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It's my birthday. yay.

 - Brian

Well boys and girls, I'm officially 13 today. I'm actually looking forward to being 13 and here's the reasons why:

When most people hear a "teen" attached to an age, they assume that the person who bares that age will be more responsible, more intelligent, more......teenager-y. Well, they're right.
I'm sick and tired of people (mainly adults and 17 year olds) thinking that I'm an innocent, isolated little boy who still picks his nose and plays with GI Joes. In fact, I do a great deal more thinking (+ reasoning) than most of the 17-year-old jokers out there who go around with their baggy pants hangin' off their butts, wearing a sweat shirt in 89 degree weather, using a vocabulary that consists of






and of course, "****!"

Though I have just recently (meaning in the last hour) turned 13, I still have the mind set and knowledge of a 16-year-old. I have recently discovered that I have more political knowledge then some 17-year-olds. I refuse to be treated like an insignificant 12-year-old nose picker.

Thank you and good night.

P.S you gotta admit it hurts when your friend's mom asks you if you're allowed to play "Teen" rated games. Ouch.


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