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Lyrical Hitman

 - Brian

Yes, first there was American Idol: a mean, stupid TV program where untalented people perform on stage and are horribly criticized. Well, I think that spankin' stinks...soooo, I've created a little segment on this site called, "Lyrical Hitman" It's where you submit the lyrics of a song you have created, and then, you will be judged (nicely, though).

Instead of judging the "sound/tune of the music", I wanna focus on the lyrics. You know your favorite song? Well, try looking at the lyrics and tell me if it makes ANY sense what so ever.

THIS IS MY PLAN: First, you have to tell me what kind of song your lyrics go too, then your song lyrics will be judged. Just make sure your lyrics are not sexually explicit.
(hint: rap will do the best)



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