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Blogger in Beta

 - Joe

hoo yes.

I've been waiting fo this my whole life. (assuming my life began 45 minutes ago)

I just set up a blog using a new account ( Blogger has basically taken out any advantage that Wordpress had over it. I'm wearing my Blogger hoody with pride.

The only thing that I hate about the new service is the lack of raw HTML editing, but apparently "they" will add it soon. I have to get my Haloscan.

*buys a taco from a bearded Mexican*
*goes to California, because it rocks*
*gets tired of doing these transcriptions of his activity, and eats Michael Moore*
*dies again* "Blogger in Beta"...


Penguin massacre.

 - Brian

Read this.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

I bet this is what it looked like. Oohhhhhh...

In other news:

I'm almost done with Your pumped. "Penguin massacre."...


Well, lookit this

 - James

What was it people were saying about overpopulation again? "Well, lookit this"...


Shut up

 - Brian

This is to all you fools out there who are constantly bashing myspace:


Listen, we all recognize you're intelligent enough to understand the overall stupidity of myspace users, and that productive human creativity is almost impossible to find there.

But please, shut up. We've had enough of the ranting, screaming, and protesting. Besides, if you really wanted to protest against myspace, you'd get rid of YOUR MySpace pages, you trash HYPOCRITES. "Shut up"...


Feed on this

 - Brian

I've got some major plans I'm working out in my head right now. Enough of the small talk - let's get straight to the action:

Rearranging Blog Hogger
Okay, so I'm pretty much bored with Blog Hogger. It was cool managing a blog for this long and experiencing all the crazy, time-consuming stuff that's occurred since the beginning of BH. But unfortunately, I think Blog Hogger has overstayed it's welcome, and I think I'm going to dramatically change everything about it.
I'm going to change the template, the format, and let some extra people post on it. And when I say, "extra people," what I really mean is, "everyone." Most of the current contributors are done with Blog Hogger, and I'm done with it for the most part myself, but I think it would be a shame seeing it die out completely. Therefore, BlogHogger will soon be open to the public. And when I say public, what I really mean is people I somewhat trust.
So once I ditch Blog Hogger(or BlogHogger - whatever), I'm going to work on a website I've been wanting to manage ever since I was 11. I think I'll call it 300 Pound Tumor, due to the fact that tumors are awesome. And since my website will be about things that are undeniably awesome, I think it only fits. will be a WEBSITE (not a blog) containing long articles (some of which were featured on BlogHogger), videos of my friends and I doing really retarded stuff, parodies, pictures, music, flash movies, and a plethora of other excessively awesome crap. Unlike Randomocity, I'll actually go through with this idea all the way, and not leave it unfinished. It'll be my dream website.

I'll also use Tumor as a launchpad for any side projects I might be working on.

And I swear I won't give up on 300 Pound Tumor. Although I may suffer from some form of IPU (Impulsive Project Undertaking), I'm positive I'll stick to this project and pull through. It'll be easy, mainly because I know what I want to do, and I've been wanting to do this for years. It'll annihilate your eyeballs.

300 Pound Tumor will also be directly linked to the new and possibly improved Blog Hogger and 300 Pound Tumor the band (the band will happen eventually - it's inevitable).

Anyway, if you have any thoughts, just comment. Or, if you have any objections, just comment, although I don't see why you would, because I'd just label them as irrelevant anyway. "Feed on this"...


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