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the return of Quizzila

 - Joe

Allegedly; I belong in this movie:

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla
And I'm this Greek God

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla
This is the "elemental wolf" that represents me:
Youre the wolf of fire! You are the one who is most
likely to be a leader. The wolf of fire has a
deep passion for almost anything and is very
noble. They are athletic and rough but are
still tender on the inside. These are probably
not the most rare type but they are still very
special. A fire wolf is such a cool being the
way they eat and hunt together. If you are the
fire wolf then you are very social and proud
although you are not always loyal. But, still
being the fire wolf is a good thing because
they are strong and do most things

What Elemental Wolf Are You? (with pics/read memo)
brought to you by Quizilla

And... what???!!!
You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

hmmm... this is getting weird
You are Shrek! You are a not-so-vicous ogre that
just wants to be alone, but things always get
in the way of that. You misunderstood hero!

Which Shrek character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla "the return of Quizzila"...



 - Joe

One of the major pitfalls in the Protestant religion is their idea that everyone is blessed w/ an "inner light" to interpret the bible in their own way. If everyone interpreted the bible in their own way, the idea of a "church" would never have existed.
Divisions in the church would have wreaked it as soon as the Romans decided not to allow Christianity. That's why there has to be a central authority, instituted by God *insert divine Muzak* , which would interpret the bible as God intended it.

"therefore brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions you were taught, either by oral statement or by a letter of ours"

- 2 Thessalonians 2:15

also remember that the early Christians had no Gospels or New Testament. The stories of Jesus were passed down orally until four concrete Gospels were authorized by the holy see. "Interpretation???"...


A Letter From a Senior Citizen

 - Brian

I am a senior citizen. During the Clinton Administration I had an extremely good and well paying job. I took numerous vacations and had several vacation homes.

Since W. Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change for the worse.

I lost my job.
I lost my two sons in that terrible Iraqi War.
I lost my home.
I lost my health insurance.

As a matter of fact, I lost virtually everything and became homeless. Adding insult to injury. When the authorities found me living like an animal, instead of helping me, they arrested me.

I will do anything that Senator Kerry wants to insure that a Democrat is back in the White House come next year,

Bush has to go,

I just thought you and your readers would like to know how one senior citizen views the Bush Aministration.

That you for taking the time to read my letter.


Click here to view the sender's name!

Lyrical Hitman

These lyrics were submitted by "Turkey"
Parody of "Without Me", by Eminem

Guess who's back
Back again
Real Hussein
I'm not dead
Guess who's back
From Iraq
Got attacked
Then got jacked
It's a fact
I'm the mack
And I'm back

I wish I were Osama 'cause nobody's after Bin Laden no more,
Although he was the real villain.
He's in Afghanistan up in a cave chillin',
Cuttin' his videos far from the blood spillin'.

They got my sons and you know that ain't funny
I was forced to hide in a hole like bugs bunny
And I stayed down there until they found my a**
Now I'm held in a prison where they pound my a**

For 24 years I ruled with class
And when someone was out of line I used the gas
And now they've slapped me with incarceration
Where is my Minister of Information?

Now the CIA won't let me play
The US of A has me locked away.
But still in Abu Ghraib they do it Hussein's way
I saw the photos on the Internet yesterday.

Well they fought me. Everybody's glad they caught me.
For the 100 billion bucks they spent, they could have bought me.
Where’s the judge? I plead not guilty.
It was all a body double of your fav'rite Iraqi

Now I'm stuck in captivity
I wasn't even the real enemy
Nine eleven was not tied to me
And I never even made a WMD.
Osama Bin Laden's free.
But they sent an army after me.
Despite my gross iniquity
Iraq will be so empty without me.

Al Qaeda, the U.S.A. hater
Madder than eskimo at the equator
Bush thought getting rid of ME would faze ya
And so he turned my summer palace into a crater

Osama, you can go mount a llama.
There's nothing else on TV but your drama
It's all over. They're too strong. My beard is too long.
Somebody get my Norleco!

And I know. If you didn't mess with the U.S.
I could still be in power, wearing my headdress.
You attacked. And just look what's happened to Iraq.
By the way, Castro called. He wants his beard back.

