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methinks me needs a laptop...

 - Brian

Hey. I'm beginning to wonder if I should invest in a laptop.


If any of you guys have an old laptop that you don't need, you could email it to me at bloghogger@gmail.comNEW***


In order to successfully email me a laptop, you'll first need to convert it into computer dust.
Do accomplish this task, you will need to download a converter that can be found here(6.5 megs).
After successfully downloading the converting software, gently fit laptop into a USB port. Windows will probably require you to download a new driver, which can be found here.
After downloading driver, reboot your computer.
Once you have successfully rebooted your computer, run the converter installation. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient.
Once the laptop is fully converted to computer dust, quickly collect it in an envelope. Place envelope in CD drive, and log on to your email account.
Upon logging on, upload computer dust as an attachment and send it to the following address:


If you recieve an error message from AOL servers, go here.


Free Domain Forwarding

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