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Return of the Admin.

 - Brian

I'm back from my extraordinary journey. It was great!!! My family and I have been going to that ocean resort for since I was 7, and it's not getting boring neither. Every year, Paul's family has invited us and other families to participate.

What I did...

I spent 60% of my trip swimming in the pool. I'm proud to say that I'm 100% able to swim any distance in any condition!

I spent 30% of my trip watching paul type the code (PHP) for a game he is making.

I spent 5% of my trip eating food provided by my family.

The last 5% walking around the near by beach.

All in all it was a very wonderful trip. Although it rained 70% of the time, it was still fun to swim in the pool.

Thank you and good night "Return of the Admin."...



 - Brian

When I posted that entry about my dog, it showed up all crazy. darn. It made my whole family laugh!! I'll post it agian.... "ahhhhhh!!!!"...


Where I was for sooo terribly long

 - Joe

Hi all! back again. I was on a ytm mission at Holy Family Parish in West Seattle. We all went around door-to-door in the various neighborhoods around Holy Family (divided into 6 "zones" to allow more efficiency). It went very well, especially for being the first of these in the Pacific Northwest if I understood correctly. there was also a mini "kids' camp" going on at the parish. Now here's the cool part. Before the thing started, imagine a small herd of daycare-injured, typical 2nd-3rd grade public school kids ( loud, making dumb jokes, and rather obnoxious). Over the course of the camp, imagine a HUGE transformation. Done imagining? Well that's exactly what happened. Also, Brother Aaron and Father Budke were there, so I gave Brother Aaron our URI. He said (and I quote)

"You'll get a lot of strange people with a name like that."
--Brother Aaron Vinduska

Anyway, he also woke me up to the fact that, (HELLO) I should get waaaaaaayyy more serious with the content of my posts. So, with that in mind, thanks Brother Aaron.

p.s. James if you're reading this, I told him about your blog too. Brother Aaron, the URI is "Where I was for sooo terribly long"...


The Trip...

 - Brian

On Monday, we (the family) are leaving to go on a trip to an ocean resort. The other members of this trip will include Paul's family (including Paul). We will be gone for 4 days - if you're too lazy to do the basic math, we will be returning on the 28 (Thursday).

I do pray Joe or Ivan will keep the content new for a while.
(please pray that it won't rain) "The Trip..."...


The Story of My Dog and Why You Should Care

 - Brian

It all began when I was 11 years old. That day, my mom was taking us (the kids) to Arnold’s Hey and Grain, a food store for animals. As we were approaching the door, something caught my eye: a little dog (4 months old). The puppy was situated in a cage and was lying down on his tubby little belly. He looked at me with BIG, HUGE, BUG-eyes and whimpered. He looked so sad…so lonely…so isolated. I got down on my hands and knees and said to him, “Hey there, little puppy. You sure look lonely.” Then the dog looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Well duh. I’m stuck in this freakin’ cage sleeping in my own business and eating nasty doggy kibble. How about getting me outa here, you mental midget?” I replied with, “Sure thing, dude. I’ll buy you or something like that.” He rolled his bug eyes at me and stated, “You humans are all the same…” I smirked.
Well, a few minutes after my encounter, my mom walked out of the store with the rest of the brats. She noticed I was looking at the dog and commented about how cute he was. Then I remembered how much I wanted a dog and asked her if I could buy this one (as if I bought a puppy every day). To my astonishment, she said, “Maybe.”
She looked in to the matter a little more and she decided to ask my dad whether or not we could get a dog. Again to my astonishment, he said, “Maybe.” Before I could purchase my furry friend, he made me promise him that I would feed him, brush him, walk him, burp him, change his diaper etc….
Of course I agreed not realizing the mess I got my self into. “Yeah whatever.” I said, “I’ll feed him, brush him, walk him, burp him, and change his diaper etc…”
So, we bought the little punk. It would take a day before we could actually pick him up. When that day came, I was more then ready to feed him, brush him, walk him, burp him, and change his diapers! When we got him to the car, he completely freaked out (I guess he was never in a car before). He jumped over the seats, he ran between our legs, he barked at oncoming cars, he screamed, he shouted, and he used words I would never use on this blog. When I asked him why he executed such juvenile behavior, he replied with, “Because I’m a dog, stupid. Plus I was told it’s great therapy – you should try it some time.” I shrugged and told him I had given that practice up a week ago.

the name...