Sometimes it just seems, everybody only wants to depose me.
Well excuse me for imposing, but maybe I could just go free.

So in retrospect I was incorrect
Why did I object when Hans would inspect?
As I ruled unchecked I showed disrespect
What did you expect? Nobody's perfect.

So come on George, Donald, Condi, and Dick
Nobody runs Iraq like Saddam Hussein did.
So get ready, and tell the 911 commission
I just hired Johnny Cochran, F*** this prison.


[voice spoken]
Who's your Baghdaddy?
I’m off the hizzle for shizzle

My Input

This is a hilarious song with a lotta wit stuffed into it (hey, I rhymed)!
I compared it to Eminem's version and this one seem very similar in the wording. Although there was some unnecessary profanity, the song is still very clever!

I'll give it a 7.5 outa 10


p.s you're song will be judged profanity please "A Letter From a Senior Citizen "...


Hey, I Know, Let's vote for JOHN KERRY!!

 - Brian

I got these statistics off of the Discussion Forum.
The following are all the military weapons Chin-Boy has voted to kill (note: I dont know if all these are true):

He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams tank
He voted to kill every aircraft carrier laid down since 1988.
He voted to kill the Aegis anti aircraft system (defensive system).
He voted to Kill the F-15 Strike Eagle fighter
He voted to Kill the Block 60 F-16 Falcon fighter
He voted to Kill the P-3 Orion upgrade (airborne radar platform).
He voted to Kill the B-1 bomber.
He voted to Kill the B-2 stealth bomber.
He voted to Kill the Patriot anti missile system (another defensive system).
He voted to Kill the FA-18 Hornet fighter.
He voted to Kill the F117 stealth fighter.

In other words he voted to kill America...
Well, that proves it: John Kerry is certainly on the enemy's side! "Hey, I Know, Let's vote for JOHN KERRY!!"...



 - Joe

this is what daiko's little quiz thought of me:

Far-Right Conservative
Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

odd, huh? "hmmm..."...


In response to Kat

 - Joe

Let me put it this way Kat (supposing that you're still here). If you really are Catholic, then you should believe what the pope teaches as he is, after all, God's Vicar on Earth (the gospel of Matthew clearly states this ...And I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and THE GATES OFHELL will not prevail against it...). The pope,along with the bishops of the Church have clearly stated many times that "abortion" and "euthanasia" are murder. All Catholics are obliged to follow this. "In response to Kat"...


Can You Say, "Company?"

 - Brian

Yesterday, I was talking with some of my friends, when all of a sudden they started talking about some weird "company." It turns out that they have an idea for creating a website in which individual people can purchase online games they have programmed. I know a lot of web design stuff (such as html, CSS, some JavaScript etc...), but I don't know a thing about "Game Design." That's why I have to download Game Maker @

Well, anyways, they invited me to participate in there endeavor to create the ultimate gaming website (lol). Of course they gave me the secret URL to their discussion forum.
Now all I have to do is download some Instant messenger from so we can communicate easier.......

I just thought it might interesting. Also, I need a little feed back: Please give me the URL to any website that might help me learn gaming code (such as C++).

I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Can You Say, "Company?""...


Lyrical Hitman

 - Brian

Yes, first there was American Idol: a mean, stupid TV program where untalented people perform on stage and are horribly criticized. Well, I think that spankin' stinks...soooo, I've created a little segment on this site called, "Lyrical Hitman" It's where you submit the lyrics of a song you have created, and then, you will be judged (nicely, though).

Instead of judging the "sound/tune of the music", I wanna focus on the lyrics. You know your favorite song? Well, try looking at the lyrics and tell me if it makes ANY sense what so ever.

THIS IS MY PLAN: First, you have to tell me what kind of song your lyrics go too, then your song lyrics will be judged. Just make sure your lyrics are not sexually explicit.
(hint: rap will do the best)

SUBMIT LYRICS "Lyrical Hitman"...


Guess who's back, back again, Brian's back, tell a friend

 - Brian

YO! Camp was great! First of all, I plan to go there again (I've gone last year 2)!

The following is a list of things brian liked/disliked:

(A)I loved the fact that you had to hike to every thing, such as the playing fields, lunch, and lodge.

