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Contemplating Reality

 - Brian

While I was lying in bed earlier today, I was thinking about how cheap insults are. Why do people get upset when someone insults them by calling them names or mocking them? Well, it’s obviously a natural human reaction, but what if you take some time and think about what that person called you? My friend was at a march in support of traditional marriage down here in Western Washington. He told me a series of individuals who supported gay-marriage, showed up and started throwing swearwords at them and made rude gestures. Why should insults offend us? After all, the names people call you don’t affect how you live your life or how you live out your morals. Also, sometimes people throw insults at you that aren’t relevant and don’t make any sense (or are not true). For example, if you were in an intelligent argument about abortion, and you proved the other person wrong, the other person might get upset or embarrassed and reply with an insult such as, "well, you dumb pro-life people are stupid and don’t understand anything. That’s why you don’t get far in the world." Now, of course, your first reaction might be to get offended and reply with a harsh attitude or a rude comment. But, when you think of it (meaning the example I gave above), what the other person said isn’t even true. All the offending person did was make a complete and utter fool out of himself and show his ignorance.
I mean, all you do when you insult someone is show that you’re not a nice or charitable person, and that you are full of hate.
Dig what I’m saying? Just contemplate that for a while.


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