It was really difficult to find a name for this dog, so I went through the lists of names common to a dog. “Zip, Butch, Rover, Cretan?” I thought to myself. All those names seemed too….stupid. So I named him “Richard.” He loved it.

the walks...

As the months went by, he seemed to grow larger, more intelligent, but he never did lose his puppy-like features. Taking him on walks was moderately easy, except for one thing: Once he saw a person or location he wished to approach, he would tug and pull and coke himself until he would almost pass out. Once the animal rights people noticed this, they stated that this was total animal abuse and demanded they take possession of my dog – at least until they could find a suitable owner. Of course I told them I would do nothing of the sort. They did not like my little reply so we got in a gunfight and I won. He he, those losers…

the cars...

One month before he turned 1, he mysteriously developed the bad habit of chasing cars (an activity that is commonly executed by dogs). After a few weeks of having my arm pulled off, my mom and I decided that we needed to take some serious action. But before we started beating the living waste out of Richard, I decided I needed to have a little “Boy-to-Dog” discussion.

“Richard, we need to discuss something…” I said.

“Make it quick, stooge. I have a tight schedule today.” He replied.

“Richard, you’ve gotta stop chasing after cars, you’re really hurting my arms.” I said.

“You’ll survive, Brian.” He replied.

“Not for long!! What do you suggest I do? I can’t seem to train you to not chase vehicles.” I said.

“ Hey, I know: when you see a car coming, let me go.” He replied.

“That’s it, smart-butt, time to get aggressive with you!!!” I said

I bought a can of

    Bitter Apple
, A spray that comes in a bottle and is affective against disobedient k9s. On our next walk, I took the can. This is how it went:

“Oh boy!!!” he said, “A car!!”

“Leave it, mutt!” I said.

“No.” he said.

“Yes.” I said.

“Die.” He said.

“That’s it!!! Take this!!!” I said as I sprayed the substance in his mouth.

“AAAAHHHGGGGGGG” he said, “I’m melting!!!!!”

“No you’re not.” I said.

“That stuff is N-A-S-T-Y! OK, I’ll follow your unreasonable demands.” He said.

“Good.” I said.

(We don’t believe in shouting, or yelling, so we use “said,” instead of “yelled” or “shouted.”)

After a few more sprays and “discussions,” Richard stopped chasing. I was obviously glad and so was he.
Although Richard has his difficulties, he has a lot more “good stuff” about him.

the “good stuff”...

Richard is extremely intelligent when it comes to learning new tricks. I taught him how to shake my hand in about 6 minutes. I also taught him how to catch food in mid-air in about 9 minutes. He’s a very fast learner. He is also learning to stay in the front yard without darting after cats and other such mobile things. Although he is currently 2, he still looks and acts like a puppy. Not only is he cute, he is also a great guard dog (just take my word for it). Oh yeah, did I mention he can talk?

Well, I think you have a good idea what my dog is like, so remember: Before you go around ranting about how cool your dog is, just think about how much cooler my dog is.

The end...

Thank you and good night "The Story of My Dog and Why You Should Care "...


More video game pics

 - Brian

A few days ago, I ran over to Ivan's house to "hang"(if you don't know, he's my pal). When I got there, he was playing an RTS PC game titled Age Of mythology. Age of mythology is similar to The Age of Empires in which you build ancient civilizations and create huge armies.

It just so happens Ivan was creating a huge battle scenario when I arrived. We tested the scenario and decided it looked moderately cool. We also decided that it would be cool if we took screen shots and posted them online.

If you're interested, hang around.

thas'all. "More video game pics"...


Gifts Please....

 - Brian

The best part of your birthday party is the fact that you KNOW that you have survived another year, that you have lived another year of pleasing God and perhaps your friends and family, that you know that you will probably live another year of happiness and have the ability to please God and others, and that you can celebrate your birth byhaving your friends come over to have a cake....NOT!!!!

