brian

Many of you may have noticed that I haven't been on my AIM lately. Well, for some mysterious reason, my IM decided to delete my buddy-list.
I forgot many of my friends screen names, so if you could, catch me while I'm on.

My IM name is briansizzle13. "Instant Message Stuff"...


Divided America

 - Brian

I'm sick and tired of hearing liberals rant and rave about how President Bush "divided" America.

Here is a question that I have to ask:

1) How did Prez Bush divide America?

In my superior opinion:

The President did NOT divide America, liberals separated themselves FROM America.
Since Bush was elected, most liberals have had a "my way or the highway" attitude. If they don't get their little way, they'll whine and complain and raise a stink. It almost seems as if it's a crime to have a Conservative in the White House. Get me? Am I wrong? This is just an observation. "Divided America"...


Yeah, this is late...So what??

 - James

As long as we're talking about the Super Bowl and football and things of that ilk...
I really have very little use for sports, and no, I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year (or last year...or the year before...), but I did find this interesting: Apparently, some big cheeses in the advertising industry were discussing the ads of Super Bowl XXXIX on the news last Monday. They were saying that the ads that came with this year's Super Bowl weren't as good as last years'; they weren't as funny, as interesting, as effective in selling their products, etc. And, according to them, there is a reason for this (ya think??).

The FCC has cracked down this year, on, this year's Super Bowl commercials. Well, obviously. After dear ol' Janet's "wardrobe malfunction" *snigger*, what else would you expect? Right. Anyway, the advertising folks were whining about how the family values people, the religious right, and miscellaneous other offended groups influenced the FCC into cracking down on the raunchiness in this year's ads, and therefore, the ads were lousy.

It's kinda funny, though. In saying this, the advertisers are basically saying that they can't sell their products without sex. That they can't sell their products without raunchiness, bad taste, or whatever you wanna call it. That doesn't seem like it would go over well with people. And it's also really stupid. You can make a good, entertaining commercial without relying on the audience's hormones to sell your product. Commercials can be funny, too, without relying on crude, unintelligent, American Pie-ish jokes. Anyway, I've made my point. G'night, all... "Yeah, this is late...So what??"...


What better way to end the Super Bowl than by stating, "Football sucks"

 - Brian

Millions of American men and women are getting over the excitement of the Super Bowl that occurred on Sunday. While I, on the other hand, don't give a [insert suggestive word here] about football.

While millions of American men and women were screaming in front of their wide-screen plasma TVs on Sunday, I was playing video games with Ivan.

The Reason

To put it simply, football is boring. Is it really that great to watch a couple of high-school drop-outs get thrown to the ground after running a few feet? Is it really that entertaining to watch lame half-time performances by loser music artists? I don't think so.
The only fun I get out of football is when one of the players takes a nasty spill and can't play anymore and they replay his accident over and over again. That's entertainment, folks!

Besides, one of the few reasons that football even exists is so that EA can squeeze out another NFL video game.
Speaking of football games, how many are released every week? Take this into consideration:

There are countless NLF football video games on the market now. How many of those games are identical in game-play but bear different titles? Pretty much all of them.
If you own more than 3 football games for either the xbox or PS2, please click here (you don't deserve to read this blog).

In conclusion, paintball is a much better sport. Anything else is for gullible losers. "What better way to end the Super Bowl than by stating, "Football sucks""...


DON'T SHOOT!!! Lets talk.

 - Psychomancer

Not sure if you guys have talked about this yet. But I was just talking to my friend about gay marriage. It was quite an interesting debate. His whole view was that its totally ok and he doesn't care. Well I get sick of the pop culture view of things. "Everything is ok." I think that's total BS. But I also got to thinking, why is it that people are so resistant to this? Just because of religious beliefs? Or the thought of it just disgusts them. I do think that it is wrong and nasty.
I think it is nasty. But I also think that some of the logic used to shoot it down is flawed. I'm wondering, besides religious beliefs, is there anything else wrong with it? "DON'T SHOOT!!! Lets talk."...


Christine Gregoire feels threatned by Talk Radio.....She should be.

 - Pete

As I got up this morning fairly early, around 5:00 am, I rarely get up this early by the way, I flipped on the radio, and the David Bow show just happened to be on. I'd never heard him before; all I knew about him was that he was a conservative talk radio show host on talk 770 K.T.T.H. every morning at 5 am. And he's actually pretty good; he made some very good points. Anyway, as I'm listening to this guy, the topic is on this article in the Seattle Times news paper about how Democrat Christine Gregoire (the temporary governor of Washington State) received a death threat from this crazy guy named Jeff Martelli who was in a mental hospital at the time and had a life reputation of crime and felonies. Martelli was later arrested. So Gregoire is obviously scared and upset, but she makes this crazy and insane statement in a news conference at the capital, quote, "The level of discussion on some of this talk-show radio is believed to be a bit concerning," she said. Basically, Christine is inferring that conservative talk radio encourages listeners to send death threats to democrats. INSANE!!!!!!!! And I have the article from the Seattle Times right in front of me by the way.

Ok first, I'd like to say that Christine Gregoire is "temporary governor of Washington State" because the election is by far, not over. There were three voting counts if I recall. Republican Dinno Rossi won the first two but then Gregoire won the third by some 140 votes or something like that, and then inaugurated as governor. Since then there have been discoveries of several ballots that were cast by dead people for Christine Gregoire and the ballots that were sent to our troops over seas didn't get there in time to be included in the election. And so the republicans are fighting very hard now for a recount, which they should be, so that our own soldiers’ votes can be included, and liberals have the audacity to call this a fare and accurate election.

When Christine Gregoire said, "The level of discussion on some of this talk-show radio is believed to be a bit concerning," she was trying to blame the talk radio hosts (or more specifically, Conservative talk radio hosts) for the death threat on her family because she knows that conservative talk radio is mostly responsible for the discoveries of the cheating done by the democrats in this election.

And to top it all off, how does a crazy person that was in a mental hospital, have anything to do with talk radio anyway? That’s what I would like to know. I would also like to get your thoughts on this. Does Christine Gregoire have the right to make such a crazy statement, just because people are finding more evidence out there, that the democrats cheated in this election? "Christine Gregoire feels threatned by Talk Radio.....She should be. "...


It's all Bush's fault!

 - Brian

Image Hosted by

Hundreds of Iraqis voted and...

It's all Bush's fault!! If he had only pulled out sooner...
What a pointless war! "It's all Bush's fault!"...


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