(B) It's just so cool to see religious Brothers playing hard-core sports! Also, I think Father has some super-natural strength. He pulled at least 7 teens down single-handedly during tug-a-war fight!

(C)During the team selection, I was stuck with some awesomely cool kids! (one of which, was Joe Shmo)

(D)I loved the daily Mass! It followed the traditional way of doing Mass and I loved IT! None of this stupid fluff about "Come on everybody! Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your feet!!! Trah-la-la-la-la!!"

(E)I am finally spiritually strong! I loved the talks the Brothers gave about trying to keep your faith no matter what. They said that Catholics these days are counter-cultural... such as supporting life in a world that thinks it's nothing. We have to stand up for our faith, despite the "pear-pressure".

(X) *burp* great food

That's all. I'm sure Joe will post about this some more....... "Guess who's back, back again, Brian's back, tell a friend"...


I'm Outa Here Too!

 - Brian

As Joe said, we are going to a Very Catholic camp for boys. It's going to be just dandy *claps hands*! One of the cool things about camp, is that it teaches the REAl Catholic faith and it aint no fluff. In this camp, you receive Communion in your MOUTH, not you hands.

Since I'll be gone for 5 days, I'll give you some of my favorite places to go:

If your in the mood for reading a very interesting religious (+cool) blog, then click here

If your in the mood for a goofy/funny blog updated by a bunch of teens, then click here

If your in the mood for some really interesting techno updates, then click here

If your in the mood for reading a blog updated by a dude who helped create, then click here

If your in the mood for some funny LOL cartoons, then click here

If your in the mood to light small, helpless animals on fire, then get off my blog by clicking here "I'm Outa Here Too!"...


i'm going bye-bye

 - Joe

Well,it's been fun these past few weeks, but I'm ging to camp effective tomorrow. It's done by a religious order known as the "Legionaries of Christ" and BOY are they good. Not only do they give you more exercise in a week than the average person gets within a month, they also spice it up with a lot of talks by good priests and brothers who aren't caught up in the "culture of death". "i'm going bye-bye"...


check out the government!!!

 - Joe

subject the government to intense scrutiny w/ this link "check out the government!!!"...


Two stupid duck jokes

 - Joe

duck walks into a restaurant and says:"got any cold coffee?"
MANAGER:"uh, no. No cold coffee."
DUCK:"fine" (walks out of restaurant)
(next day, same restaurant)
DUCK:"got any cold coffee?"
MANAGER:"nope.Told you yesterday. no. cold. coffee."
DUCK:"fine" (walks out of restaurant. Manager puts cup of coffee in 'fridge)
(next day, same restaurant)
DUCK:"got any cold coffee?"
MANAGER:"you know what? I actually do have some cold coffee!"(turns around to grab it)
DUCK:"well heat it up!!!"
(end of annoying duck joke numero uno.)

duck walks into pet store and says:"Got any duck food?"
MANAGER:"nope. no duck food"
DUCK:"this already sounds like the last joke!" (walks out of pet store. Don't worry, this isn't a repeat.)
(next day. Same pet store.)
DUCK:Got any duck food?"
DUCK:"go grab some Prozac." (leaves)
(next day. same pet store.)
DUCK:"ummm... got any staples?"
MANAGER:"um,no... no staples."
DUCK:"well in that case, (punchline)got any duck food?" "Two stupid duck jokes"...


Loving Country? (volume 2)

 - Joe

more on the "culture of death" we got goin' on in this country:

Oregon:pro-asissted-suicide("euthanasia")folks tell old people this:

"your lives are expendable!" and boy, that really makes me want to move down there... "Loving Country? (volume 2)"...


Rules to live by in the military

 - Pete

"Aim twords the enemy."-Instruction on U.S. Army rocket launcher.

"When the pin is pulled, Mr.Grenade is not our friend"-U.S Army
training notice

"If the enemy is in range, so are you".-Infantry Journal

"A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when
you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopulare in what's left of your unit."-Army preventive maintenence publication

"Dont draw fire; it iritates the people around you"-your buddies

"It is generaly inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed"- U.S Air Force flight training manual

"Any ship can be a minesweeper-once."- Anonymous

"Five-second fuses only last three seconds."- Infantry Journal

"If you see a bomb disposal technician running ,try to keep up with him." U.S. Army ordnance manual "Rules to live by in the military"...