C'mon people, everyone knows that the best part of having a birthday is the presents!!! Don't let anyone fool you by telling you that they actually don't care about the gifts others give them on their birthday parties, and that all they care about is the fact that their friends could make it (to share the enjoyment of their birth). They're lying.

Just face it, the gifts are the coolest part of a birthday party.

My family generously gave me 2 gifts: Enter The Matrix (video game) and a cool new skate board. "Gifts Please...."...



 - Brian

Go Here or die. "Ha!!"...


It's my birthday. yay.

 - Brian

Well boys and girls, I'm officially 13 today. I'm actually looking forward to being 13 and here's the reasons why:

When most people hear a "teen" attached to an age, they assume that the person who bares that age will be more responsible, more intelligent, more......teenager-y. Well, they're right.
I'm sick and tired of people (mainly adults and 17 year olds) thinking that I'm an innocent, isolated little boy who still picks his nose and plays with GI Joes. In fact, I do a great deal more thinking (+ reasoning) than most of the 17-year-old jokers out there who go around with their baggy pants hangin' off their butts, wearing a sweat shirt in 89 degree weather, using a vocabulary that consists of






and of course, "****!"

Though I have just recently (meaning in the last hour) turned 13, I still have the mind set and knowledge of a 16-year-old. I have recently discovered that I have more political knowledge then some 17-year-olds. I refuse to be treated like an insignificant 12-year-old nose picker.

Thank you and good night.

P.S you gotta admit it hurts when your friend's mom asks you if you're allowed to play "Teen" rated games. Ouch. "It's my birthday. yay."...


My dog's better then your dog

 - Brian

In life, there are very simple facts that we all must face. Facts that we accept as part of life, right? Well, one of these facts has to do with the plain and simple fact that my dog is much better then your dog.

While your dog is sniffing the rear ends of other fury beasts, my dog is learning 23 tricks per second and getting paid for it as well. Just face it, your dog is not that bright.
Don't be too sad, it isn't your doing, it's just the way God made it. My dog, on the other hand, is 2 years old and can learn a complicated trick in about 5 minutes! Beat that, you. Plus, at 2 years old, you'd expect a dog to sort of "grow up" and lose its cuteness. Well, in my dog's case, he'll stay baby-cute for the rest of his intellectually advanced life.

To tell you the truth, your dog resembles The Elephant Man on a bad hair day. Ha! While your dog mindlessly fetches sticks for hours at a time, my dog realizes the stupidity of eating sticks.

Well, that's all I gotta say, so before you start ranting about how cool your dog is, think about how much cooler my dog is.

By the way, if you were offended by anything a said just now, then my dog truly is cooler then your dog.

Thank you and good night.... "My dog's better then your dog"...


Random Thought of the Day

 - Brian

Goths are weird....really weird and freaky. "Random Thought of the Day"...


Tblog Steak

 - Brian

Those dirt wallopers at have deleted my little brothers account due to lack of updates. So I searched around the internet for another blog service and came upon
Tblog Offers a great service that has many different hosting options - such as their "T-bucks."

Things I liked about this service...

1. Their service options include Free Service, and then the Pro Service that is priced around $2.99 a month.

2. They have a little online store in which you can purchase cool features to put on your Fire Works (basically flash applications). You can get these features by earning Tbucks. Go to for more details.

3. Their commenting systems are pretty sweet.

4. Also, their user interface is really easy to get around

Thing I didn't really like...

1. If you don't want to pay $2.99 a month, then you're stuck with the free service. The free service does not allow you to do basic customizations to your blog - such as edited your template with html code.

2. You can't upload images from your computer without upgrading to the $2.99 service. You CAN insert images that are already up on the internet, but that's kind of tricky.

So if you're looking for a great blog hosting company, then check out Tblog or Blogger. By the Way, my little brothers blog is at HERE "Tblog Steak"...


Anti-Catholic stuff

 - Joe

go here "Anti-Catholic stuff"...

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