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What better way to end the Super Bowl than by stating, "Football sucks"

 - Brian

Millions of American men and women are getting over the excitement of the Super Bowl that occurred on Sunday. While I, on the other hand, don't give a [insert suggestive word here] about football.

While millions of American men and women were screaming in front of their wide-screen plasma TVs on Sunday, I was playing video games with Ivan.

The Reason

To put it simply, football is boring. Is it really that great to watch a couple of high-school drop-outs get thrown to the ground after running a few feet? Is it really that entertaining to watch lame half-time performances by loser music artists? I don't think so.
The only fun I get out of football is when one of the players takes a nasty spill and can't play anymore and they replay his accident over and over again. That's entertainment, folks!

Besides, one of the few reasons that football even exists is so that EA can squeeze out another NFL video game.
Speaking of football games, how many are released every week? Take this into consideration:

There are countless NLF football video games on the market now. How many of those games are identical in game-play but bear different titles? Pretty much all of them.
If you own more than 3 football games for either the xbox or PS2, please click here (you don't deserve to read this blog).

In conclusion, paintball is a much better sport. Anything else is for gullible losers.


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