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Gifts Please....

 - Brian

The best part of your birthday party is the fact that you KNOW that you have survived another year, that you have lived another year of pleasing God and perhaps your friends and family, that you know that you will probably live another year of happiness and have the ability to please God and others, and that you can celebrate your birth byhaving your friends come over to have a cake....NOT!!!!

C'mon people, everyone knows that the best part of having a birthday is the presents!!! Don't let anyone fool you by telling you that they actually don't care about the gifts others give them on their birthday parties, and that all they care about is the fact that their friends could make it (to share the enjoyment of their birth). They're lying.

Just face it, the gifts are the coolest part of a birthday party.

My family generously gave me 2 gifts: Enter The Matrix (video game) and a cool new skate board.


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