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Guess who's back, back again, Brian's back, tell a friend

 - Brian

YO! Camp was great! First of all, I plan to go there again (I've gone last year 2)!

The following is a list of things brian liked/disliked:

(A)I loved the fact that you had to hike to every thing, such as the playing fields, lunch, and lodge.

(B) It's just so cool to see religious Brothers playing hard-core sports! Also, I think Father has some super-natural strength. He pulled at least 7 teens down single-handedly during tug-a-war fight!

(C)During the team selection, I was stuck with some awesomely cool kids! (one of which, was Joe Shmo)

(D)I loved the daily Mass! It followed the traditional way of doing Mass and I loved IT! None of this stupid fluff about "Come on everybody! Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your feet!!! Trah-la-la-la-la!!"

(E)I am finally spiritually strong! I loved the talks the Brothers gave about trying to keep your faith no matter what. They said that Catholics these days are counter-cultural... such as supporting life in a world that thinks it's nothing. We have to stand up for our faith, despite the "pear-pressure".

(X) *burp* great food

That's all. I'm sure Joe will post about this some more.......


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