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Google must die!

 - Joe

Dear Google,

I first came to blogger at the tail end of 2003. I appreciated its design, ease of use, and advanced capabilities. Then you bought it. Although the newer interface was delightful, you set the groundwork for what eventually became this new failure.

When Blogger in Beta first came out, I was about as excited as a part-time blogger could be. I thought y'all were breaking some new ground, and I could be on the cutting-edge of new blogging technologies. I couldn't have been more wrong.

You people added junk that Wordpress has had for forever. You turned the nice PHP/HTML hybrid into a mess of some strange dialect of XML. Not only did you turn us off by ######## with the code we had come to appreciate, you then simplified the whole shootin' match into a few basic tools that are hellish in their rigidity. I don't know what the sam hill you nerds were smoking when you came up with this crap, but it's not appreciated.

Furthermore, your minions attack microsoft for the same things that your corporation does with no scruples. I call to mind your stupid purchase of YouTube just so that you could remove competition. THAT is monopolistic, and is reprehensible. Also, your "premium editions" of tools that you want to push is horrible. At the very least, don't screw microsoft over when they do the same thing.

Cross posted on Ampoliroshizzle "Google must die!"...


F*ck you, Google.

 - Brian

I just spent a good 5 minutes of my precious life trying to sign into my *OLD* blogger account, only to find that Google/Blogger is FORCING me to upgrade Blog Hogger to their new, dysfunctional Blogger account. What does this mean? Allow me to elaborate -- Blogger's new settings include the following new and unimproved features:

-Barely decipherable template code. They replaced the old Blogger tags (the foundational code of your blog) with some new garbage that's impossible to figure out.

-A cluttered dashboard (basically the page that allows you manage your various blogs). By the time I figured out how to navigate Blogger's new dashboard, my eyes were bleeding profusely.

-Unoriginal elements, such as category options. Basically, Blogger completely ripped off's unique category system. Way to go, fudge-packers; you're almost as unoriginal as Microsoft. [Seriously, though, have you seen Microsoft's new IE? They stole ALL those features directly from FireFox]

Blah. I'm honestly not as frustrated as I sound. I just enjoy exaggerating my feelings and opinions. However, I'm still a bit peeved at Blogger's complete disregard for MY feelings. How dare they... *repeats "how dare they" for emphasis* "F*ck you, Google."...


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