More on the template

 - Brian

BTW way, that post by "JOE" was really me. I was correcting something Joe did, and I forgot to log out b4 I posted. The new template has a lot of new cool things about it: First of all, I made 2 new columns so that I can store more links without worrying about taking up the whole side bar. Plus, I actually created some frames for the basic layout of my blog. Before, Blog Hogger was completely made out of CSS code (Very unstable). Having Blog Hogger completely constructed out of CSS is like using twigs as supports for the Space Needle. It aint gonna wark (hehe).

So that's about all. I still have to add the little scrolling text below.

seeyu "More on the template"...


The *New* Template

 - Joe

I've done it. I've changed the template for the 100,000,000th time. How do you like it? What about the Logo? I still have some work to do. "The *New* Template"...



 - Brian

This morning around 2:45 am, some weird noise woke me from my sleep. I went to the living-room to check it out, only to find my puppy sleeping on the couch. Ahhhhh, how cute, when all of a sudden, I looked out the back-porch window, only to find a huge bright light passing over the porch and some trees. At first, the light was completely blue, then it changed to a light red and then it was gone. The funny thing was, is that there was no sound at all while the strange lights were passing over. They lit up everything!!
The lights were shortly followed by a series of "booming" sounds.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, it's the most talked about subject down here in Western Washington at the time (sort of). A meteor flew over hundreds of homes!
I've heard many other people describe this incident how I did when I ran into my parents bedroom screaming, "MOM, DAD, there was like, a missile that just flew by! Do you feel the house shaking?!"
My parents didn't believe me 1 bit, until my mom heard other people talking about the meteor!

Check out the news... "UFO, MISSILE, OR METEOR?"...


loving country?

 - Joe

Here's an example of the wonderful moral people we have here in the good ole' U.S. of A. :

After Prez. Bush banned Partial Birth Abortion (in which unborn children are slowly dismembered and removed to be used for "spare parts" ), Some federal judge RE-LEAGALIZED it yesterday (note also that the word "judge" implies good judgement). here is a quote from that very judge (touched up a bit for dramatic effect):

"since a woman's right to choose is paramount, I don't give a rat's butt whether or not the fetus suffers pain!"

the president of planned parenthood (translation: non-parenthood) also said something to the order of
"this again shows that politicians should not be involved with abortion in the intimate relationship of woman and doctor" "loving country?"...


Library Review

 - Joe

Howdy all! I'm at the Seattle Public Library right now (website: ). So far I've obtained a library card and before it had a chance to cool down, I was already up four floors to the "Mixing Chamber", where I am now. It's a really cool library, with one possible fault: their use of colors.
Other than that, I think we'll really enjoy this as a cool place to hang out. Now I'm going to go see if they have anything current in computer science... "Library Review"...


Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

While I was lying in bed earlier today, I was thinking about how cheap insults are. Why do people get upset when someone insults them by calling them names or mocking them? Well, it’s obviously a natural human reaction, but what if you take some time and think about what that person called you? My friend was at a march in support of traditional marriage down here in Western Washington. He told me a series of individuals who supported gay-marriage, showed up and started throwing swearwords at them and made rude gestures. Why should insults offend us? After all, the names people call you don’t affect how you live your life or how you live out your morals. Also, sometimes people throw insults at you that aren’t relevant and don’t make any sense (or are not true). For example, if you were in an intelligent argument about abortion, and you proved the other person wrong, the other person might get upset or embarrassed and reply with an insult such as, "well, you dumb pro-life people are stupid and don’t understand anything. That’s why you don’t get far in the world." Now, of course, your first reaction might be to get offended and reply with a harsh attitude or a rude comment. But, when you think of it (meaning the example I gave above), what the other person said isn’t even true. All the offending person did was make a complete and utter fool out of himself and show his ignorance.
I mean, all you do when you insult someone is show that you’re not a nice or charitable person, and that you are full of hate.
Dig what I’m saying? Just contemplate that for a while. "Contemplating Reality"...


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