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F*ck you, Google.

 - Brian

I just spent a good 5 minutes of my precious life trying to sign into my *OLD* blogger account, only to find that Google/Blogger is FORCING me to upgrade Blog Hogger to their new, dysfunctional Blogger account. What does this mean? Allow me to elaborate -- Blogger's new settings include the following new and unimproved features:

-Barely decipherable template code. They replaced the old Blogger tags (the foundational code of your blog) with some new garbage that's impossible to figure out.

-A cluttered dashboard (basically the page that allows you manage your various blogs). By the time I figured out how to navigate Blogger's new dashboard, my eyes were bleeding profusely.

-Unoriginal elements, such as category options. Basically, Blogger completely ripped off's unique category system. Way to go, fudge-packers; you're almost as unoriginal as Microsoft. [Seriously, though, have you seen Microsoft's new IE? They stole ALL those features directly from FireFox]

Blah. I'm honestly not as frustrated as I sound. I just enjoy exaggerating my feelings and opinions. However, I'm still a bit peeved at Blogger's complete disregard for MY feelings. How dare they... *repeats "how dare they" for emphasis*


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