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Some cartoons while you're waiting...

 - Brian

While you are waiting for Blog Hogger to permanently shut down, here's some cartoons by David Firth:

My model's bigger than your model...
Latest Model

Salad Fingers 7

My personal favorite:
The Child That Smelt Funny

If you're a girly sensitive guy who is easily offended by disturbing nonsense, don't watch any of his other cartoons. As a matter of fact, don't watch the ones I linked to either. Just sit here staring at a seldom (I hate that word) updated blog.

When typing in the address to get to, make sure you include the '-', or you'll be in for a nasty surprise! :0 I'm deeply offended.
Example: = Incorrect = CORRECT! "Some cartoons while you're waiting..."...



 - Brian

Will post later.

Joe, mind postin' something? Or are you too retarded? ;) "..."...


Alien Brutality = DONE!

 - Brian

Check it out! My first ever published online game:


Yeah, baby, that's right! Hopefully, people will see past the shortocity of the game and realize that this is the best game ever made.

Tell me what you think... "Alien Brutality = DONE!"...


Where did I put that flamethrower..??

 - Brian

Holy crap! There's a HUGE spider crawling on the wall next to me... *looks frantically for some form of assault rifle*

I hate spiders. "Where did I put that flamethrower..??"...


[insert title here]

 - Brian

Read this.

I'm sure that poor 14-yr-old boy is undergoing massive psychological trauma.

Yeah, whatever. "[insert title here]"...


Updates coming soon...

 - Brian

Um, yeah, I'll put together a post sooner or later. I've been too busy being awesome to post anything. You know how time-consuming that can be sometimes. Well, actually, I gave a presentation to 4 delegates from Taiwan (one of whom was the Minister of Education!). No, I'm actually being serious this time.

Anyway, I'll get around to posting something intellectually stimulating later... "Updates coming soon..."...


Kerry caught in drug deal?

 - Brian

Read this

Sen. John Kerry was photographed 3/1/06 allegedly involved in a drug deal...

I laughed my head off when I saw this! No freaking way...
He's so busted!


Oops! I think I posted a broken link. Hold on a sec. I'll try to correct it... "Kerry caught in drug deal?"...



 - Brian

Here's a list of what I'm giving up for Lent:

  • Nothing

That's right. I'm giving up absolutely nothing.

But what I am doing is working to break my millions of bad habits and trying to spend more time with God.

I don't see how not playing video games (which I don't do that often anyway), watching movies, or eating candy increases my spiritual state.

Of course, I'm not saying YOU shouldn't give anything up. That's your decision and you know yourself better than I do, so have fun.

It sometimes seems like people are in a competition to see how many things they can give up for Lent while forgetting the real purpose of fasting etc. I see people with lists of up to 50 things they're giving up, and many of those things aren't even relevant to what Lent is even about (i.e art, music, reading).
Lent is about increasing your spiritual strength for Easter, not giving stuff up just for the sake of giving stuff up.

Think. "Lent"...


methinks me needs a laptop...

 - Brian

Hey. I'm beginning to wonder if I should invest in a laptop.


If any of you guys have an old laptop that you don't need, you could email it to me at bloghogger@gmail.comNEW***


In order to successfully email me a laptop, you'll first need to convert it into computer dust.
Do accomplish this task, you will need to download a converter that can be found here(6.5 megs).
After successfully downloading the converting software, gently fit laptop into a USB port. Windows will probably require you to download a new driver, which can be found here.
After downloading driver, reboot your computer.
Once you have successfully rebooted your computer, run the converter installation. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient.
Once the laptop is fully converted to computer dust, quickly collect it in an envelope. Place envelope in CD drive, and log on to your email account.
Upon logging on, upload computer dust as an attachment and send it to the following address:


If you recieve an error message from AOL servers, go here. "methinks me needs a laptop..."...


Randomocity up in da' hizzy!

 - Brian

After 7 full days of hard work, Randomocity is finally up. Randomocity probably contains the sloppiest HTML ever typed on Microsoft Notepad, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

Click here to be randomized!

Let's get a few things straight:

Randomocity is NOT a personal blog, or a personal journal website. Randomocity has very little to do with me. It's simply a site dedicated to teaching the art of Randomocity (which is explained on the site), and I happen to be the webmaster. Savvy? Good...

There's not much on the site as of now, but there's a good 15-20 (or 60 if you're retarded) minutes worth of reading on it.
Also, I am not done with Randomocity, nor will I ever be. I'll continue to add content until I get bored of doing so.

Anyway, please link to it if you find it entertaining or educational.


P.S. If you find grammar or spelling errors on Randomocity, I couldn't care less. Misspelling stuff rules. "Randomocity up in da' hizzy!"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

If the counterculture that was is the culture of today, then the only way to be counter-cultural is to be like the culture that existed before the counterculture became the culture of today.

Deep. "Contemplating Reality"...


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